Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


11. Up All Night

Aw. That was perf. How does my mind come up with this stuff? I dunno. but anyway I'm trying to make it so they don't move too fast, but not too slow.. It's crazy shit bro. So we will see what happens. ;) (ps the chapter name makes me giggle. teehee)


We walk into the house and Britt's mom asks us how our night went. We tell her it was amazing, introduce the boys, then head upstairs.

Britt's mom is real chill so she doesn't care as long as we're safe and we don't do anything stupid. 

"Britt, your father and I are going to take your sister to your cousin's so she doesn't disturb you guys. we might stop at the bar or something on the way home with your aunt. if you need anything call me, or look in the top drawer of my dresser." She laughs and winks.

 "MOM!" Britt is bright red, and so am I.

"Geez mom we're not going to do anything like that." I say jokingly. God I love her mother, and she loves me. So I call her my mommy. 

After we hear the door close we all start dying laughing. 

We sit there quiet for a minute or two. 

"So what should we do?" I ask snuggled in Harry's arms.

"Truth or Dare?" Britt suggests.

We all nod. 

"Okay, Nialler, truth or dare?" Britt asks.

"Dare me babe" he sticks his tongue out.

"Hmmm, I dare you to go over to my Bieber poster and kiss it for fifteen seconds, I know how much you love him" She sticks her tongue out.

I grab my phone so I can record it and Niall kisses the poster for fifteen seconds. Damn. Everyone is dying laughing at this point.

"Alright Harry, truth or dare?" 

"Dare broski" He sticks his tongue out.

"I dare you to go in the closet and come out wearing one of Britt's dresses." 

He laughs and goes into the closet.

"Don't rip any of my dresses!!" Britt shouts.

I get my camera ready and snap a picture when he comes out.

"Oh I'm going to get you Macy Jessica Whitwikie." He laughs. 

"Try and get me Ms. Harriet." I stick my tongue out. 

Everyone again is dying laughing and we continue playing for a while. Then Britt goes out to the kitchen, bringing back snacks and drinks, we decided to be a little rebellious and drink a little alcohol. Ooh craziness.

Before I drink too much, I go to the bathroom and change into my pajamas. I walk out of the bathroom and Harry is standing outside the door and is looking up and down at me. He looks into my eyes and is biting his lip. Damn, that's hot. like really hot.

I take his face in my hands and kiss him. We stand there for a good ten minutes just kissing. It's absolutely amazing. We head back to Britt's room and her and Niall are kissing each other, and they don't hear us come in, we sit on the floor, take a few more shots and then we sit up on Britt's bed and cuddle.


That's all we did. I don't want to move to fast with him.  

I went too fast with Jason and he used it to his advantage.

I cuddled into his chest and we talked and talked. Britt and Niall did that too. 

Eventually we all fall asleep.

I wake up around 5 o'clock to see Harry's head on my head, and Niall and Britt laying together, gaah they're adorable. We all had blankets too, I guess Britt's mom came home. I grab my phone and snap a picture of Harry and the other cute couple sleeping.

"@xoxo_MacyBoo_xoxo: aww the babies are all sleeping hehe :* @Harry_Styles, @_Brritttt_ @NiallOfficial." I attach all the pictures too.

I cuddle back into Harry and kiss his nose. I lay awake for a while just going through all our pictures and our messages and just smiling like an idiot. 

Harry moves in his sleep and I realize he's awake, he looks down at me and smiles.

"What are you up to beautiful?" he says in his sleepy voice. Damn, it is as sexy as everyone says.

"Just looking at stuff." I look up at him and then he leans down and kisses me. 

We lay there kissing for a while and before I even realize it I'm on top of him. We're getting pretty into it. 

"I want you." He whispers in my ear and begins kissing my neck.

"I want you too, like really bad. But do you think we could take things slow? Just for a little longer?" I ask, I really do want to.. but I don't want him to see, yet, I don't want to risk losing him because of it either.

"That's fine love, I'll wait until you're comfortable." he smiles. I give him a quick peck on the cheek.

We cuddle again until we fall back to sleep. Only to be waken up around 8 to Niall jumping up and down because he smelled pancakes and bacon. Boy that kid can eat.

We eat our food, get changed into normal clothes and the boys and I head off. I have to go home. Even though I don't do anything there anyway... 

I ride home and walk inside....

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