Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


3. Can You Believe it???

Soooooo? What do you think so far? comments are much appreciated... :) Thanks for reading!


"JEN, GABBY, TIFF!!!!" Both Britt and I yell down the hall. 

"HEYYY HOOOOOOOE!!" Tiff yells down towards us.

We catch up to them and have our casual banter about our outfits.

"Okay, okay, girls, we're all pretty. Now I've got some shit to dish." I say taking out my phone opening up my email. "Take a look at this." I show them my winning email.

"HOLY SHIT!" they all scream. 

"So now we gotta decide who gets who." Tiff says.

"Well, you see, since Mace won she gets first dibs, she's already called Harry, and she already told Harry that I call Niall, so the rest of you have to decide between yourselves." Britt says.

"Woah, woah woah woah woah. Mace told Harry?" Gabby says.

I nod and show my recent calls. They all scream again.

"So we're all getting prom dresses this afternoon right?" I say

"Well first things first, who gets to choose next, even though we all know each others favorite. Mine is Zayn, Jen's is Louie, and Gabs is Liam." Tiff says.

"I guess you just chose our dates haha" Jen laughs.

"Yessss!!! Liam's mine bitches" Gabby says.

"So mall after school?" I said. 

"Duh?" Everyone said. 



"Hey gorgeous xx :) -Harry"

I start blushing mid-hallway, and I sneak my phone all day just to talk to my favorite superstar. 

I text my mom at lunch that I'm going back to Britt's after school to finish a project and she said that's fine just be home before 8. I sent back a quick "k" with a smile to have some niceness in there. 

We all met by the cafeteria before we got a ride from Britt's mom to the mall. We go too all the possible stores with dresses in them, grab as many as possible, and have a fashion show, one by one. 



"Hey love :)xx  -Harry"

"Hey :) _Mace<3"

"What's up? xx -Harry"

"Picking out my prom dress :P Which color should i get? _Mace<3" 

"Do i get to see ;) and whichever colors you'd like, you'd look great in anything :) xx -Harry"

"Haha maybe I'll send you some of the ones i don't get, but the real one is a surprise :P _Mace<3"

"Oh you like to tease eh? :P ;) xx -Harry"

"Maybe, only with you though ;) :P _Mace<3"

 I show Britt all the messages and we're dying laughing and freaking out. 


"How can you tell? haha how do you know he doesn't do this with every girl" I question her excitement.

"Way to be a bummer" she sticks her tongue out. "But deadass, call him right now and see if he sounds flirty." 

"I can't, maybe in a little while when he's not busy." I say.

"Ughh, fine, but call me so we can do a three way call?" she says. 

"Duhhh??" I say sarcastically.

"OMG That dress is perfect for you!!!" we hear Jen say.

All the girls found their dresses, they fit them perfect and looked incredible. They're so excited, I am too!! I can't wait!!


I tried on a couple of dresses, I sent Harry a few, but I found my perfect dress, best part? It's on sale!! Hahah 

"Well. What do you think?" I say smiling. 

"Perf." Britt says.

"You're getting that dress right?" Jen says.

"I think so" I smile and go put my clothes back on. 

Britt's mom meets us back at the store, "So did you girls find anything?" 

We show her our dresses and she offers to pay for mine.

"I could never, I would feel so guilty!!" I said.

" Shut up and give me the dress Mace." she says sarcastically, I offer her twenty five, which is half, and she takes it. I don't feel as bad now. 

"Would it be okay if I left the dress at your house Britt?" I ask.

"Of course!" she says.

She knows my mom would see it and throw a hissy fit, I wasn't even planning on telling my mom I was going to prom. She wouldn't let me go anyway. 

We get back to Britt's house, eat dinner, and after dinner I call Harry and tell him how we all got dresses, I gave long intricate details on everyone else's dress, and just told him mine was strapless, can you believe how annoyed he got? haha. God, I thought I liked Harry before.. His voice just gets to me and makes everything better. 

I head home around 7:45 and get home five minute early just to make my mother happy. I walk in, say hello, take a shower then lay on my bed checking Twitter and Tumblr and such. I look on Twitter to see:

"@Harry_Styles: Where are you @FutureHazzaStyles43? I miss youuu!!" and about a hundred replies:

"Is that you're new girlfriend @Harry_Styles?"

"Who is she? @Harry_Styles?"

"Ew, why do you even like her? @Harry_Styles"

Ouch... That hurt... I refresh my feed to see.

"@Harry_Styles: Everyone out there be quiet, she's beautiful, inside and out, I like her a lot. Just stop." 

"@FutureHazzaStyles43: Aww, Harryyyy!! I miss you too. and thank you.. I like you a lot too... just saying /.\"


"Incoming Call: HARRY FUCKING STYLES" I think it's time I updated his name. I answer eagerly.


"Hey beautiful."

I smile, "how are you?"

"I missed your voice."

"Aw" I smile and blush "I missed yours too"

"So you do really like me? Not just for my fame?"

"Well to be honest, at first I was just like 'Holy shit, it's Harry Fucking Styles from 1D, my idol and future husband. Now I think about you and I get butterflies, like first date, crush butterflies." I say blushing.

"Awe" He says in that deep voice of his. "Well, I would love to meet you in person before our prom date if that's alright with you." I was hoping he was serious.

"I would love that." I say smiling.

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