True Reflection *Sequal To WYBMIISIIL* FINISHED

'You see the other day when me and Him talked it was about what he was gonna do to get me my things." He said. "But he said he didn't have anything because you were making him come out of the gang." "Listen dear thats the worst thing to do if your boyfriend was in a gang. It puts them in more trouble easier for other gangs to kill him. Oh yeah and The whole Max thing was me to. I didn't tell him to rape you he did that for his own pleasure."

"Anyway I'm waisting time." He said lifting his gun. "I'm sorry sweetie. But he never got me my things and well if he didn't I was gonna kill you." He cocked the gun.



Miranda's POV:

I was sitting on the couch while Niall got ready to go to the pub Ed was gonna be at when  my phone started blaring. I Jumped then got my phone answering it.

"Hello ?" I said.

"Is this Miranda Holt ?" A female voice said.

"May I ask who's asking ?"

" I'm A Nurse here at St.jonhs Hospital we Have a patient by the name Liam Payne." She said And I gasp.

"W-what happened ?"

"Well It seems he was Under the influence and got in a horrible car accident and he's kidney's arn't doing to good either." She paused. "He just woke up from surgery and has requested your presents.. along with another girl Named Natalie I believe." I teared up at Natalies name.

"Um I'll be there soon." I said then hung up. I got off the couch running upstairs where Niall was coming out the room and I pushed past him making his stumble.

"What's wrong ?" He asked me as I tried to put on my shoes.

"L-liam He was in a car accident because he was drunk and something about his kidney." I said grabbing my purse.

"I'll go with you." He said I shook my head.

"After you've got my sister and Our daughter back." I told him then ran out the room and out the door.


"Um Hi I'm here to see Liam Payne." I told the lady at the front desk she looked at me and gave me a small smile before typing away at the computer.

"Room 300 on the 3rd floor." I nodded thanking her before running to the elevator pushing the 3rd floor.

I groaned at how slow it was going, once on the right floor I ran out searching for Room 300.

I found it opening it trying to catch my breath Liam laid there his eyes closed till her turned and looked at me.

"Hey." I said quietly walking in the room letting the door close by its self.  He gave me a small smile as I sat on the chair next to his.

"W-where's Natalie," His voice breaking saying her Name.

"She's coming with Niall and Anne In a little bit." I said he started to tear up and I grabbed his hand.

"Liam It's okay." I told him he shook his head.

"It's My fault." He whispered I couldn't really make out what his was saying.

"No It's Not." I said he shook his head again.

"It's my fault."

Liam's POV:

It's My Fault. I thought to myself.

Flash Back....

"Liam Were gonna  the park. Be back later." Nat said holding Anne.

"Alright I'll join you guy's in a bit I gotta finish up something." I said she nodded giving me a peck on the lips then leaving with Anne.

I finished texting everybody on were to Meet Niall for his last job then walked out side walking along the side walk to were Natalie and Anne were. I walked up the little hill and saw Natalie pushing Anne they were both Smiling and that made me smile until I saw something come up to Nat she tried to get Anne away from them and I ran over pulling the guy off Nat when another guy got Anne running to the Van they were in I ran after then and Anne started crying when they handed her to another guy closing the van i grabbed the guy punching him repeatedly when Natalie called my name. I turned to her and Two guy had her dragging her to another van I ran over but one of the guys pulled out a gun shooting at me but thankfully missed every shot. I was so close but not close enough they throw her in the van and a guy pushed me punching me few times before he got in the van driving away.

End Of Flash Back...

Miranda's POV:

I heard the door open and I looked over along with Liam No one walked in but then I heard foot steps. Not big ones but little one's.

Soon a little girl came walking in ANNE !

 I ran to her grabbing her holding her tight in my arms. I looked up and saw Natalie she looked like a mess. I set Anne down and walked over to her she flinched when I tried to touch her.

"Natalie it's okay." I said looked at me moving her hair her eye's widened and she attacked me in a hug.

"Oh My God." She said. "Where's Liam ?" She asked pulling out of the hug I stepped aside and she walked further in she almost dropped on her knee's but she made it to Liam. I grabbed Anne who was standing in front of the bed.

"Maybe we should Leave your Auntie and Uncle." I said she nodded and I walked out the room but Niall wasn't anywhere.

I walked over to the desk. "Um Did you see A guy with blonde hair anywhere ?" I asked her she looked at me and shook her head.

"Oh Okay." I said I set Anne down and grabbed her hand walking to the elevator.

Where's Niall ?

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