The Secret Place (completed)

This is book one in the series... Go read book two. Locket.
well, obviously i'm not gonna go ahead and just tell you what's gonna happen in the story. why would you need to read it then in the first place. well, anyways, it's a louis fan-fic, kk plz like, fan, and heart. :P ♥cc♥


18. going home

cc's P.O.V.  

Holy shit! 

 I It hurts to move. I slowly and painfully get up and walk to a sleeping

Louis. Lou, Lou, Louis!!!

 I yell. He still won't get up.

Louis we have to pack nothing. I pick up a cold jug of ice water. 

This is gonna be fun

 I think to myself. I life the jug about two feet above his head and slowly let the water trickle down then full force pour it on him. He jumps up.

Louis POV: ~I was having the best dream. I was in a house that was smaller then mine. A townhouse. I walked in and a little girl and boy run up to me saying "daddy daddy" and a girl walks in. She looks maybe 16 she waves and opens her mouth to say something~ I am awaken by water being poured on my head. I look up to see cc standing there holding back laughter. I jump up and chase her. "No Louis noooo my legs still hurt" she laughed. I stepped away. "Come on we need to pack." I say and almost on que Connor starts to cry. Cc gasps and runs over and picks him up " awww my poor baby hungry is that it yes it is oh no" she says in her baby voice. I chuckle and she looks at me like get over there douche bag and take care of your daughter. I put my hands up in defeat and walk over to chloé and pick her up and hand her to cc. "Look away" she says glaring. "What? Why?" "Because I'm feeding my child and while I'm doing g so you'll be the wonderful boyfriend that you are and pack up the bag so we can leave" she smiles. I sigh and start packing the bag. I'm so glad we can go home.

CC's POV This fucking hurts so fucking much! There is a person sucking on my nipples! That is so messed up. I finish both babies and carefully set them down in the cribs in the corner of the room and join Louis in packing. He smiles and continues packing.

"So guess what?" He says smiling like an idiot

"What?" I giggle

"I've talked to the producers of the xfactor and if I get in then you automatically get backstage access to every episode!!!"

"Awesome, do I get a plus two?" I say, gesturing to the babies

"Haha we'll see" he says and winks at me

"Well I guess we can leave now" I say exhaling

"Yea I'll go check us out" he says He pecks me on the lips and walks out of the room Just then there is a knock at the door. I open it to find Louis mum, sisters and brigette and Angelica.  oh my god!"

I yell hugging Angelica

"Hayyy" she screams I do the same to brigette and hug Louis family

"Sooo, where are theyyy?" Brigette asks holding back from squealing I gesture them to follow me. There is a mixture of gasps ans "awwwww" s. Louis mum starts crying as she picks up chloé. Meanwhile, brigette is fawning over Connor. Louis walks in taken slightly aback by the sudden crowd in our room.

"Hi?" He says chuckling He hugs everyone and picks up a crying Connor.

"Let's roll" he says and puts chloé in the car seat as I put Connor in his. We say goodbye to everyone and get in our car. By the time we got home it was dusk and I was exhausted. I put the babies to bed and fell into Louis arms in bed. I snuggled into his chest and fell into a happy slumber.

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