Dark (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

My version of Dark.
She knew who he was, what he has done, what he was capable of.
She was innocent.
He was dangerous.
She soon realized she needed him in her life.
Sometimes you need darkness to appreciate the light.

(Disclaimer- Events in the story are a mix. Most thoughts are made up by me but throughout the story, events from the real Dark fanfiction are incorporated.)

All Rights Reserved

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4. Chapter 3


   "Oops," She smiled, the glass of water accidentally slipping from her grasp. I acted shock, scooting back in her chair as my arms flew up.

   "I'm soaked!" I whined like a little girl, shaking the water from my arms. Harry glared at the waitress, standing up.

   "What do you think you're doing?" He growled, his eyes dark as his jaw was set and clenched.

   "I'm sorry, let me escort you to the bathroom ma'am!" The waitress spoke, just as we had practiced. I nodded, standing up as she took hold of my arm, leading me to the women's bathroom.

   We walked in as we looked at each other, the largest smiles on our faces.

   "Are we good now?" I asked as she nodded happily.

   "Okay, keep an eye while I make a break for it!" I spoke, hurrying to the last stall and climbing on top of the toilet, than the toilet paper dispenser. I clenched my fist, slamming it through the window as it popped out as one, landing on the ground outside.

   I looked back to see the girl hurrying me with her hands, looking panicked outside the door. I nodded, swinging one leg out as I sat on the ledge.

   "Thank you!" I mouthed as just as I jumped down onto the heater box I saw her nod.

   I'm out, I'm really out. I jumped from the heater box onto a branch, climbing down the tree from there. Once my feet hit the ground I was running in the opposite direction, praying to God Harry wouldn't follow.

   "Elle? What the fuck are you doing?" I heard Harry shout as I mentally cursed. Damn me and my lack of speed. Using every ounce of energy I had, I ran faster, making loads of turns in order to lose him but no matter what I did, there was a constant echoing of his footsteps. 

   My arms swung beside me as a momentary pause caused my speed. I tripped over the end of my boot,  as I went spiraling down to the ground. I groaned in pain, laying in a heap on the cement. I slowly, and painfully craned my head to look back as my eyes widened. He was getting closer. I quickly untangled myself, trying to get up but once I did, I fell back down. My ankle was throbbing was pain. I let tears escape my eyes as I tried to move. It was all but helpful.

   "Elle!" Harry spoke, his hands around my arms. I shook my head, shaking him off.

   "Get...away!" I spoke through gritted teeth, trying to pull myself up.

   "Elle, you're hurt. I'm not arguing with you!" He contradicted as I let my sobs loose. My arms buckled beneath the pressure, letting my body fall towards the ground. Before I could make impact, Harry caught me in his arms, pulling me up.

   "Why me? Please, any other girl...please!" I spoke quietly, sniffling uncontrollable.

   "What do you think I'm going to do?" He asked, his voice softer than before.

   "Harry, I know you have one night stands. How stupid do you think I am? Don't you dare tell me that I'm different because I'm not. I'm nothing special, please, please leave me alone!" I begged, my tears chilling my face due to the excessive amount of breeze.

   "Elle.." He began before he stopped.

   "Come on, let's get you somewhere out of the cold...you're freezing!" He spoke softly, pulling me up bridal style as I rejected him.

   "Elle.." He said sternly as I gave up a fight. I was swept up, his arms supporting me as he walked back to the restaurant, finding his vehicle.

   "You are such a bitch! You still get him!" The waitress snarled, standing in front of Harry's truck as I shut my eyes, praying that I could simply disappear.

   "Is it really my fault? I can't control who he would rather be with!" I spoke, trying to be as gentle as possible but once the words left my mouth, I knew I had made a mistake.

   "Harry, let her down..." She spoke as my eyes widened. I looked down at my ankle, than up at Harry.

   "Her ankle-,"

   "Now." She demanded as he sighed, gently setting me down. I prepared for the pain but it was barely there. I wiggled my ankles around a bit, an ache pulsing through although nothing to unbearable.

   "Wow, it doesnt hurt!" I smiled, looking up at Harry as he nodded, smiling.

   "Want to say that again you bitch?" She asked as I cocked my eyebrows at her.

   "Issues much?" I mumbled to myself but considering the punch she sent to my jaw, she heard.

   "Oh, too far!" I spoke, my voice louder as I sent a punch straight to her jaw.

   Before you could say fight we were on the ground, punches being sent to one another. As of right now...she was winning but she didn't look to great either. With one more punch of energy, I flipped her over, straddling her as I sent multiple punches.

   "Elle, stop it!" I heard Harry shout as his hands wrapped around my arms, pulling me back.

   "Come at me bitch!" I shouted as she glared at me.

   "Elle!" Harry shouted louder than I had, turning me around.

   "What?" I yelled back as he looked down at me.

   "Calm down, don't do something you regret!" He spoke calmly as I looked at him with fiery eyes.

   "Did you-," I began before his lips pressed to mine shutting me up. My eyes widened as I brought my hand up to slap him right across the face. He pulled away, bringing his hand to his cheek.

   "Don't kiss me!" I snapped, turning back to the beach blonde fake edition two!

   "Get the fuck away from me, I mean it!" I growled, as she rolled her eyes, storming back into the restaurant. She looked like absolute shit...I have to give her props.

   "Take me home, now!" I spoke as the blood from my nose began running over my lips.

   "Okay, come on!" He spoke, escorting me into his truck as he ran around, getting in and starting the ignition.

   Home, that's all I wanted right now, more than anything I ever have.






Guys, this chapter sucked..sorry. Anywho, loveeee you :) Bye :) x




If you read this all comment a ship name for harry and elle, im stuck for ideas!

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