My double life

Hi I'm Baylee. I'm a jr in high school. I'm a normal girl, I like to shop, hang out with friends, and enjoy life. I'm just like a normal teen except I'm dating pop star Justin Bieber. Being with him can be tough but I dont care. I didnt fall for Justin Bieber I fell for Justin. I could care less about the fame or the money all I want is for him to be happy..


4. pictures.

Baylee's P.O.V.

                  I was laying in my hospital bed. My friends and mom just left. I was watching teen wolf when I heard the door open. I turned my head. " Hi " The boy said. " Omg Your Justin Bieber" I yelled. " Umm I'm who?" He said scratching his head " Um Justin Bieber. I"m a huge fan!" I said. He looked down. " So you dont remember me as anyone else Just Justin Bieber?" He said still looking down. " No. Umm what are you doing here?" I asked. He walked over to the chair next to my bed. He pulled out an envolpe. " Okay, Here you were in a car accient." He said. I looked at him wired " I know this" I said. " Well here is what you dont know. You and Grant broke up." He said showing me a picture of Grant and another girl. " Umm I think that I would remember that" I said. He showed me another picture but this one caught more of my attention. It was him and I kissing. " Huh" I said just staring at the picture. " I'm your boyfriend" He said looking up. " We have been dating for 5 months. You were driving to school and a car hit you. You were driving this car" He said showing me a picture of a puple cheeta print ferri. " I bought it for you for you birthday" He said putting the picture in the pile. " Umm wait so why dont I remember any of this?" I said in confustion. " You went through the window and that damaged you memory some how but all I want you to do is think about you and I. Because I fell in love with you over the past 5 months. I care about you and knowing that you dont remember me kills me. I want to be with to share what we had again." He said. He got up with out saying another word he kissed my forhead and walked out leaving picutes beside my bed.

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