True Reflection *Sequal To WYBMIISIIL* FINISHED

'You see the other day when me and Him talked it was about what he was gonna do to get me my things." He said. "But he said he didn't have anything because you were making him come out of the gang." "Listen dear thats the worst thing to do if your boyfriend was in a gang. It puts them in more trouble easier for other gangs to kill him. Oh yeah and The whole Max thing was me to. I didn't tell him to rape you he did that for his own pleasure."

"Anyway I'm waisting time." He said lifting his gun. "I'm sorry sweetie. But he never got me my things and well if he didn't I was gonna kill you." He cocked the gun.


15. Very Important And I Need Support !

Hey guys sorry for this ending !

But Hey Comment if you think I should make A Third one ?!?!

Because I still want this story to go on ! But You Need to comment and tell me ! So If you dont comment dont expect a part 3 if you dont comment.


Xoxo, Larissa


Oh Yeah I Dont Have Wifi A Lot So Dont get your PANTIES IN A TWIST !


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