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2. First lesson , art

My first lesson ,art , well my favourite subject it will be amazing! I sat down at my seat , Chloe faced towards me with Sam sitting next to her. I wondered which boy I would be stuck with for the rest of the year. I looked down. " Screech " the  chair next to me was being moved I looked up to see Kane next to me. "Hi Brooke it's nice to see you again ! " he said smiling I giggled and looked towards Chloe again.


" Morning class , now I want to know what your capable of so I want you to work with the person next to you to make the best piece of art work you possibly can! Now GO ! "


Our table were given the theme love so Kane and I made a statue of two lovers dancing under a heart. It was beautiful so we got an A. The best grade of the class we hugged each other in celebration. I guess we were now friends.

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