George Shelley's baby girl! xx

this is a fan-fic about george shelley's (union j george) baby girl!! xx please read. luv ya sey ninjas!!! xx


1. We meet again!

Amber's P.O.V.


 I finally get to see my seceret older brother today. Seceret because I told him not to tell anyone about me cuz i dont want to be used and ect. and older cuz he was born one minute before me. And he never lets me forget, like EVER! I am spending the summer with him this year which starts today. We have agreed to try to make jj, jaymie and josh think we r dating but not sayy we r dating or not. Me and George (my twin bro) get on so well. He is my best friend and i love him with all my heart. Yay!! he is here.


i  opened the door and immediately had arms round my waist and a face nuzzled into my neck saying " Hey Baby Girl" I put my arms round his neck "Hey, i have missed u so much." I said. He put my down and i kissed his cheek and he kissed my forehead. I looked to the door and seen jj,jaymi and josh. I have only ever met josh. He knows out plan. "HAY.." I interrupted josh "is for horses" "fine....... Hello Darling" He said in a posh voice. "Why helloo kind sir and may I offer you and your friends a delightful beverage?" I said poshly. George broke down into a fit of giggles after seeing the confussion on the 3 boy's faces. " Would you boys like a drink?" I said. "yes plz" they said in unison. "I will help u carry them my fair lady" george said picking me up from behind and running towards the kitchen. " George put me down." "Amberrrrrrr......" josh shouted from the living room. " Joosssssssshhhhhhhhhhh............" I mocked walking into the living room. " U did not give me my hug." and he pouted with the cutest puppy face EVER! I hugged him and jj and jaymi joined in. " I will go put the drinks in bottles because the twat of a harry styles look-a-like has put them in glasses." I stated and went back to the kitchen. I put the drinks in bottle with the help of george and we went toi the car hand-in-hand. When we were younger we did nt go any where unless we were holding hands and it just feels natural to hold hands. We got in to the car with Jaymi driving jj in shot gun then me, george and josh in the back. I was inbetween the 2 boys. "they think u r dating." josh whispered in my ear. "well that was quick" I whispered back. "dont tell george cuz he will go mental but they went threw is texts with the person called baby girl and they think it is u and when he called u baby girl when we got there earlier, they think it is u." He whispered. " That is me josh, like i said, we r acting normal, we use to get accused of imbreed and shit because we were so close but we r not dating." I whispered to josh. he was shocked. dont blame him me and eorge r weird siblings the only fights we have ever had r play fights and we look like we r dating but i dont care. i am glad to be so close to my brother. at least we dont hate each other.

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