Girl Direction

What if One Direction woke up one morning and found out they had turned into girls? Even worse, they have a concert in a week. Will they find out how to go back to normal before the concert? Is there even a way? Who is behind all of this? And, when they start losing their memory, things get even worse! Will they ever go back to normal? Read to find out!


3. Author's Note & a little contest

So, what do you guys think so far? Is Niall actually a girl? Or did he have something disgusting on his face? Are Zayn and Liam going to be girls? Comment what you think. Also, I will eventually have their girlfriends be in the story, so I need someone to be

Louis' girlfriend

Harry's girlfriend

Liam's girlfriend

Zayn's girlfriend

Niall's girlfriend

Please state your name, your eye color, your hair color, and your fave member of 1D. It will probably be a while until I update, so you have plenty of time. Also, please like and/or favorite this story. I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(a.k.a. Jessica)

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