The Secret Place (completed)

This is book one in the series... Go read book two. Locket.
well, obviously i'm not gonna go ahead and just tell you what's gonna happen in the story. why would you need to read it then in the first place. well, anyways, it's a louis fan-fic, kk plz like, fan, and heart. :P ♥cc♥


12. A/N

supp biatches! lol ijk it's me here and as you know it's twins!!! i know right! well i have a contest. you can vote on the name you want for the twins. im not really sure if it will be a boy and a girl two girls or two boys yet so you can vote 2 names from each gender and whatever names get the most vote will be the twins names!!! yayyyyyy!!!! kk so vote plz i have a short chapter to keep you occupied.

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