Fiolee Forever

its just a story i made up about fionna and marshall lee from adventure time.


1. The roof

Authors Note:This is my first story so please dont hate on it.please leave coments so i know what i need to workon.Thank you, Mioary!


Fiolee forever :The roof Fionna's pov
"Marshal!"i said when i heard walking on the roof"yes he said leaning his head in the window.
Marshal lee's pov
"yes?"i said leaning my head into the window."why are you on my roof?"she asked
"why are you on my roof?"i asked"because its a great view"he said
Marshal lee
"because its a great view"i told her
"really?"i asked surprised
Marshal lee
"Yeah come see"i grabbed her and pulled her up to the was in aww
"this really is beautiful"i said"like you"he said
Marshall lee
"like you"i said and kissed Fionna.

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