Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


25. It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

Sorry I haven't posted guys. I've had a lot going on.


We open the door to see....

Britt, Louis, Jen, and Gabby jumping up and down to the beat of a Ke$ha song.

"Oh God" Harry and I say in unison.

We start dying laughing and I join in with them.

Harry holds on to the doorframe and continues laughing. Zayn and Tiff sit on the floor laughing and stuffing their face, along with Niall who's always eating.

Liam is standing by the stereo taking a video of everything.

I run up to Harry and pull him into our dance circle.

We jump up and down then the song ends and a slow song comes on.

"May I have this dance?" Harry asks, grabbing my hand.

I nod and smile.

He takes the lead and we dance around.

The room seemed to disappear around us.

Sounds cheesy. But it felt that way.

He softly hummed along with the tune, and smiled down at me.

Before we knew it the song was over and I was snapped out of my trance.

"Can you guys do me a huge favor and stop being so cute?" Britt chuckles.

We chuckle and I hug him tight.

Niall and Britt walk out to the other room hand in hand and Louis lays on top of Jen.

"So where have you two love birds been?" Louis jokes.

I look at the ground and Harry wraps me up in a tight hug.

"I have to wait for Britt to get back. Then I'll tell you guys..." I sigh.

Harry holds me tight and kisses my head.

Britt and Niall walk in the door carrying more food, of course.

They sit down and I go to say something, but I turn to Harry.

"Do you think you could tell them?" As tears stream down my face again.

"Of course love." He kisses my forehead and grabs my hand.

"This isn't easy for me to say, but Macy and I have some sad news.. Yesterday, early in the morning, Mikki was in a car accident."

An echo of gasps came from all my friends mouths.

"She's okay though.. Right Mace...?" Britt asks.

I shake my head and the tears fall from my eyes.

Britt jumps up and runs to me, crying.

"I'm so sorry Macy..." Britt says through the tears.

We hug for a while then Harry comes over. I rush over to him and hug him tight.

Britt does the same.

Gabby is next to come up to hug me, then Jen, then Tiff, then all the boys got me in a big group hug.

"We didn't come to put a damper on the party. I just figured it would've been better to tell you guys in person.." I say as I wipe away a stray tear.

Harry stands behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

They all nod.

"Well.. We brought in all this food. Might as well eat it, eh?" Niall jokes.

Everyone looks at me and I burst out laughing.

"Very true Nialler." I say.

Everyone laughs and goes back to talking and eating and dancing.

Harry suggests we play a game, like Monopoly.

Louis's response to that was "I enjoy being friends with all you guys, and it'd probably be more fun playing 'Count the Toes' the game where everyone counts their toes and whoever has the least amount of toes loses."

Everyone starts cracking up except for Gabby..

Turns out she only has 9 toes.


We all sit in a circle and throw ideas around on what to do.

"We should definitely get more snacks." Niall says.

"Niall.. How are you not like 60 million pounds?" Tiff asks and everyone starts laughing.

"How about a scary movie?" Britt suggests.

We all nod and decide on Carrie.

I snuggled into Harry as the other girls did the same with their guys.

I smiled and began watching the movie.

As the movie went on I was curled in fetal position on Harry's lap hiding in his chest.

I hate scary movies. Why'd I let them talk me into this?

I looked out the window to try and distract from the scariness and I noticed it had started thundering and lightning and pouring.

How cliche. We're watching a scary movie and it just decides "Oh.. Weather. Yeah I'm just gonna throw all the elements together at once to scare the shit out of some teenagers because they're watching a scary movie. Kaboom!!!"

The thunder snaps and the lightening cracks and the rain comes pouring down like crazy.

(Damn. I should be a poet. Macy Witwikie, future Shakespeare)

All of a sudden we hear a crash downstairs.

"Britt.. Did you hear that?" I ask terrified.

She looks at me. Petrified herself.

"I did. What the hell was it?" She asks.

Suddenly the thunder claps again and we hear heavy footsteps.

Oh shit. We're dead.......

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