Blood lust

Katherine was just camping in the woods alone because she ran away from her family when 5 red eyed bites came up to her and kidnapped her will she escape from their house or will she fall in love with someone and stay?


1. Kidnapped why!

Katherine's pov

my parents were so rude to me and they wouldn't care about me like when i go to the hospital they don't go there and be there as my i just ran away i got out of the house with my stuff and was turning night i got my phone out and checked the time it is ten.there was woods so i came in and put a fire with sticks and my fire in my backpack.i also had a tent i i made it and then put my sleeping bag and my blankets in there and got out of the tent and i had a freezer too so i put the food in there and got my chair and put it next to the fire i started using my phone and then fell asleep.

Harrys pov

i left the house to go and eat when a girl in a chair was sleeping next to a fire i pulled the chair back so that i can eat from her and got close to her neck and bit her she screamed loud but i didn't care i just wanted her delicious blood i stopped and she was still breathing i put her on my shoulder and while we wee heading to my house she kept on kicking me and told me to get her off of me i just ignored her.when we got home i put her on a chair put some tape on her mouth and tied her to the chair.

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