I'll be waiting...

Michelle is best friends with zayn malik since birth. what happends when she starts dating some-one else, will zayn get in the way? or will he be there to pick her up?


1. How it all started...

 Michelle's POV

It was the first day of daycare and i was sitting alone in the corner of the room. The i felt someone watching me, so i looked upd up and saw a boy about my age and amazinfg eyes. he sat down and said "why are you alone in the corner?" "nobody wants to play with me" and with that he sat down next to me and said" ill be your friend" " okay, on one condition?""what is that?" "we be friends forever" "forever!!!!"


Zayns POV

When i was at daycare i saw this girl with the most beautiful girl i have everseen in my short life so far. She had beautiful brown wavy hair and the most prettiest brown eyes.so we talked and became friends forever!!!!!



A/N:sorry this is a short chapter!!!!!!this is my first movellas so plzzzz no hate!! :)

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