Just Another Dream?

Macy was you're typical High school senior. She's got a group of great friends, Britt, Jen, Tiff, and Gabby. They all are absolutely insane. They also are OB-SESSED with One Direction.
Hopefully you enjoy reading the twists and turns of these 5 girls' senior year. :)


2. And the Winner is....

BUM BUM BUMMMMMM. LOL. who do you think won? I really hope it was Macy, or else this would be a depressing and very short story.. but we will see :) 



"MAYC. WITWIKIE!!! Are you serious?" Britt says. Meanwhile I'm jumping up and down again and again.

"Mace, why are you so happy?" she says. 

"Britt. Look at the name. Mayc Witwikie." I say much too enthusiastically.

"OMFG. Is that you?" she says.

I nod and jump up and down. 

"you spelled your name wrong?" she says.

"I did it on purpose because the last name Witwikie is everywhere, and Macy is kind of popular." I stick my tongue out along with my smart ass remark. 

"Your dumbass spelled your name wrong" she laughs.

"Hahaha... yeaahhh......" I say.

"Well anyway. OMG OMG OMG OMG" we both scream, I'm surprised the whole house didn't wake up. They were used to it by now, we were loud all the time. 

We look back at the screen. "Check your E-mail to claim your prize!!! You'll also receive your choice at one of the boy's numbers!!!!"

I quickly take the computer, and I log into my gmail account. 


"Okay. so, which picture of me should I use Britt?" I ask her.

"Use this one!" She pulls up my Facebook and points out her favorite picture of me.

I attach it to the email and say;

"Hi Contest runners!!! I'm Macy, I spelled my name wrong in excitement haha, but I am so happy oh my gosh. Do I get to pick the date the boys come? And could I please have Harry's number? Thank you again so much, me and my best friend Britt are so excited! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!" 

We send the email and wait for a response. We continue jumping and giggling. 

"OMFG We need the perfect dresses for prom then!!!!" we both say in unison. 

We make a plan for after school the following day. 

"We have to invite Tiff, Gabby, and Jen too right?!?" Britt says.

"Of course, as long as they know Harry is mine!" I say with confidence.

"And Niall is mine!!" she says. 

"Hahah, the others can decide among themselves." I laugh.

Our other three best friends are almost as crazy as we are when it comes to 1D, but Britt and I are just absolutely insane.


"1 New Email"

"Sorry for the mix up then Ms. Macy. You have to choose the date by Thursday, 5/10. and the only day they aren't available is 5/31. So choose soon! And Harry's number is ***-***-****" (I don't know the number and I don't want to get in trouble for writing a real one haha) 

"Thats perfect because I'd love for them to come to prom with me and my four friends. :) Is 5/25 alright?"

Message sent! Britt throws my phone at me and tells me to call Harry. 

"Britt! Shouldn't I text him first?"

"NO!! CALL HIMMMM!!!" she laughs.

I put in the number and put it on speaker.

"Hello?" a familiar deep and raspy voice answers.

"Hi Harry! I'm Macy, I won the contest for you guys to come hang out with me for the night. And they gave me your number, and oh my gosh I'm talking to Harry Edward Styles." I stop talking trying to catch my breath.

Harry laughs and I can hear him smirk through the phone.

"So you're the beautiful Ms. Macy?" 

I feel my face turn red.

"Yes, you saw the picture?" 

"It was kind of required so we knew who to look for at your prom." he laughs a little.

"So you guys can come to my prom with me and my other friends?" 

"Definitely, but I have one question." he says.

"Sure you can ask me anything." I giggle, getting excited.

"harryedwardstylesurmine43@gmail.com?" he laughs.

"oh you saw my email address too huh?" I say embarrassed.

"Yeah, but it's cute love."

I smile again. 

"So I guess I'm your date then?" he says and it sounds like he's smiling.

"If that's okay with you. My best friend Britt loves Niall, so she's got dibs already. I say sarcastically.

"I don't mind at all, sorry to cut you short love but I've got to go. Text me maybe?" he says.

"You text me please when you're not busy." I say smiling.

"Alright love. Bye"

"Bye Harry"

*Click* the line went dead, and I could've sworn I was for that conversation. 

Britt is freaking out, "Mace, you just talked to Harry fucking Styles. from One Direction, our favorite band in the entire world. holy fuck."

"I know! I hope he texts me soon." I smile and laugh.

"Okay, we seriously have to sleep now, so we can tell everyone tomorrow that our prom dates are sexy British motherfuckers." Britt says.

"More like Macyfucker and Brittfuckers." I say laughing.

"You know it bitch." Britt says. 

So we both go to sleep after making more One Direction sex jokes and laughing at each other.

*The Next Morning*

"Hey girl I'm waiting on you, I'm waiting on you, Come on and let me sneak you out."

The alarm goes off at 5:00 here. I forgot Britt gets up that early for school. So I take the time to make myself look better too. 


We walk into school and meet us with the rest of our group. 

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