My double life

Hi I'm Baylee. I'm a jr in high school. I'm a normal girl, I like to shop, hang out with friends, and enjoy life. I'm just like a normal teen except I'm dating pop star Justin Bieber. Being with him can be tough but I dont care. I didnt fall for Justin Bieber I fell for Justin. I could care less about the fame or the money all I want is for him to be happy..


2. Boyfriend

Justin's P.O.V.

                 I ran off the stage. My concert just got over I had to go to my privte jet. I just found out the Baylee is in the hosptial. Scooter, and Everyone had my stuff already packed. I ran outside the back door and Alfredo was waiting for me. I got into the car. " Are you ready." Alfredo asked " Yes just go" I said. " Is she okay?" I looked up at Alfredo. " Umm Justin dont freak out but she went through the window. " Alfredo said looking at the side window. I glanced at the front window. I pressed my hand up aginsted the glass as hard as I could and couldnt break it. My eyes filled with tears as I thought of her going through it. I couldnt tell but it looked like Alfredo was tearing up. Which wouldnt suprise me they were really close.



We got into the jet and took off. I couldnt call anyone to see if she was okay because I cant use my phone. I didnt sit close to anyone. I sat in the front all by self. I didnt want to talk all I wannted to do was be with Baylee...


********************             At the hospital ********************************

I ran inside the hospital. There were a lot of fans and paps outside. I saw a nurse. I ran up to her. " Umm I need room 206" I said. " Go up stairs and turn left." She said " Thanks so much" I ran to the stairs. I ran all the way up and turned left " 203, 204, 205, 206" I said walking into room 206. Her mom and friends were in there. I couldnt see because they were all in the way. " Hey" Her mom Julia said. " Hi" I replied. " Let's give Justin some time" She said to Baylees friends. I watched them walk out and turned to Baylee. Right as my eyes hit her I started to cry more than I have ever cried in my life. She had a brathing tube. Her legs was up in a case thing and Her left arm was warped and she had a white cloth band aid going all the way around her head. Her lip was fat and she had a black eye. I went over to the chair next to her. I slowly kissed her check. " Hey babe it's Justin. I'm here dont worry. I hate seeing you like this. I love you princess." I said quietly. I grabed her hand and slowly in locked our fingers. I heard the door open so I turned around. " We need to run a few test please Mr. Bieber." The doctor said. " Okay do I have to leave or" I said. " Yes please" I got up and walked out. I cried even more because I didnt want to leave her. I walked out side and the whole hallway was full. There was Alfredo, Scooter, Julia, Baylees friends Katie and Jessica, Allison, Her two brothers, My mom, Her cousin Ronald but my eyes caught on one person her ex boyfriend Grant. " What are you doing here" I said to Grant with tears streaming down my face. " Justin just because we broke up doesnt mean I dont care about her anymore" He said. I gave him the death stare the walked down the hall. I wannted to be alone.


I walked back and the doctor came out. " Okay good news we got her wake. She wants to see her boyfriend ummmm" he looked at the nurse " Who was it she said?" The doctor asked. " Grant" She looked over at him. My heart dropped " But I'm her boyfriend." I yelled. The doctor looked at me " Justin, She damaged her head really bad she as forgotten the last 6 months, for right now let her live the life she remembers. That means no twitter, facebook, instagram, magazines, nothing" The doctor said. I looked over at Grant who was walking in the room. I ran over to him and grabbed his shirt. " I swear you kiss her or fuck her I will Kill you" I said letting him go inside.

Baylee's P.O.V.

            I was in the hospital. I dont remember how I got there but the doctor said I was in a car cash and went through the window. The last thing I remember was leaving Grant's house crying. Just then the door opened. It was Grant. " Baby" I said excitedly. " Hey babygirl. How are you feeling?" He asked sitting next to me grabbing my hand. " my head hurts" I laughed. He leaned up kissing my forehead. " You know I think I was dreaming but were you in here talking to me when I was knocked out?" I asked him. He looked confused " No. Why" He asked. " Well I thought I heard someone talking to me. I didnt see anything though." I said leaning up a bit. " Babe relax sit back. I wasnt in here you must have been dreaming." He said climbing up in the bed with me. " Here Babe lets watch some t.v. You need some rest" Grant said wrapping a blanket around us both.  


Okay guys so I'm going to make an Early Access thing so you guys can read my drafts. I mean I write chapters but dont finished them so they sit for a couple days until I can come back and finish them. Thanks so much for reading! I would love to hear what you guys think...

 - Kat XXXX

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