The Secret Place (completed)

This is book one in the series... Go read book two. Locket.
well, obviously i'm not gonna go ahead and just tell you what's gonna happen in the story. why would you need to read it then in the first place. well, anyways, it's a louis fan-fic, kk plz like, fan, and heart. :P ♥cc♥


4. date night and.....

Chapter 3: love is the answer " Wakey Wakey " I say to her and she wakes up. Clearly remembering our date because she runs to the bathroom and comes out 15 minuite a later looking beautiful in a blue dress that reaches her shins with an open leg. Her hair the same and her makeup isn't changed. "Wow, you clean up-" she kissed me " c'mon lets go" she said taking my hand.

CC's pov We arrived at the restaurant named "Elle est aimé". "She is beautiful " I translated and Lou looked at me and smiled. I pecked his cheek and we walked into the restaurant. Lou walked up to the desk. "Tomlinson" he stated and we were shown our table, it was on the rooftop and we were all alone. I smiled and Louis gave me a quick kiss and took my hand. We sat at the table and ate. I had the garden salad and he got the steak. On our way home he told me about his family and home. I could listen to his voice for hours. Good thing summer break started in a week and next year Lou would transfer me to his school. When we got home I changed into a crop top and some yellow booty shorts and joined a half naked Louis on the couch. "Nice boxers" I said giggling. They were blue with the superman symbol on them "you don't like them?!?" Louis said sticking his bottom lip out and pouting "not especially" I said " oh, you want me to take them off?" He said trying to sound seductive. I shook my head and he took my hand, staring into my eyes. I slowly leaned in and kissed him, he didn't hesitate to kiss back. We slowly laid back on the couch.

Louis pov

She was beautiful. From her head down to her toes. I brushed her hair behind her ear and she straddled me, looking into my eyes. I pulled her shirt over her head and she smiled.

CC's pov

He slid my pants off and did so until we were both bare. He was gentle, but rough. He was perfect. I cuddled up to him and slept without any nightmares.


heyy it's anglala or angel hehehe i wrote a chapter!!! my first one!!! ive been busy too. i have a life outside minecraft, eating, and sleeping. hahaha anyways, brigibear was right. we don't have the writing talent that cc has. she has gotten 100 in english and la for the past 9 years sooo we will never be worthy but she has been very busy with family and her surgeries. she told me not to tell about her cancer but shhh hahaha anyways she tries but she is in the hospital now and stuff she was diagnosed about 3 months ago and she writes to pass the time hahaha but she absolutely loves hearing you guys talk about how good the book is and she told me not to tell you about the stuff she's going through cause she doesn't want pity. she is amazing. just look at her!!! btw that's her in the profile pic hehehe she's truly an amazing person inside and out. i know it, brigid knows it  and her boyfriend Noah knows it. anyways ill stop boring u hahaha xoxox ~anglala

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