Fiolee Forever

its just a story i made up about fionna and marshall lee from adventure time.


3. Getting ready

Getting ready

my third chapter im trying really hard to post a new one remember this is my first story.


i went in my house"what to get a 17 goin on 18 year old girl"i muttered."a penguin?no a dress"no!"i shook my head, pacing"a song!"i nodded"a song"


"gumball is throwing me a party!"i said to cake"for my birthday"cake smiled"thats so sweet!"
"i know he is such a sweet boyfriend"i said"but i think i like Marshall lee"cake gasped"no! not that bad boy!" i frowned"he's not bad!"she shook her head .

someone knocked on the door as i put the flowers in a pot"coming!"i yelled and ran to the door "hello?"i opened it, it was marshall"hey marshall"i smiled and he handed me flowers and said"happy birthday, my adventuress"i blushed and said"thanks man


"so i heard gumbutt...i mean gumball is throwing you a party"i said"where's my invite?"she looked at me and smiled"you dont need one because birthday girl says you can come"she said"thanks fi"i said"do i get to play?"she nodded"so what do you want to do till nine?"she asked.i smiled"strangle pixies?"i smiled "strangle pixies"she nodded


'why do i like him so much?'i thought'for globs sake he's a vampire!'.marshall smiled at me as he flew us to the straberry feild."fionna "he said"you know i really like you"i smiled"i like you too"i shook his head"no, i like like you"i blushed."i like like you too"i said and he blushed."what about gumball, he is your boyfriend"i shook my head"not anymore im gonna break up with him"i told him.:"you would do that for me"he asked."marshall i would do almost anything for you"i said and laid my head on his shoulder.

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