Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


6. Britt. You're Never Going to Believe this...

OOOH, what next? Well I hope you guys are enjoying, I'm up to 25 reads! I can't believe it, you guys are great :) That last picture was me. I dressed up like "Justin" for a project of my sister's. The video is hilarious (here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuX7YF7UrCM) but anyway. story time. comments are appreciated, I'd love to know what you guys think :)


"You washed that mustache off pretty quick eh?" Harry says winking at me.

I blush and turn my head to try to come up with an excuse, when suddenly I feel his hand on my cheek turning my face towards him.

"I think you're beautiful both ways, you're just beautiful in general babe" he says.

"Really? Thank you" I say smiling like an idiot.

We sit there in silence for a few minutes, but it's not awkward, we're kinda just looking at each other and we're talking in a way. How could I have such a connection with a guy I just met?

I laugh, and so does he, I wonder if he feels the same. 

I look to the other side to see my dog jump up onto the couch, and I quickly turn back to be met with his face, we're inches apart. 

I'm gonna do it. I'm going to be brave and kiss him. 

I slowly move my lips closer to his and I realize he's moving his closer as well. So he wants to kiss me too?

Then.. Our lips touch and a shiver is sent through me, I felt sparks the instant our lips touched, I've never felt that with anyone. 

We break our kiss and look into each others eyes again.

"Harry?" I say.

"Yes love?"

"Nevermind, I just wanted to hear you say that." I say sticking my tongue out.

"You're a sneaky one Ms. Witwikie." He says flirty and sticking his tongue out too.

I look at the clock and it's only 4. Thank God, I don't want him to leave yet. 

"So what would you like to do now?" I ask.

"Well. I kind of really want to kiss you again. Is that an option?" He asks.

"You don't have to ask Mr. Styles, just do." I say sticking my tongue out again.

"Really?" He asks eagerly.

I nod, and before I know it, his lips are on mine again. 

Man, this boy can kiss. When he kisses me, I never want them to end. If I could kiss him forever I would.

After our kiss breaks again I realize I'm on his lap. How'd I get there? Oh well. 

I stay there for a while and cuddle into his chest. His strong arms hold me close and I just feel safe with him.

After a while of watching TV and cuddling, I realize Harry is just looking at me, I'm flattered, but I say: "Want a picture? It'll last longer." I say kind of flirtatiously. 

"Actually yes please." He says smiling, I take out my phone, open the camera and we take a bunch of pictures, there were silly ones, (which I personally love most), serious ones, smiling ones, and there may or may not been a few of us kissing. 

"You're going to send them all to me right?" he asks.

"Of course I will." I say, as I set my new wallpaper to Harry and me kissing, and my home screen to our silly faces.

 "Hey Mace?" he asks randomly.

"Yeah Harry?"

"Are you busy Friday night?" 

"I have to check my schedule, I might be able to squeeze you in though." I say winking.

"Well if you would be so kind as to join me for a night full of fun and food, just you and me." He said kind of blushing.

"That sounds incredible" I say as a huge smile comes across my face. "What should I wear?"

"Something a little dressy if you don't mind. That's the only hint you're getting" He smirks at me. 

"Sounds good" I smile and kiss his nose. "One question.. Is this a date?"

"Do you want it to be?" He asks.

Well, duh Harry! I'm not gonna say that because I'll sound like crazy or something, so I kissed him again.

"Does that answer your question?" I ask flirting a little bit.

"Mhmm, you may need to explain it to me again though." He says as he winks at me.

"However should I do that?" I say inching closure to his lips. 

He pulls me in for a long passionate kiss, it was nothing like I've ever experienced before. He shocks me, it's amazing. 

We pull apart and he asks jokingly "So is that a yes or a no?" 

"It's a yes" I say laughing at him. 

"So now we're dating huh? Am I allowed to post a picture of us kissing as my default on twitter for the world to see?" he seems really excited

"You're choice kiddo, I know I'm setting mine to this one." I show him a picture of me and him looking at each other, but it's like a Tumblr-worthy picture. It's adorable.

"I love that one" He says smiling. 

 We stay on the couch until it gets closer to 5, we decide to pick up McDonald's and bring it to the park across the street from my house. Harry puts on his beanie, a pair of sunglasses and one of my huge sweatshirts. (Yes, I like boys big sweatshirts, they're comfortable. don't judge mee)

We eat and talk and laugh. God if this is a dream I'm going to be pissed.

He leaves at like 8 just so it gives me enough time to do everything my mom asked without anyone suspecting a thing. I wanted him to come back, I wanted to fall asleep in his arms again.

I finish everything and go up and take a shower then I have to call Britt.


"Britt. You're never going to believe me when I tell you this."

I tell her everything, from the flowers, to the mustache, to the kisses, to the picnic, and that I have a date Friday night and I'm going to have to borrow some of her clothes. 

 After I get off the phone with her, I text Harry about how great today was and I'd talk to him tomorrow because I was exhausted. 

Before I even realize it, I'm fast asleep.

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