Dedicated to One Direction and Ellie Goulding.


2. Holy Grail

Hey guys! So as I said in the comments below, I wasn't very satisfied with the previous second chapter so I changed it completely. Now I feel like is 110% better then the last one gus. Hope you like it! Got any ideas? Kik me them here!: FlirtyGirlRunning 


*Ellie's POV*

"Okay!" Simon shouted as we all sat down on the stage the next week. "We are going to be doing something completely different this season. Each of you will be assigned a celebrity partner. This is to see how well you can collaborate with other people. So Tommy here will call out your names and based on your audition, you will either be paired with a band or be paired with a solo artist." 

We all nodded and listened as the stage manager called our names.

"Jesse Phillips?"

The petit redhead raised her hand.

"You'll be paired with Justin Bieber." He said.

Jesse squealed with delight and hug-greeted her new partner.

"Jake Smith?" 

This went on for about a few more minutes until it was just me and some girl in a One Direction tee and SnapBack.

The only artist partners left were the boys and Justin Timberlake.

"Ellie Goulding?" 

I shakily raised my right hand.

"You'll be paired up with the boys over there." Tommy nodded in the direction of the lads who were deep in a conversation with Simon.

The other girl shot me a death-glare as she slowly rose and crept over to Timberlake. 

"So we meet again." I smirked, mostly to Harry who was now grinning widely.

"So. What of it?" Harry joked.

"You wanna fight? I will kill you." I joked back, trying to hold a straight face.

"Wolf!" I heard Niall cough-shout.

(A/N: For those who don't know, calling wolf is like calling somebody's bluff. Like they won't actually do what they said they would.)

"You're right." I said sadly, hanging my head in mock-sadness.

"Well then." Liam spoke up. "Shall we get started?"

Everybody nodded in agreement and in a few minutes, we were in a green room. It contained a keyboard, drum set, stereo, couch, coffee table, mirror with lights, and a mini fridge stocked with water and Gatorade.

"So what song were you thinking of singing?" Liam asked me once we were all settled down.

Niall was on the floor with Louis and Liam, and I was wedged in between Zayn and Harry on the couch.

"I was thinking something mixed with rap." I said, stretching out.

Zayn smirked when my arms went into the air and leaned his head forward, so when my arm rested on the back of the couch, it was around his shoulders.

I smiled at him and cuddled up closer as a joke. I could practically feel Harry tensing up from across the couch.

"Oh! I got it!" Niall said, while staring at his phone. Probably on iTunes.

"What is it?" I released myself from Zayn's grip and leaned forward.

"Holy Grail by Jay-Z featuring Justin Timberlake. You could do the singing, an the rapping and us boys could do the back-up vocals." He beamed.

"Sounds great to me." I looked around at the other lads. They nodded in agreement.

"When should we get practicing?" 

"About now. We have to present the song to Simon tomorrow." 

And with that, we got busy. Very very busy.

I had down all of the lyrics and the boys had mastered the back up harmonies and vocals. Liam even beat-boxed to it a little.

We knew Simon would love it.

"You ready?" Harry asked me as we sat on the stage floor, mics in hand.

"Not really." I admitted shyly.

"Hey. We'll do great. You'll be awesome." Harry squeezed my hand in reassurance but it lingered on top of mine for a little bit longer.

"Okay." I whispered, believing him.

That same girl from yesterday was there beside me and shot me another death glare.

As if sensing my slight fear, Harry put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, making me rest my head on his chest.

I suddenly had felt super safe.

People's names were called out but finally mine was called by Simon.

"Ellie Goulding?" He asked.

I raised my hand and stood up in the center of the stage with the boys.

"We have prepared Holy Grail by Jay-Z featuring Justin Timberlake." I smiled over at Justin who smiled back, chucking lightly. I could feel the girl staring daggers into my heart. I quickly turned away.

"Alrighty then. Lets have a listen shall we?" Simon stretched his arms behind his neck.

Liam cued up the music and we began:

"[Verse 1: Ellie]
You take the clothes off my back
And I let you
You steal the food right out of my mouth
And I watch you eat it
I still don't know why
Why I love you so much
You curse my name
In spite to put me to shame
Air all my laundry in the streets
Dirty or clean
Give it up for fame
But I still don't know why
Why I love it so much

[Hook: Ellie/Boys]
And Baby
It's amazing I'm in this maze with you
I just can't crack the code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you're so cold
One day you here, one day you there, one day you care
You're so unfair sipping from the cup
Till it runneth over, Holy Grail

[Verse 2: Ellie]
Blue told me to remind you niggas
Fuck that shit y’all talk about
I'm the n****, caught up in all these lights and cameras
But look what that shit did to Hammer
God-damnit it I like it
The bright lights is enticing
But look what it did to Tyson
All that money in one night
30 mill for one fight
But soon as all the money blows, all the pigeons take flight
Fuck the fame, keep cheating on me
What I do, I took her back, fool me twice
That's my bad, I can't even blame her for that
Enough to make me wanna murder, Momma please just get my bail
I know nobody to blame
Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself

[Bridge: Ellie/Boys]
And we all just entertainers (x2)
And we're stupid, and contagious

[Hook: Ellie/Boys]

[Verse 3: Ellie]
Now I got tattoos on my body
Psycho bitches in my lobby
I got haters in the paper
Photo shoots with paparazzi
Can't even take my daughter for a walk
See them by the corner store
I feel like I'm cornered off
Enough is enough
I'm calling this off
Who the fuck I'm kidding though?
I'm getting high
Sitting low
Sliding by
In that big body
Curtains all in my window
This fame hurt
But this chain works
I think back
You asked the same person
If this is all you had to deal with
N**** deal with
It, this shit ain't work
This light work
Camera snapping, my eyes hurt
N***** dying back where I was birthed
Fuck your iris and IRS
Get the hell up off of your high horse
You got the shit that n***** die for
Dry yours
Why you mad
Take the good with the bad
Don't throw that baby out with the bath water
You're still alive
Still the n****
N**** you survived
You still getting bigger n****
Living the life
Vanilla wafers
In a villa
Illest n**** alive
Michael Jackson thriller

[Hook: Ellie]

Don't know why
I Love you so much..." 

The boys' and I's voices echoed off of the walls as the crowd was completly silenced. 

"That was excellent." Simon smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief and I could feel Harry giving me yet another reassuring squeeze on the shoulder. I placed my hand over his and sat back down whilst Jesse got up next to sing with Justin Bieber. We had done extremely great.


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