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1. ride to school

I woke up  grabbed a tank top and threw it on , slipped into some jean shorts and found my favourite pumps.My hairs a mess better brush and straighten it. Done, finally! Hmmm ill have some toast for breakfast I think. Yummy. I grabbed my bag and rushed out the door, just in time for the bus.


"Hey Brooke !" A voice shouted as I walked up the bus stairs it was  my friend Chloe.  A huge smile spread on her face, I sat down in front of her and asked what she was so happy about. " I'm in all your classes now ! " Yes my best friend was now in my classes! How amazing is that ?


I reached in to my bag searching for my earphones, found them! I took out my hearing aids and replaced them with my earphones. We approached the school. I took out my earphones and put my hearing aids in and stepped down the bus stairs. I walked towards my friend Georgia who was being comforted by her boyfriend Kane. I said hello the bell went Georgia walked off leaving me and Kane. "I talk to  u  at lunch Kane? "

" Ok Brooke ," he said walking towards J block.

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