True Reflection *Sequal To WYBMIISIIL* FINISHED

'You see the other day when me and Him talked it was about what he was gonna do to get me my things." He said. "But he said he didn't have anything because you were making him come out of the gang." "Listen dear thats the worst thing to do if your boyfriend was in a gang. It puts them in more trouble easier for other gangs to kill him. Oh yeah and The whole Max thing was me to. I didn't tell him to rape you he did that for his own pleasure."

"Anyway I'm waisting time." He said lifting his gun. "I'm sorry sweetie. But he never got me my things and well if he didn't I was gonna kill you." He cocked the gun.


11. Chapter 11

I walked out the hospital with Anne holding tight on my finger.

"Where's daddy ?" I asked her she shrugged and I smiled at her.

"How about we go find him yeah ?" I said she nodded and I walked to my car.

After putting Anne in I put on my seat belt before pulling out my phone and Dialing Niall's Number. I put it on speaker only for it to go to voicemail. I sighed then called him again.

"Hello ?" His voice rang through the phone.

"Hey, where are you ?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm trying to finish something but you can go home if you'd like." He said.

"Niall whats wrong ?"

"Nothing." She snapped.

I groaned. "Niall you dont have to be such a dick I just wanna make sure your okay." I said.

"Alright I'm sorry but I have to go." He said.

"Yeah Okay bye." I said hanging up before he could say something.

I looked back at Anne. "Your Daddy." I said shaking my head she giggled.

I turned back around turning on the car dialing Sarah's number before backing out of my spot.

"Hello ?"  She said. "Who are you talking to ?" I heard Zayn say.

"Miranda, now go away." She said making me laugh.

"Are you guy's at home ?" I asked.

"Yes, yes we are why ? Hmmm?" She asked.

"Well I have no idea where Niall is-" She cut me off.

"Zayn were's Niall ?"

"I Believe he's at Some pub with Ed." Zayn said.

"Did you hear him ?" Sarah asked.

"Yes." I said. "Well Well be at you guy's flat in a bit gonna stop at the store real quick." I said pulling into a market.

"Alright bye !" She said then the line ended.

Once I parked I got Anne out and walked into the store getting a basket and putting Anne in it.

I walked through the dipper section grabbing a small pack along with wipes I picked out a cute Princess Sippy cup handing it to Anne who got all happy I smiled walking to were they sell beer. Yes I need a drink ! I grabbed some Mikes Hard Lemonade putting somewhere Anne wont get it.

I walked to the Dairy section grabbing a small thing of milk for Anne later.

"I think we got everything right ?" I asked Anne as we walked to the cash registers.

She shook her head. "Well What are we missing ?" I asked him with an eye brow raised.

She opened her mouth. "Cany." She said and I smile at her.

"What was that ?" I asked her walking to the candy section.

"Cany." She said again smiling.

I laughed and grabbed some gummy worms. "These ?" I asked her she smiled and Nodded when someone tapped my shoulder I turned and saw Niall.

"How'd you know I was here ?" I asked Him raising an eye brow.

"I kinda put a tracker on your phone." He said.

"Well that doesn't sound stalkery at all." I said he chuckled.

I turned back to Anne who was trying to open the bag I laughed slightly.

"You have to wait for mommy to pay for them okay ?" I said she shook her head no.

"Well then you can't have them." I said taking them from her.

She started crying for them and shook my head. "Are you gonna wait for mommy to pay ?" I asked her she nodded.'' Alright." I said gave them to her and she instantly stopped crying.

"Wow,'' Niall said I turned the basket around.

"What ?" I asked him grabbing a pack of minty gum.

"Nothing just how you are with her." He said.

"What do you mean ?" I chuckled starting to walk to the cash registers when I saw a familiar face.

"Jack ?"  I said he looked at me his eye's widened.

"Miranda ?" He said I smiled and hugged him.

"How've you been ?" I asked him.

"Fine you ?" He asked.

"Great." I said and I just looked at him for a moment.

Niall cleared his throat, I turned and smirked at him he gave me glare making me chuckle. "Jack this is Niall y'know the one I hated but y'know he came back." I said giving Niall a wink. "No can resist right babe." I smirked at Niall he rolled his eyes.

"Is this Anastasia ?" Jack asked and Anne tried to turn and look but couldn't move considering I put on the little seat belt.

"Yup." I said popping the P.

"Wow she's big." He said walking past Me and Niall to Look at Anne.

"Hello There Doll." He told Anne taking her hand she giggled slapping his cheek.
"Hey Anne No Hitting ." I told her she stuck her tongue out at me. "I'm gonna cut off your tongue." I said trying to grab her tongue but she quicky put it back in her mouth. "yeah thats what I thought."

"Well I have to be going I came with My Brother." He said rolling his eye's I laughed giving him a side hug.
"Well It was nice seeing you." I told him and let go I looked at Niall who was sending daggers at Jack. He looked at me and I winked.

"Yeah You too." He said then started walking away.

"You were so Jelly." I said pushing the cart into a check out lane.

"I was not." He said as I started giving the stuff to the lady who was checking us out.

"Yeah whatever." I said I took the gummy bears from Anne and she started screaming.

"Hey If you dont stop screaming right now I will tell the lady to put the gummy worms back." I told her and she shook her head no. "Then stop screaming." I said and she did as I said.

"Gosh.." I mumbled the lady gave me the gummy worms and I gave them to Anne.

"Your such a drama Queen." I told her and she giggled.


I was sitting down on the couch next to Niall who was passed out along with Anne in his arms I smiled then took a picture.

"Quit taking pictures." Niall mumbled I giggled the pecked his lips but he made it deeper.

"Hey hey." I said. "You have Anne in your hands what is your problem." I said playfully smacking his arm. I grabbed Anne from him and he got stretching. "What time is it ?" He asked.

"Around 12." I said as I started walking toward the stairs.

"Here I'll put her to bed." He said taking her from my hands. "OKay if you say so." I said and he grabbed Anne carefully not to wake her and I ran upstairs grabbing some clothes before going into the restroom and starting the shower.

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