Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


9. Highlights

I woke up to a banging on my door which scared me, "MIA,OPEN THE DOOR!" I got up and answered the door "Dam you look like a mess" a cheerful Taylor commented she just had a dark gray t-shirt on with skinny jeans and her hair straightened. "Thanks that's a great thing to hear when you wake up" I said sarcastically "Oh haha" Taylor said and entered the room "What do you want?" I asked and sat on my bed while scratching my head still kinda sleepy, "Ummm.....remember when I told you that we were going to get our highlights done?" she asked I nodded my head in confusion "Well that's today" I woke up quickly and jumped at her response "Shit that was today?" I asked "Yes now you have thirty minutes to get ready or I'm leaving" she sat at the desk where my homework was and started playing games on her phone. I looked through my drawers and wardrobe to see if I could find something, I couldn't find anything so I put some ripped shorts on with a grey tank top and my Aeropostale aqua jacket on and left my wavy hair down I mean when I fell asleep my curls turned to waves......anyways I put my other old reliable aqua converse I had and grabbed my phone. "Ready" I said, Taylor turned and looked at me "No dark clothes today?" she asked "I like to dress colorful too not just black" Taylor smiled at my response and said "You got moxie kid.....Your the first new person I've ever liked as a friend" I put my ring on and turned to her "Really?" "Really" she said. We went out the door and down the hall "So where are we getting our highlights done?" I asked "Well I can't believe in saying this but at a salon" she seemed bum when she told me that "Really?" I asked again "What do you want me to say, We're getting them done buy a guy in a van?" Taylor replied I laughed and followed her outside, she grabbed her phone and called Jack to pick us up. When he finally got to us we got in and sat in the same spots as last time "So Mia how are you liking that prison chamber?" Jack asked "Well lets just say its nothing that I've expected it to be" he nodded at my answer and kept driving "We need music in here" Taylor suggested, she plugged her i phone to the car and put Imagine Dragons Radioactive on, "O my god I love this song!" I commented "We do too" Taylor and Jack responded at the same time, Taylor put the volume up and we all started singing the song over and over again. When we finally got to the towns center, Taylor and I got out of the car and walked to the salon. Taylor opened the door and said "Lil vamps first" like always and I walked inside, there was some lady with her hair up in a doughnut which I hate, she looked at us in a disgusted way but then she tried to fake a smile "What can we do for you ladies?" she asked "We want highlights" Taylor said very commanding and rudely "Both of you?" The lady asked "Yes that's why we're both here" Taylor responded again, the lady rolled her eyes and sighed "Follow me" we both followed her and sat on some chairs, another lady came with short hair but seemed nicer than the other one "What color would you like?" she asked me "Umm I wanted purple ones but like an electric purple" I replied, the lady walked to the counter and came back with a book of hair colors, she flipped through some pages and stopped "Like this one?" I looked at the color and nodded "Ya" she smiled at me and set the book down "Ok but since you have brown hair we need to bleach your hair, is that ok?" I nodded and smiled "Ok  and where do you want your highlights?" she asked  "I don't know I didn't plan that" I kinda laughed out, "Just don't put the highlight on the top of my head because I don't want my roots to show" she nodded and looked through my hair "I'll be back" she left and disappeared into a room in the back. I turned and saw Taylor making the mean lady frustrated and wasting her time, finally Taylor picked the color she wanted and the mean lady stomped to the back room while the nice lady came out with a cart and I'm guessing on top the bleach and what it seems to be some foil, " Ok so just to warn you when I put the bleach on you might feel heat on your head but that's just the bleach discoloring your hair" she said while mixing the bleach "Ok" I responded "So whats your name?" she asked and grabbed a chunk of my hair while putting it on top of the foil and brushing bleach on it "Mia" I said " Nice name, mines Brooke" I nodded and looked in the mirror in front of me "Do you like doing this job?" I asked "Ya I've always loved to do peoples hair so I thought I could do this for a living" Brooke replied "What about you?" I thought about what I wanted to do but never could because of being a vampire and NOT aging, "I always wanted to act in a movie or show" I said "Nice" I smiled at her comment "Are you going for that kind of carrier?" she said and kept doing the same thing to my hair "Well I was but I have this sort of problem so I can't" she smiled and said "Vampire huh?" Brooke asked, I widened my eyes and looked up at her "What psh that's impossible, everyone knows vampires don't exist" I tried to cover up "It's ok Mia you don't have to lie to me, I'm a vampire too" she responded "Really?....Then how did you know I was a vampire?" I asked "Hello? Vampires can sense other vampires, plus I can tell by your moon crescent". I nodded my head at her answer "You see that girl that's doing your friends hair?" She asked I turned and looked at Taylor playing a game on her phone while the lady looked annoyed at Taylor, "Ya" I responded "I always feed on her that's why she wears that scarf around her neck" I looked again and noticed the scarf "And also from her wrist" Brooke added I looked down at the girls wrist and was the huge vampire bite on it "Wow" I said and turned back to the mirror "Ok so you just have to wait for a little bit and I'll come back later to wash your hair off and put the color in" she left and I sat on the chair and looked at my hair, she didn't make a lot of high lights. She only made two layers around my hair but not on top like I told her not to do which pleased me. "Mia look" I turned and saw Taylor with her hair all messy like mine but with more and I mean more highlights and smudged blood on her lower lip " got some....there" I said and pointed to the side it was on, she looked in the mirror and licked it off "You fed on her?" I asked "Ya it was a good time to take advantage of her blood" I rolled my eyes at her and changed the subject to something else. We waited for an hour for the bleach to kick in, then Brooke came back with the purple hair dye "Ready?" she asked "I've been ready" she laughed at my response and started taking the foil out of my hair, when she was done Brooke turned my chair around so I couldn't see the mirror, leaned my chair back and laid my head in the tub so she could wash my hair, after all that she dried my hair off a little bit and put the hair dye on the white strands of hair. "Ok I guess I'll be back later....again" she said and walked off. I turned again and saw Taylor getting the midnight blue dye in her hair, after that we started talking more. Brooke came back and washed my hair off again and dried it off with the blow drier "Want me to do your hair?" she asked "Will it cost me extra?" "No it's on the house" she said I said yes and she started straightening my hair, "Your done" she said and brushed my hair one last time, I turned, looked into the mirror and saw the purple in my hair....It looked nice..... I like it!


(Authors Note) Ok well hope you liked this chapter so like, comment, and favorite!! - Mystery Girl 12316 


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