Dark (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

My version of Dark.
She knew who he was, what he has done, what he was capable of.
She was innocent.
He was dangerous.
She soon realized she needed him in her life.
Sometimes you need darkness to appreciate the light.

(Disclaimer- Events in the story are a mix. Most thoughts are made up by me but throughout the story, events from the real Dark fanfiction are incorporated.)

All Rights Reserved

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3. Chapter 2


   I finally reached my all to familiar front door. Jiggling the knob as I groaned, remembering the keys I had forgotten to bring. I bent down, lifting up the welcome mat as I unlocked the door, placing the keys back under the mat and walking inside as I shut the door, locking it.

   I turned to face the living, sighing as I slid down the door, landing on my bum. My hand reached up to my neck, shivers cascading through my neck where his lips had marked his 'territory'. I quickly pulled my hand away, my hair falling in front of my neck, covering any recognition of tonight.

   I stretched my legs in front of me, pulling my heels off as I finally stood back up, throwing my heels beside the door as I sluggishly walked up the stairs. The carpet felt plush beneath my toes as I ascended up the stairs. I finally reached my bedroom, as I lazily threw my door open, my feet carrying me into my bathroom. I shivered at the cold tile that inhabited the floor.

   I found my sink, brushing my teeth, removing my makeup and pulling my hair into a ponytail before I walked out. Goosebumps rose on my bare skin, making me move faster towards my closet. I slid the door open, pulling a t-shirt and some sweatpants out. I wiggled out of my dress, quickly pulling on my clothes in a desperate escape from the nippy air.

   I smiled, throwing my dress into the hamper before closing my closet. I skipped around my room, lighting a candle and spraying some air freshener as I cuddled up with a book. Before opening to where I left off, I leaned off my bed, plugging my fairy lights in as I smiled, once more resuming to my comfortable position.

   I opened up, my eyes beginning to read as a buzz from my phone interrupted. I shut my eyes, letting an aggravated groan escape as I snatched my phone from my beside table.

   To- Elle

         A book? I could give you something so much more... whats the word? Fun ;) xx

   Anger pulsated throughout me as I angrily hit reply.

   To- Harry

         Yeah, I could give you a black eye, but I decided not to, watch it pretty boy! xx

   I harshly smashed my finger on the send button, impatiently waiting for a buzz that would indicate the arrival of a new text. When it didn't come, I set my phone down and trudged onto my balcony. I looked over the view I had which wasn't much but it was still beautiful.

   I found no sign of Harry, walking back inside as I cuddled into my blankets, falling into a peaceful yet haunted sleep.




   I woke up to my mother aggressively shaking me back and forth. My eyes immediately shot open, looking at my mother before they squinted.

   "Why do you feel the need to wake me up like that?" I groaned, throwing my arm in the arm as an attempt to move her away.

   "Someone is here for you!" She smiled, my eyebrows arching as I cautiously lifted my head from my beautiful pillow.

   "Who is that someone?" I spoke, venom laced in my voice.

   "Harry!" She smiled as my eyes widened by a large percentage.

   "Well he can go home!" I yelled, my hands flying up in the air as my mother gave me a stern look.

   "You're going with him, now get ready!" She demanded, anger fusing inside of me as I released steam. I angrily sat up, my feet stomping as I changed into some leggings and a top, not bothering to shower for him.

   I pulled some sweater boots on before walking downstairs, Harry smirking at me. I rolled my eyes, pulling my hair from its bun and letting my hair fall loosely as I ran my fingers through it. I guess I should look good...not for Harry but for any other guy that could turn out to be my prince charming.

   "Hello love!" He smirked as I scoffed, rolling my eyes, crossing my arms across my chest. Harry's smirk intensified as I looked down, immediately resting my arms at my sides. My arms had increased my cleavage, practically pushing my chest into my face.

   "What do you want?" I spat, not bothering to sound the least bit nice.

   "Didn't your mum tell you? We're going out today, come on!" He spoke, clearly enjoying the pain he was causing me. I rolled my eyes, looking up the stairs as I met my mothers glistening irises.

   "You'll pay!" I mouthed, before walking past Harry, out of the door and towards his truck where I reluctantly waited for him to unlock the doors. I heard a light chuckle, my lips almost letting a gasp escape as the image flooded my mind. Harry giving my mother a quick squeeze before bidding goodbye and heading towards the drivers side.

   I heard the front door close as the locks popped up, my hand aggressively throwing it open as I climbed in, slamming it shut.

   "Somebody's in a mood!" Harry laughed as I snapped my head to glare at him.

   "I wonder why!'' I smirked, copying something that seemed like his trademark.

   "Honey, you should be honored I haven't just had my fun with you and left!" He retorted as I scoffed, a small laugh escaping my lips as I rolled my golden brown irises.

   "Why don't you? It's better than having to spend actual time with you, acting like I care what you say when all I'm thinking about is finding a way to escape." I replied, waiting for a reply. Nothing came.

   "To scared to rep-," I began before my eyes met Harry's. He looked almost...sad.

   "I'm not as bad as you think!" Harry spoke, his voice softer which shocked me.

   "Harry. Think about it. You've killed people, you've been in jail, you've done and sold drugs. You beat up practically every person that exist and you don't need a reason...you just do!" I spoke, my voice barely above a whisper as I thought through my words. Why was he acting so soft?

   "Why would you let my past define me?" He asked as my heart softened a little before returning to its rock hard stage.

   "Look Styles, I don't know what damn game you're playing but I don't want to be a part of it!" I snapped, turning to look out of my window as I crossed my arms.

   "Babe, lose the attitude." He retorted as I rolled my eyes, my mind instantly formulating a response in which was a mistake.

   "Why, you going to beat me up?" I laughed, pretending to be scared which in reality I was. Last night I obeyed his every command in fear of losing my life and here I am, every word bringing me closer to a possible death.

   "I. Don't. Hurt. Girls." He said, breaking each word into it's own sentence as I regretted my words. That must have hit a nerve.

   "Sorry..." I whispered, meaning it but not wanting him to acknowledge the word exiting my slightly parted lips. The rest of the ride remained in a irritating silence before we finally arrived at a neat little restaurant, a beach full of people behind it.

   Harry quietly turn the car off, hopping out as I attempted to open my door. Child-restraint locks. Are. You. Serious?

   I waited for Harry to unlock my door as he's hands wrapped around my waist, trying to lift me down. I reluctantly let him, my arms still crossed when he set me down on the ground, the car door slamming shut.




   "May I take your order?" The waitress smiled, her arms obviously pushing up the very little cleavage she had. I laughed, her attempt at a flirt not fazing me.

   "Usual." Harry simply stated as she nodded, scribbling it down before turning to glare at me.

   "You?" She spoke monotonously as my eyes scanned the menu.

   "Uh..." I hummed before Harry's voice interrupted me.

   "Same as me, thank you!" He spoke, picking up both of the menus and handing them to the overly blonde, waitress. She plastered the phoniest smile I've ever seen on her lips before waltzing away into the kitchen.

   "I need to talk to her real quick, I actually know her, be right back!" I smiled to Harry as he nodded, looking down at his phone. He doesn't know much about dating does he? Not that I even think of this as a date.

   "Look, come over to our table, 'accidentally' spill my water on me. Escort me to the bathroom to clean up and you keep watch while I climb out of the window. You can have all the fun with him I want because I don't want him!" I whispered as she smirked, nodding.

   "Okay, I will when your food comes out!" She replied as I smiled at her. It's like we were instantly best friends because we both got exactly what we wanted.

   I hurried back over to the table as Harry looked over at me.

   "So, what went on?" He asked, as I responded as I normally would.

   "Oh nothing, I think she went to my old high school so I asked her and yeah, she did!" I smiled through the lie as he nodded, taking a deep breath.

   Soon enough the food came out, as the waitress and I exchanged a look.

   Time to commence with the plan.

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