The day 1direction kidnapped me

im just making this up as i go, if 1D kidnapped you what would you do?


2. Soccer practice

i walked out of soccer practice to see a men walked out and grabbed me"miss.langford?"

"yes?"i said and gulped

"you'll be coming with us"the man with curly hair said.they sounded british

"w-w-why?"i stammered

"you'll see"the one with straight shiny brown hair said

i gulped again and they put me in the limo.They took off there glasses and i recognized them as Harry styles and Louis jaw dropped as i saw Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik.

"your one direction!"i gasped. they laughed and Niall spoke up.

"Tyler we aren't going to hurt you"he said and i nodded

"not why im freaking out"i said and calmed down"why are you kidnapping me?"

they all laughed"because you  have somthing we want"niall explained

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