True Reflection *Sequal To WYBMIISIIL* FINISHED

'You see the other day when me and Him talked it was about what he was gonna do to get me my things." He said. "But he said he didn't have anything because you were making him come out of the gang." "Listen dear thats the worst thing to do if your boyfriend was in a gang. It puts them in more trouble easier for other gangs to kill him. Oh yeah and The whole Max thing was me to. I didn't tell him to rape you he did that for his own pleasure."

"Anyway I'm waisting time." He said lifting his gun. "I'm sorry sweetie. But he never got me my things and well if he didn't I was gonna kill you." He cocked the gun.


4. Already !

1 Month Later:

"Miranda !" Sarah called from down stares.

"Coming." I called back.

I got up from bed and walked downstares where Sarah was.

"Have you talked to Niall ?" She asked I shook my head.

I felt my expression saden at the sound of his name. It's been nearly a month since I broke it off with him and I haven't talked to him since. I mean I did tell him I never wanted to see him again, but I thought he still would have called anyway and said he did believe me.. but nothing.

"Well are you ready for your baby shower ?" Sarah asked I nodded

'' Just let me get my shoes and phone." I said she nodded and I went upstairs putting on my shoes and grabbing my phone then heading down stares.

"Alright lets blow this joint." Sarah walking out the flat to her ford focus.

About 3 Hours Later :

"So I'm gonna be with you right Nat ?" I asked she nodded

"You got your  clothes all packed up for y'know when that baby's due." 

"Yes Ma'am." I said as we walked out of the hotel Sarah booked for the baby shower.

"Leeeyyyuuummm !" I whinned.

"Yes Miranda." Liam said.

"Can you get the clothes from my flat ? I'm tired and my feet hurt !!" I whinned.

"Just because your pregnet." He said.

"Thanks Leeyum." I said hugging his arm he chuckled and left kissing Nat goodbye. Me wishing I still had that.

"Wanna stop by the mall before we head home ? I mean you do have a bunch of coupons for baby clothes." Nat asked

"Sure." I said as we got in the car.


We finally got to the mall giving my feet the perfect about of rest they needed for walking now.

"Lets shop for this baby !" I said as we got out the car.

We walked in there wasnt a lot of people to my suprise. 

"Let's look over here." Nat said and I followed her to a pink store.

I started looked around and there wasn't really baby stuff so I just waited for Nat to finish looking.

"Since your taking forever I'm gonna go pee." I said to Nat she said okay as I walked off.

I started walking to the restroom and once i got there my feet started hurting again so I went pee then sat at a bench next to the store Nat was in.

"Mind if I sit here. " a guy said I nodded not really looking at the guy.

" I'm Jack." He said I turned and looked at him. 

His hair was brown and he was such a cutie. " I'm Miranda."

"Nice to meet you Miranda. I would think you'd have a boyfriend but I could be wrong." He said I smiled then shook my head.

"Nope No Boyfriend. He left me when he found out I was pregnet." I said with a sigh.

"That sucks."Jack said.

"Yeah Well Fuck Him and the Whore He's probably with Now." I said Jack laughed.

"You didn't take the break up well ?" 

"It's not that." I said. "It's that I thought he loved me y'know ?" 

"Yeah I get you.:'' He said.

"You know I didn't really see this before." I said. "But dont you do those Youtube thingies ?"

"I thought you wouldn't know." He said shaking his head.

"How could I not know ? My sister was in love with your videos" I said he laughed.

"Hey Mir-" Nat stopped and looked at Jack then me. "Am I Interupting something ?" She raised an Eye brow.

"No But You took a  billion years on your self  we were supposed to be shopping for Anastasia !" I said crossing my arms over my stomach.

"Sorry." Nat said.

"Who Is Anastasia ?" Jack asked. 

"My baby." I said rubbing my stomach.

"Beautiful Name." Jack said. "I bet She'll be as Beautiful as her mother." I smiled at Jack.

"Well Thank You." I said he nodded.

"Well Did you wanna go to like macy's or something to shop for the baby ?" Nat asked.

"I dont know are you gonna leave me and look for your own shit ?" I said Jack laughed and Nat

 shot him a glare.

"No." She said.

I raised an Eyebrow." Promise ?"


"Swear On Anne." She nodded.

"good ! Summer is coming for my baby and she needs cute bathing suits." I said standing up.

"Care to join us Ed ?" I asked.

"Erm I can't I have to get back to my friends but if you give me your number maybe we can met up again. Maybe with Anastasia." He said I smiled and nodded. I gave him my number and me and Nat walked to macy's.

"Oh My God Miranda." Nat said.

"What ? What ?!" I Said.

"I don't know how your gonna react but-" "Oh my god he's coming."

"Who ? Who ?!" I asked.

"Miranda ?" Oh.Shit.

I turned around facing.. Niall.

"Oh Hey..." I said.

He looked at me then my stomach then Nat.

"Can I talk to you ?" He asked I looked at Nat she nodded.

"Sure..." I said and we walked away from Nat.

"Listen Liam and Zayn have talked to me about you know." He said looking at my stomach.

I frowned. "It's not just a thing Niall." I said. "It's a child and it's your child !" I said getting made already. "Christ !." I said. "Seriously dont get how you dont believe me."

"I do !" He said. "Well now I do."

"Yeah sure." I said then began walking away.

"Miranda." He said grabbing my wrist.

"Listen Niall I still love you and I trusted you after everything You've put me through but you didn't believe me." I said on the verge of tears. "Christ Niall.-"

I was cut off by a girl coming from the back of him. "Niall who's that." She said grapping his hand.

"I'm no one." I said and walked away.

Fuck You Niall Horan.


Listen you guys i dont have wifi so it's really hard to update so please be patient. 

This whole week hopefuly I will update every day. (Your Welcome)

And please dont be rude and saying update all the damn time. Like I get it I need to update but would you please be patient.

Sorry for sounding rude but it's the truth.

x, Larissa

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