Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


22. Accept What Has Happened


After class I ran vampire speed to my room and changed back to look like Olivia, I walked out my room until I heard a something fall in Olivia's room. I walked inside her room and found Olivia trying to stand up while holding her neck from pain, she looked up and saw me "What the fuck" I widened my eyes at her and quickly tried to snap her neck again but she took hold of my wrists before I could touch her "Who are you?" she asked I flipped her over and made her land on her back. I grabbed one of her scarfs and tied it to her mouth so she couldn't scream, I snapped her neck for the last time and locked her in her closet, I walked out of Olivia's room and ran vampire speed all the way to Professor Dylan's classroom "Hey, hey, hey" I said out loud "Someone's in a good mood again" Professor Dylan smiled " how about we get going to that cabin" I suggested, Professor Dylan looked at me with a questioning look "Why in such a hurry?" "" I hesitated trying to think of an excuse "I'm bored?" I kinda said confused, he just shrugged and grabbed his keys "Ok, Lets go" I nodded and walked out of the classroom with him. Once we were outside in the teachers parking lot Professor Dylan opened the passenger door for me and closed it when I sat down, he walked to the other side of the car and got inside "Ready?" he asked "Yup" I muttered, It was a 45 minute drive until we finally arrived at some cabin in the middle of the forest. We got out the car and I looked at the surroundings until I heard Professor Dylan slam the car door shut and yelled out "The fuck!" he ran over to the broken down door and ran inside the cabin "SHIT!" I heard him yell from inside the cabin, I stood next to the cabin entrance thinking if this was either a trick or if Taylor and Mia actually escaped. After seeing Professor Dylan explode of rage I asked him if he could take me back to the academy, when we arrived it was dark so I decided to call it a day.


I woke up to a door slamming open "Mia, I brought breakfast!" Taylor yelled out, I opened my eyes and sighed at what I woke up to. I took my time to walk down the hall and down the stairs "Good Morning" Taylor said "Morning" I said in a hurt and low voice "Wow are you loosing your voice or are you that sad?" Taylor teased, I ignored her comment, sat in a chair at the table, and put my face in my hands. I heard Taylor's footsteps coming towards me and then pull out a chair to sit right next to me "Mia, don't be sad, this is all we've it's better than being trapped and tortured everyday" Taylor explained, I turned my head to face Taylor "Like I said before, I didn't sign up for this" I whispered, I turned my head and put it back into my hands, "It's ok Mia, we'll get through this" Taylor said while patting my back. I sat at the table while Taylor grabbed two dead animals from the stack "Here, you must be hungry, after this we can go and look for more stuff that is useful to us" I nodded and took my hands off my face which made the sunlight shine on my face. I drank the blood from the dead animal and got up from my chair "O Mia there's clothes in the drawers, I barley found out last night......I guess people used to live here" Taylor said, I nodded and walked up the stairs and my room. I looked through the drawers to see if Taylor was right about the clothes and of course she was. The clothes looked old like old fashioned, plus there were mostly dresses but still some pants,shirts,and shorts. I grabbed some of the old pair of shorts and a long sleeved faded blue shirt, I put on my converse I was apparently wearing and looked in the old mirror which was so dirty I could see no reflection at all. "Well, I need to clean that" I said to myself. I sneezed and noticed that the clothes still had dust stuck to them. I walked out my door, and headed to Taylor's room, when I walked in Taylor had some kind of gown on "Ummm..." I said, she turned around "Your lucky that your clothes fit" I looked down and noticed it did, like if the clothes were meant for me "Ya I guess....." I replied, "All I have is dresses" she pointed out, I walked to the table were an old rusty hairbrush was placed, "You have a brush?" I asked, Taylor nodded and looked through all the dresses that were in the old wardrobe, I used the brush and set it back down where it was placed before "Well....lets go see what we can find" Taylor sighed, I followed her out the door and walked outside were the grass was, I had no choice but to accept how I have to live like......well for least.


(Author's Note) Hope you like this chapter, and I hope you also noticed that I put crescent moons on the characters.....I thought it would be cool......anyways comment,like, and favorite....PLEASE!!!! lol - Mystery Girl 12316    

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