Just Like That


3. In a Trance

I sighed and walked in the building. I wasn't exactly what you called popular. I mean, yeah I know lots of people but I'm not part of that group. They aren't...my type of people.


"MEGAN! MEGAN!" my best friend screams through the halls, while running towards me.

Now that's who I call, 'my type of people'. We just don't care about what other people think of us.


"What's up?" I asked Jamie.

"Oh nothing. I just saw you walk in and I needed to get your attention."


 I raised my eyebrows, while getting the things I needed for my first class, English. The bell rung, signaling that we all had to go to class. We said our goodbyes and walked off. Jamie didn't have any classes with me, so we usually meet during lunch.


I walked in and heard someone call my name.


"Yo Meg." my guy best friend Xavier called.

"Sup." I said and then headed towards my seat which is next to him....and Louis.


As I was walking someone decided to trip me. I fell and looked up at the school Barbie doll, Zoey, with a wide smirk on her face. She quickly walked away, as Mr. Hudson came in.


"Good morning class, how are y-- Megan are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I said and I felt someone helping me up. The touch was..different. Magical? I think those were sparks..


I saw those sea green eyes looking into mine.


"Are you alright?" Louis whispered as I sat down in my seat.

"I-I'm fine, uh thanks.."

"No problem." he smiled and looked away, probably focusing on what Mr. Hudson was talking about...

I usually paid attention, but this time..I couldn't hear anything our teacher was talking about. It was like I was in a trance or something.


*Louis' POV*

I saw Zoey tripped Megan as she was walking down the aisle. She is so rude. Megan is beautiful and has never done anything to her. She walked away like it never even happened.

I decided to help her up and have a small talk. After I made sure she was okay, I turned back towards Mr. Hudson. Ugh. I hate English, it's too boring. I was looking at Megan at the corner of my eye.

Something was distracting her. It was like she was it La La Land or something. She still looks so pretty..and she's super sweet to everyone. I wonder why she's so shy. I've had a tiny crush on her, but being me I never told her or anyone. Anyways, I'm dating Cassie, another popular. She's cute, but she sure is trouble.

I wonder why I'm even dating her...I wonder if Megan ever thought about going out with me...I wonder when I'll start listening in class instead of day dreaming..hmm



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