Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


27. What are YOU doing here?

We walk in to see him sitting there.

The asshole that ruined my life.


I gasped at the sight of him cradling my baby sister, my mom just sat there and let him put his hands all over her.

I turn to Harry and we walk in the opposite direction, heading towards the kitchen.

I see my father standing there casually talking to Aunt Gina and Pop.

Great. Could this night get any worse?

"Hey Macy girl!" My dad says with a smile.

"Father. " I say nodding him on.

"C'mon Macy talk to me." He begs.

"Fine. Hello dad, this is my boyfriend Harry, Harry, this is my father." I say, they shake hands.

I roll my eyes and walk up to Aunt Gina and hug her tight.

She returns the hug and I move onto Pop.

"You better be taking good care of my granddaughter Mr. Styles." He says over my shoulder as he looks at Harry.

"I always will sir. You're granddaughter is something special." He says with his signature charming smile.

I smile and walk back over to Harry. We head to the back room where there is less noise because my head begins to pound.

I look up at him and hug him tight, he hugs me back tighter and kisses the top of my hair.

"You're amazing, you know that?" I say to him.

He chuckles. "I have to be to keep up with you love."

I blush then jerk back real fast, "Wait, babe, don't you have concerts and meet and greets and stuff going on all this coming week and next week?" I say as I realize that I'm not only hugging my boyfriend, but he's an international pop star along with the rest of the boys.

"We've got it covered. I told management that I cannot attend anything until after the services and everything is settled. I need to be here for you."

I blush and hug him tight. "But what about the fans? Won't they be upset?"

"The lads and I tweeted that there was a family emergency, and we apologize for the inconvenience." He said so confidently. "We promised we'd make it up to them by having shows and meet and greets over the summer."

I just smile and look at him. Then a yawn escapes my mouth.

"Somebody's tired." I shake my head as Harry chuckles and pokes fun.

I smile and walk out to the rest of my family with Harry close behind and we plop down on the couch. I sit next to him as he wraps his arm around my and I lay on his shoulder.

I feel Jason's stare as Hannah keeps trying to get his attention. But I just cuddle more into Harry.

"Well I think it'd be best if we went to bed," Aunt Gina says, "it's been a long day for everyone, so if you'd like, come back tomorrow so we can discuss the service and such."

Everyone took that as a sign to leave, everyone quickly said their goodbyes and filed out.

"Mace, if you and Harry would like to stay again tonight that'd be alright, Nick has some clothes in a drawer in Mikayla's room, they look about the same size. And I'm sure there's something of hers that'd fit you. Good night you guys, love you." Aunt Gina states as she heads up the stairs.

"What do you say love? One more night here?" Harry asks.

"It's up to you, if you'd rather go home , or spend the night with the boys, or wear Nick's clothes." I chuckle.

He gets up and puts his hand out for me to grab then jokingly pulls it away.

"You stay here, I'll go get you something to change into." He smiles and heads upstairs.

As he heads up the stairs I see he left his phone on the divider so I decide to take it and hack his twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

I go to slide his phone and there's a lock.

I try his birthday. 0201. Nothing.

I try Louis' birthday 1224. Nope that's not it either.

I decide to give up but then I think. Maybe our anniversary? 0515.

It unlocks and I smile. The home screen is a cute picture of us kissing, god I love that picture.

Then I take a few funny selfies, and a good one, just to be cute.

I chuckle at myself as I post a silly one and caption it:

"Babe, you shouldn't leave your phone around me, haha, love you!"

I laugh again and set it down to make sure he doesn't notice I did anything.

Moments later Harry returns with a pair of baggy basketball shorts and a t-shirt on.

"Very nice Mr. Styles." I smile and sit up.

"Why thank you Miss Witwikie, you're outfit for this evening." He hands me Mikki's clothes and I go change.

Nice Styles. Shorts, not shorts, but SHORT shorts, and a tank top.

I walk out and Harry whistles, I playfully punch his arm.

"Sorry babe, shouldn't have sent me to pick out clothes." He sticks out his tongue.

"Well, too bad you can only look and not touch." I tease as I snuggle into his arm stretching out on the couch.

"Yeah?" He asks.

I laugh and look up at him. "Yeah!" I say laughing.

He pouts and crosses his arms. "Fine." He says and I laugh.

I get up to go get water and ask; "want anything."

He chuckles and shakes his head.

I walk into the kitchen and reach for a cup, then I feel his hands around my waist.

I blush then turn around quickly, not looking up, "Harry, I told you no--" as I look up and see Jason.

I scream and Harry runs in.

"What the hell Jason?!?!" I scream in unison with Harry.

"We thought you left with everyone else." I say as I back up into Harry's arms.

"Relax MaceFace, your sister and I took the guest room, your mom didn't want to drive us back here tomorrow because she has work." He says calmly.

"Don't you call me MaceFace, and whatever, why did you feel the need to touch me?" I say.

"Please babe, you know I can't resist you in shorts." He winks and Harry looks like he's about ready to burst.

"Don't you touch my girl again, or you'll have to deal with me. C'mon Macy. Let's go back to bed." He says wrapping his arm around my waist not breaking Jason's stare.

We walk out of the kitchen and Harry grabs a bunch of blankets and covers me.

"That little creep isn't going to go anywhere near you if I have anything to do with it." He says angrily.

I've never seen him like this before. So angry. So protective. Honestly it was pretty sexy.

But moving on.

I snuggle into him and he holds me close. He doesn't let me go and he keeps a close eye on the doorways.

I try to distract him by kissing his cheek, then I kiss his neck, just trying to get a reaction out of him.

It doesn't work.

So I just lay my head on his shoulder and try to sleep.

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