Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


5. First Time for Everything

I walked up to Taylor as she was smiling to herself, "You ok?" I asked as she nodded yes. We started walking to Starbucks and Taylor put some dark shades on "Here I brought you some too" she handed me the glasses and opened the door to Starbucks, just when we entered there were barley any people in there "Looks like we came in at a good time" Taylor said while smiling at herself. "What can I get you girls?" the cashier asked "I'd like two small coffees please" Taylor replied "Ok that's going to be 10.50" the lady said with a big smile, I turned to Taylor and saw her take off her sun glasses and looked at the lady right in the eyes "Your going to give us the coffees for free" Taylor said and the lady replied the same exact thing, as soon as Taylor turned she headed to the tables as the lady made our coffees. "What did you do?" I asked while sitting in one of the chairs, "Ummm I think it was obvious that I hypnotized her" she replied and put her feet up on the table, " I can do that?" I never knew I could "Sure but don't get caught" she said and glanced at the lady who was bringing the coffees to us, "Ok so two coffees, enjoy!" the lady left as I chose mine. I glanced up at Taylor as she took out one of those science looking tubes out of her pocket, "Is that blood?" I asked kinda feeling stupid "Ya I like putting it in my food, but I need to watch out at school because they don't let us drink any blood.....that's unless if you get sick or hurt" I looked at her pour the whole thing in her coffee, "Want some?" she asked while taking out another tube "I don't drink human parents don't let me" Taylor gave me a face of shock and took my coffee "So you don't drink any blood at all?" she asked while pouring the blood in my coffee "Well....only animal blood" I replied. She gave me back my coffee and took a sip of hers "Drink it, or are you scared?" she said I shook my head and took a sip of my coffee "This is good" I said and took even more sips of it "That's the beauty of blood Mia....and there's more where that came from" she smiled and got up "Come on" she said "Where are we going next?" I asked "Since its your first time tasting HUMAN blood I'm going to show you what you've been missing" I got up and followed her out the door "Look for someone you'd like to drink from" Taylor said and walked off. I looked at one person to another then I saw some school jock bullying a guy at the park and I noticed that I knew that jock from my old school, everyone hated him because he was so mean and thought he was all that but he's not his name is Marlon and god I hated him. I went up to him and called out his name "Hey Marlon" he turned and let go of the poor guy he was bullying which started running away, "Well look who's come back, Mia isn't it?" he asked in a mean voice "Yes" I replied with confidence "So what do you want,you made me loose my nerd" he yelled out "And that was the point, why were you doing that to him?" I said still with confidence "No reason" he said and got closer to me "If I were you I'd just back off, or else" I said getting really mad "Or else what are you going to slap me with those little fragile hands of yours" he said getting really close, I quickly grabbed his neck and snapped it so he fell on the ground, I tried to check his pulse but it turned out he died, I got scared because this was my first time killing someone. "Woooo YA finish him off!!" I looked up and saw Taylor walking on the brick wall of the park and noticed she had a few smudges of blood on her face, I looked down and tried to hold Marlon up "Now bite into his neck and taste the blood" Taylor said giving me instructions, I bit into his neck and started tasting the blood soon enough I sucked him dry and threw him on the ground "Dam....see now you look like a vampire" I smiled at her comment and wiped my mouth "Wanna go for another round?" She asked while smiling so her fangs could show "Sure....but where at?" I asked "O I know the perfect place" Taylor started walking away in a direction and I followed. Soon we stopped in front of a bar "Put your glasses on and try to get someone into the bathrooms with you so you can attack in there without people knowing" I nodded and walked inside, we sat on these chairs and started choosing the people. I feel bad for the people we attacked but that's who we are I guess......

(Authors Note) Well I'm starting to think I'm making Taylor sound like a bad example for Mia.....well that's life so plz like or favorite if you want!!! - Mystery Girl 12316


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