Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


2. First Day

"Wake up Mia!!!" I sit up and realize that I was still in the car, "Are we there yet?" My mom turns around from her seat to reply "Almost, that's why I woke you up" I rolled my eyes and looked out the window and started to notice rows of giant trees. "We're here!!" my dad yells as we get near these huge gates that had a big VA on it. We stopped at the front of the gates as my dad spoke in the speaker so they could let him in. When the gates opened we started driving in and there were trees everywhere and not just normal trees but those creepy looking trees in those scary movies. "I think I'm already going to be scared of this place" I said looking out the window, "Oh you'll be fine Mia, don't worry" my mom said while looking at the brochure of the school. I pulled down my window and stuck my head out of the car, FINALLY!!! I can get some fresh air.....but not that fresh it smelled like a grave yard. "Mia look at your new school" I turned and saw a tall scary looking building with I'm guessing the professors waiting for me out side. I put my head back in the car and turned up the window. "Look mom their waiting for me YAY!!" i said sarcastically "I know they are and behave ok" she said while unbuckling her seat belt. We all got out of the car, my dad got my luggage out while my mom and I walked up to the professors. "You should be Mia Gonzalez" a tall woman with short hair told me, "I should" I mumbled while looking at the whole building, "Manners Mia" my mom whispered. "And you should be her parents" she said again while shaking my parents hand "We should" my dad said, I laughed at his reply as my mom looked at him with a "be nice" look. "Well i am Professor Lafont the high priestess of this academy and these are Professor Jones,Professor Margret,Professor Infinity,Professor Crutchfeild, and Professor Dylan and as you can see Professor Dylan is the youngest and the newest of us" she said with a confident voice, "Why so many professors?" "I go to meetings or emergency meetings with other academies like Vampire's University which is close from here" I started messing around with my sweater strings as my mom and Professor Lafont started talking. "Please come in" she said, we started walking in as the doors opened slowly by its self with a loud screeching noise. I walked in and everything looked fancy but old fancy like back then when people used to wear those huge dresses. Professor Lafont led us to her office which was huge. "Ok so Mia we are glad to have you here, but as you know you are suppose to wear uniform, I think it said it in the brochure" she added. "Oh sorry we were in a hurry in the morning when we got up, it won't happen ever again" my mom said kindly "I hope so" Professor Lafont replied she went over all the rules of the school and what I'm suppose to do she also gave me my key to my room. "I will call one of the students so they can show you the girls dorm and help you for the rest of the things for today and maybe tomorrow, you guys could say your good byes now". My mom turned to me and gave me a big squeeze as my dad did too.Finally my parents left and some girl came to the office, "This is Taylor Garcia she is going to be showing you around and answering whatever you need to know" I turned and shook her hand "Hi I'm Taylor" she said brightly "Mia, Mia Gonzalez".


(Authors note) Hope you like this story I'm trying my best at making it work, so plz like and favorite if you want!!!!  :D  -Mystery Girl 12316

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