True Reflection *Sequal To WYBMIISIIL* FINISHED

'You see the other day when me and Him talked it was about what he was gonna do to get me my things." He said. "But he said he didn't have anything because you were making him come out of the gang." "Listen dear thats the worst thing to do if your boyfriend was in a gang. It puts them in more trouble easier for other gangs to kill him. Oh yeah and The whole Max thing was me to. I didn't tell him to rape you he did that for his own pleasure."

"Anyway I'm waisting time." He said lifting his gun. "I'm sorry sweetie. But he never got me my things and well if he didn't I was gonna kill you." He cocked the gun.


9. Its my fault.

Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful

Lana Del Rey



Me and Niall were casually sitting on the couch waiting for Natalie to call when Natalies caller ID popped up on my phone.

"So Can I pick up my daughter yet ?" I asked.

"As soon as Niall can come up with 30,000 pounds." He male voice said.

"W-who is this ?" I asked standing up starting to pace.

"Who Is It ?" Niall asked.

"Just tell Lover boy to have my money by friday or your precious little daughter and sister are dead." He said then the line cut off.

I dropped my phone looking at Niall in complete shock.

"Miranda, " Niall said. "What happened Miranda ?"

"Who was it Miranda ?!" He said starting to get angry.

"W-what did you get yourself into Niall ?" I asked him. "What did you get Anne into ?" i said on the verge of tears. "Let alone my sister who had nothing to do with it."

"What are you talking about Miranda ?" He questioned.

"Dont act like you dont owe 30,000 pounds to some guy who has our daughter Nial dont !" I yelled.

His face went white. "L-let me explain-" I cut him off.

"No ! You know what you got anne into ?! She could be killed and it will be your fault Niall !" I yelled.

"It was supposed to be our last job." Niall sighed. " It was supposed to be our last job." he mumbled this time.

"Niall how the fuck are we supposed get 30,000 pounds by friday ?" I asked him fustrated. (It was sunday)

"I know someone." He said.

"Who Niall ? Who will lend us 30,000 pounds with out trying to Kill us ?" I asked.


"C'mon Ed !" I heard Niall say.

He was talking to the guy Ed who saved me a while back from Max.

"It's my daughter this time please mate." Niall said. I heard foot steps coming toward the door so I ran back to the couch pulling out my phone clicking on temple run.

" Let me think about mate. I dont know yet." Ed said as him and Niall walked out I looked at them.

"Hey Ed." I said he looked at me and gave me a small sympathetic smile.

" Give me till tonight well met at the pub on 3rd street. I'll have your money." He said I smiled and ran over to him hugging him.

"Thank you Ed." I said he chuckled.

"No problem babe." He said. "Just keep Niall out of trouble." I let go of him and kissed his cheek.

"I will. For our daughters sake." I said then looked at Niall.

"I'm serious to Niall." I said.

"Yeah I know." He said scratching his neck.

"Thanks again Ed." I said and hugged him again.

"Anytime." He said then I let him go.

I walked him out side and he stopped me by the front door.

"If you nee anything here's my number." He said giving me a little piece of paper with his number on it.

"Thanks." I said and looked at him.

He gave me a small smile before kissing my cheek and walking outside to his car.

I sighed and stuck the paper in my pocket before walking to the living room.

"Have you talked to liam ?" I asked Niall sitting next to him.

"No He's still mad." Niall said then looked at his phone.

"I'll call him." I said.

Liams POV:

"Liam mate slow down it's only 3 in the afternoon." Josh said.

"Dont tell me what to do." I slurred pushing him.

"Liam you need to sit down." He said.

"No !" Growled at him. "It's my fault they have Natalie and Anne."

"No it's not Liam. now please sit down." He said trying to sit me down.

"No !" I said pushing his away from me then drunkenly walking out the pub to my car.

I pulled out my phone and Miranda was calling.

Its My Fault.. I thought to my self. Its My Fault.

I ignored her call, turning on the car before pulling out the pub and driving into oncoming traffic.

I saw really bright lights then everything went black.

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