Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


22. Wishes and Tears

Guys. I honestly am really upset no one is commenting or anything. Like I want to know your feedback. I need to know if you guys are liking it. and if you're not. also if you have any ideas. but I guess not. okay. I'm just going to move right along.





I open the box and gasp.

It's a set of car keys with a note attached.

I look up at Aunt Gina and Uncle Joe.

"Honey, these keys are to her car. They're not to the one that was crashed." Aunt Gina states.

A tear rolls down my cheek.  

"Why do I get her car?" I ask. 

"That's all in the note. We'll send Harry in to see you after a couple minutes" Uncle Joe states.

Dear Macy,

I don't know why but I felt I should write this to you. I have a weird feeling something is going to happen and I can't put my foot on it. Anyway, I just want you to know that you're my very best friend. I really truly mean that. You have helped me through so much and you've been there for me through all the bullshit with boys, and bitches at school, and even my parents. You know I'm always here for you too. You're probably sitting there laughing at me for writing this because I'm alive and okay and yeah. Anyway, I'll always be here for you. I'm never going anywhere, you're like my little sister, after you read this I say we go for ice cream. But dead ass. You will always have me. and if ever, God forbid, something happens and I'm not physically here I'll be there for you in your heart. Yeah. It's corny but I mean it. I really truly mean it. You'll always have a place to go if you need to get away from your mom. We can sit and talk for hours like we always do. So as you know, I'm leaving for Florida State College in a few weeks. I want you to have my car. If you ever need to get out and drive. just go. Go as far as you can and don't look back.

Also. If Harry isn't good to you, I will cut his head off. just saying.

I love you Macy Poooooooo<3



I finish reading as the tears spill over and I begin balling.

Mikki's gone.

I read the note over and over and over until I'm crying so hard I can't read it anymore.

I suddenly feel his strong arms around me holding me close to him.

He holds me close and kisses the top of my head running his fingers through my hair.

"Babe. She's gone. She's really gone. She gave me her car. She knew something was going to happen. I.. I can't believe it. " I sob.

He holds me closer.

"She wrote it all in the note." I hold it up and have him read it.

He reads the paper and I see a tear run down his cheek.

"I'm so sorry babe. I know she was your everything. But you don't have to hide or shy away from me." Harry says as he hugs me tighter.

I cry and nod "I know. I won't. I promise"

We sit there together just enjoying each other's presence.

I still can't get over the fact that my cousin is gone. Besides Harry and Britt I don't really vent and let all my feelings out. I keep them inside. I mean yeah I talk to Jen and Gabby and Tiff.

But it'll never be like Mik and me.

I swear to god. If I ever find out who killed my cousin. I will hurt them.

I cry harder as my phone rings.

I check the ID and it's Jason.

Great. Why the fuck is he calling me?

Harry looks at me. "Want me to answer for you?"

I nod "Put it on speaker though."

"Hello?" his deep voice says into my phone.

"Hey is Mace there?" Jason says meekly.

"She doesn't want to talk to you. What do you want?" Harry says.

"Uhm. Well........."

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