Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


26. Hope


I looked at the antique wood shooter to see if it had any bullets. Just when I saw the stack of wooden bullets placed inside it, I grabbed the gun close to me and closed my eyes. I quickly opened the door. I opened my eyes to see an empty room. I entered the room slowly keeping my back leaned against, while getting ready to shoot. I figured no one was in the classroom so I ran to Professor Dylan's desk and looked through all the drawers and papers. All of a sudden I felt someone tackle me to the floor. I looked up to see Professor Dylan with a smirk on his face "What are you doing in here?". I remained quiet until he slammed me against the floor. "Tell me!" he commanded. His eyes started to get red like blood, while his veins started to show from under his eyes. "I.....uhh...." I didn't know what to say until he looked to his right and saw the antique wood shooter. He made an evil smile that showed his fangs while looking down at me "Did you try to kill me?". I looked to my right to see the gun just laying on the floor. I then struggled under him trying to get out but he was stronger that me.....mostly because well he's older than me. Professor Dylan pulled me up and grabbed my wrists. He started guiding me to the door, but he stopped and grabbed the wood shooter before we exited the classroom. We walked to Professor Infinity's classroom. "Professor Infinity isn't going to be so happy when I tell her what you tried to do" Professor Dylan added. I just made a fake laugh and walked. Once we got to her classroom, Professor Dylan saw that the door was kind of open. We just walked inside to see Professor Infinity lying on the ground dead. Professor Dylan let me go and ran over to Professor Infinity's lifeless body. While he had his back to me, I took advantage of my time and grabbed an antique bow and arrow. I quickly pointed it to him. "What happened?" he asked. I decided to speak up "Well, she was sitting in her chair correcting papers and then I came in" Professor Dylan quickly turned around to shoot me but I shot the arrow before he could even hold the gun up. He fell to the ground next to Professor Infinity. I walked over to his dieing body and grabbed the gun out of his hand. His body started to turn gray. "Thank you, for making it easy for me to kill you" I muttered. I pointed the wood shooter to Professor Dylan's head and pulled the trigger. After I heard the loud noise of the gun and felt his blood splatter before me, I looked though his pockets and found his wallet. I looked through his wallet and found a bunch of credit cards and money. I threw the credit cards to the side but kept the money, I mean he won't need it anymore. I looked through the pockets of his blazer and found his car keys "Yes" I whispered. I got up and walked over to the door. I closed the door and walked down the hall to find either Noah or Mason. I walked all over the academy looking for them. It was awkward because people kept on looking at me and then looked down at the gun. I just ignored them and tried my best to find any of the boys. I walked over to the garden and saw then sitting on one of the benches. I ran over to them "Hey, I got the keys to the car, and I found out where Mia and Taylor are!" They looked up at me with excited faces. "Someone needs to drive" I stated while holding out the keys. Noah snatched the keys out of my hands and started to jog over to the academy's parking lot. I sat in the back of the car hoping Mia would be ok.


(Author's Note) Hi just wanted to say that I want you guys to read my other movella. It's called "The Story of A New Artist" please read it. I would appreciate it a lot. So please if you must like, comment, and favorite......mostly comment, I need to know if I'm doing a good job!!!!- Mystery Girl 12316


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