Just Like That


1. Just Like That

"Mom!" I yelled, while running down the stairs. "What do you want sweetie?" she said clearly not interested. By all the paper work she has, she seems very busy all the time. I missed us, just me and her talking about almost everything. But of course that was way back before I turned 8.


"Jordan won't leave me alone." I said frustrated. Jordan is my younger brother. He is 15, 2 years younger than me. I have a younger sister, Lindsay. She's 13 and way better than Jordan. Being 17 and having a little brother is not the best thing in the world.


"I'll talk to him about it later. I'm busy right now."


That's what she always says..."I'm heading off to bed, night."


"Goodnight Megan. I love you."


I was about to run up the stairs until I fell. That devil tripped me. Oh I'm SO gonna kill him!

"JORDAN GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE." He was running up the stairs, up to my room. I opened the door and saw him...


Laying on my bed, reading my diary. MY FREAKING DIARY. I quickly grabbed it away from him, turning red from embarrassment.



"Who's Louis?" he asked.

"Just a friend, why?"

"I don't know, maybe because you said you wanted to be his giirrllffriieeennnddd." he said smirking.

"Shut up." I said blushing



"Okay, but be careful with him alright?" he said turning to his protective self.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."


It was only 8 so I decided to go on twitter and facebook. I was talking with my best friend Jamie about who knows what. We talk about all sorts of things and we never get bored of each other. That's how we became the bestest of friends. We both cope with each others' happiness, tears, and craziness.


*Facebook Messaging*

Me: ohmygod. my brother found out about Louis, ugh

J: hahah it's not like it matters really

Me: what?

J: let's face it. sooner or later he's going to ask you out. then the whole world will know and so will your brother. then you guys will get married. and Louis is hot so he will introduce me to his hot friends as well ;)

Me: oh shut up Jay. Louis is never going to like me.

J: whatever you say Megan...but you don't see the way he looks at you.


Blushing and looking at the time 10 pm, I realized I better head to sleep.


Me: ...okay...well I needa sleep. this princess doesn't get her beauty easily ;)

J: night sleeping beauty. don't get raped in your sleep ;)

Me: You just scarred me for life.


I quickly logged out and headed to the restroom doing my usual routine. I went to my sister's room. She's 13 and always on her phone.

"Lindsay, time for bed."

"Alright. Give me a minute." That's what I loved about Lindsay. She would always listen to me and we would have our sisterly talk whenever one of us needed it.

"Okay, goodnight." I said as I walked out of her room and into mine.


I jumped into bed and thought about what Jay had said...I wonder if he does like me... I need to start paying attention more instead of just staring into his beautiful eyes. And don't get me started about his hair. His bed head makes him even more attractive..

And I fell asleep thinking about Louis...just like that..







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