A Daughter's Plea

A poem for a dear woman in my life who may depart soon.


1. A Daughter's Plea


Let me speak to the manager,
So I can give my plea.
My mum has spent all her time,
Please, take it from me.

Give her a year, 
a decade would be ideal.
She can have a year of mine,
Please let's make a deal.

I have yet to have any children
My kids will never know,
That warmth a grandma brings,
With her embrace, and wonderful glow.

It may sound very selfish, 
it may make me sound insane.
But thinking of a world 
without  her, 
Gives me lots of pain.

I know this is all futile,
I know what eventually will be.
But she is a lovely woman,
Just you wait and see.

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