Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


18. Call for Help


I saw Professor Dylan and Professor Infinity walking out while grabbing Mia and Taylor like if they were getting arrested. "What the hell" I whispered, I ducked low so they wouldn't notice me. As soon as they walked out the doors I ran to get some help hoping someone would believe me. 


I finally woke up and noticed I was in some dark room, I looked to my right and saw Taylor tied to a chair still sleeping so I looked down and of course I was tied up too. "Look who woke up" someone said I turned my head until I saw a tall figure in the shadows, which then reveled Professor Dylan with an evil smirk, I rolled my eyes at him and checked if Taylor was now awake but nothing. "Don't give me attitude, you don't know what I'm capable of" he said "So I'm not scared of you, bastard" I turned and saw Taylor awake finally "If I had to choose who to kill first I'd kill you" Professor Dylan said and walked up to Taylor "Ya well kill me then, I'd like to see you try" she snapped back, he turned his head to me "Well you've been quiet the whole time....what do you have to say to me?" he walked in front of me and lowered himself so he could be in my eye level, just when his face was in front of mine I quickly head budded him. Professor Dylan stumbled and fell on to the ground "You may not talk but your feisty" he said I rolled my eyes while making a disgusted face at him. "Let us go!" Taylor half yelled "Umm... I don't think so" he replied "And why not?" I asked "You two know to much and can ruin my plan" he answered "Why wouldn't we, its and evil plan" Taylor said, he just laughed and started walking away "GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND UNTIE US!" Taylor yelled, Professor Dylan turned around, walked to Taylor and slapped her right across the face "Don't yell at me" he whispered to her. Professor Dylan left us alone all tied up in chairs "Now what?" I asked "Try to think of something and quickly!" Taylor said I watched as she started squirming in the chair trying to get out "Wait I have my phone I can call for help!" I yelled out "Shhh he might hear us" Taylor whispered I hopped in my chair as it made me face the opposite way "Ok now let me get my phone...." I said, as I moved my hand to reach my phone from my skirt pocket, I felt my skin getting rope burns already, finally I took out my phone "Ok now text or call someone by typing with your nose" I said "My nose?" Taylor asked "Yes your nose!" I half yelled "Ok fine" Taylor responded, I heard her struggle a little bit "Whats your password" she asked "1999" I said "Wow why didn't I think of that?" Taylor asked "I know right I just wanted an easy one so I wouldn't forget and get locked out" I said "Nice idea" Taylor said, I nodded and sat there waiting for Taylor to do something "Ok I'm going to call Mason" Taylor stated "Ok" I responded. We waited for Mason to pick up but no answer "Ugh let me call Noah then" Taylor suggested, she typed in the number and in the first two rings he answered "Helo?" Noah said "NOAH!" Taylor yelled "Hey where are you?" he asked "Professor Dylan and Professor Infinity are trying to kill Professor Lafont" Taylor blurted out "And....?" Noah asked "We heard them talking and they found out and took us somewhere dark and we're also tied up" Taylor said out of breathe "Wait...who's we?" Noah asked "Hi Noah!" I yelled out "Well that explains it" Noah said "Please Noah help us" Taylor cried out "Ok I'm going to see what I can do" he answered. I heard the door slam open and saw Professor Infinity with anger written all over her face, she paced towards us "What are you doing?"she said Taylor hung up fast as I hid the phone under my thigh "Hand it over" Professor Infinity commanded, I turned to Taylor as she shook her head no, I felt my hair get pulled up really hard "I said hand it over" Professor Infinity said but this time with rage in her voice "Never" I replied "Stay strong Mia!" Taylor yelled "Shut up!" Professor Infinity yelled out "No, you ugly ass bitch!" Taylor snapped, Professor Infinity let go of my hair and headed towards Taylor. She grabbed Taylor's hair and pulled it really hard that Taylor screamed "What did you say?" Professor Infinity whispered in Taylor's ear "I said that your an ugly ass bitch" Taylor responded "Take that back"Professor Infinity said "Never" Taylor replied, Professor Infinity let Taylor go and walked in front of us so both Taylor and I could see "Since you two are being rude today, I'm not giving you your dinner" she said, I watched her walk out the door and left us alone once again. "I hope Noah gets here quick before we get killed by these two bastards" Taylor said with a hint of pain in her voice, I nodded not able to talk "Mia don't cry" Taylor begged "Then what should I do? There might not be any hope for us at all, we might just get killed from them, I didn't sign up for this Taylor!" I cried out "Mia we are going to survive ok, we will be able to see our friends, family, and everything will turn out normal ok?" Taylor said I nodded, we just sat there in silence hoping Noah would come with help really soon.


(Authors Note) Hi!!! I wanted to say thank you to the people who commented, it helps me know if I'm doing good. So please like,comment, and favorite!!!- Mystery Girl 12316 

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