Just A Click of the Mouse (Lilo One Shot)

Louis Tomlinson was a bum, he never went out. He didn't want to talk to people until one day when Harry got an idea to force him to chat with people. Will Harrys bright idea help Louis or only piss him off more? Read to find out.


1. Lilo One Shot AU

Hey guys! so I did  one shot! weeeeee it's Lilo and another ship but it's a surprise! ;) So this as 16 pages in word and 8804 words . Well please comment what you think I love to hear your opinions! Thanks! ily


Side note: Liam is Italics Louis is bold when they chat and text :)

The sound of a fist pounding on the front door woke me up from my very nice slumber. I groaned and rolled over trying to ignore the constant pounding on the door. It’s way too early for anyone to be at my front door. All my friends know I don’t get up before noon. The pounding continues, I try to block it out but there’s no use. I groan and throw the covers off of me and stand up slowly rubbing my eyes and walking to the front door. I yank it open and glare at the Cheshire boy standing in front of me.


“What do you want at this ungodly hour Harry?” I yawn. He smirks before walking past me ignoring the fact I didn’t want him inside my house. I shut the front door and pushed my fringe out of my face. Harry walked into my room, I watched as his nose scrunched up when he walked inside.


“And I thought I was a slob…” he mutters before pulling my laptop out of the bundle of sheets and blankets on my bed. He opened it up and somehow knew my password and logged onto it. I opened my mouth to protest but he just glared at me with his hard green eyes.


“Okay, Lou. You need to get out more. I am tired of seeing you locked in your room all day. I’m showing you a website where you can meet some people. Boys… and some girls. Whichever you prefer this week” He winks. I groan, sure I’m bisexual but who cares? Last time I had a girlfriend it just didn’t work out. I loved El, and she loved me but we just didn’t love each other in that way. It was, is, more of a love as a best friend. We still talk and occasionally hangout but she is busy planning her big wedding that’s in the next few months. I’m her, well bride’s maid I guess. Except I’m a man, so brides man? I don’t know, whatever. But she said I should get my tux soon so I’m supposed to be shopping for one, but I’ve been lazy.


“Haz, I appreciate you trying, but I seriously don’t want to be on some stupid dating site. I’m fine being alone. I just haven’t met the right person yet. They’ll come around eventually.” I say, sounding more like I was trying to convince myself then Harry. I think he noticed because he shook his head and continued typing on my laptop.


“It’s not a dating site, it’s a chat site for lonely homosexuals like yourself. But the occasional girl is on looking for a flaming homosexual to take her shopping. I’ve been on, it was fun!” Harry smiled. I rolled my eyes and sat next to him as I watched him type into the search bar www.twinkieboys.org I rolled my eyes and sighed. I don’t think I can find a way out of this one. He quickly made me an account and smiled.


“Alright, you need to put a picture on your profile so people will chat to you.” He said. I nodded and grabbed my laptop and clicked ‘take picture’ my camera turned on and I snapped a quick picture of myself and looked to Harry. The picture wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my best one. He glared at me and deleted the picture. I watched him click ‘choose existing’. He scrolled through all my pictures he eventually found one that he liked and clicked on it.


“Why are you making me do this? I don’t want to chat to strangers!” I whined, he just smiled and continued typing into the website.


“Okay I need a bio for you. How’s this sound.”


Hi! I’m Louis the Tommo Tomlinson! I’m a flamboyant homosexual who likes to have fun in the sun. I love to watch movies and cuddle, but my all-time favorite activity is having myself a nice, thick, juicy steak with all my friends. So hit me up if you’re looking for a good time!


My mouth dropped, he couldn’t have possibly typed that. That’s nothing like me.


“I would never say that!” I protested. No one on this site would talk to me if I put that as my bio. Actually, that might be a good thing. Then I don’t have to worry about people trying to talk to me all day.


“Fine how about this?”


Hi! I’m Louis Tomlinson, I’m from Doncastor but live in London now. I love to sing, act, and hang out with friends. I would love to get to know you better, so why don’t you chat me up?


I mean I guess that sounds better but I still don’t like this whole idea of being on some chat site. I just nod and cross my arms, maybe I’ll delete it once he leaves. Then like Harry could read my mind he spoke.


“You can’t delete it without my email password. So good luck.” He smirked passing me the laptop and getting up. He walked back to the front door.


“Bye Lou, I’ll be over tomorrow we need to go tux shopping!” he yelled before he pulled open the front door and walked out. I sighed, maybe I’ll just chat with one or two people. I could just mess with people on here too. That sounds fun.




Two hours pass and I haven’t really talked to anyone. I searched through hundreds of guys and even posted a note saying ‘I’m single and ready to mingle’ as a joke just to see who would chat me. But all I got were horny teenagers who wanted me to show them my dick. I sighed and scrolled through more names, I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I could be playing video games, or better, sleeping! I scrolled through all the notes seeing if there was any decent guys on here. I saw a few girls looking for gay best friends. I thought that was pretty funny, they didn’t seem to be getting anyone to answer their wishes though. I scrolled through a couple more pages and decided maybe it was time to just quit. I didn’t want this stupid site anyways. I sighed and was about to exit the page when a boy caught my eye. He had dark brown hair that was pushed up into a small quiff, he had brown puppy dog eyes that made you melt just thinking about them. He was really cute and for some odd reason I felt like I needed to check him out. I clicked on his page and scrolled through everything. He had notes that described his day, that’s odd why is he treating this like a blog? Oh well, I scrolled through more until I got to his bio. I stopped to read it.


Hello! I’m Liam Payne, I’m from Wolverhampton England. I love to sing, chat with friends. And I occasionally work at the animal shelter feeding the new puppies. Chat me up if you want to talk :).


He seemed, normal. Wow, that’s a first. I looked through his page a little more until I saw he had about 5 friends on here. That’s not too many, most people have hundreds. Either he doesn’t talk to many people on here, or he just made his account like I did. I decided it would be smart of me to at least talk with one guy, since he is the most normal and un hormonal I’ve seen I think I’ll choose this one. I clicked ‘Start new chat’ and began to type.


Hey, Liam. I’m Louis.


I hit send and waited. I hope that didn’t sound weird, I haven’t done this sort of thing. I don’t know how you’re supposed to start chats with people… I heard a ding and saw Liam had answered.


Hi Louis! What brings you onto this strange site?


He seems nice, maybe I was smart to start chatting him. I smiled to myself as I replied to his newest message.


My friend came over and made me an account, he wants me to meet new people. I think he’s slightly delusional. If I wanted to meet new people I would have gone out.


Oh, I see. Then why did you decide to chat me?


That caught me off guard. I dint think about it that way. I was the one to start the conversation first. That puzzled me.


You looked fun to talk to…


I typed my response in sheepishly and waited patiently to see if I freaked him out or not.


Thanks. You seem like a nice guy Louis Tomlinson. (Sorry I checked out you bio hope you don’t mind)


I ended up chatting with Liam for longer than I had expected. I missed lunch and that is very unusual for myself. I rarely ever miss a meal. I didn’t even know it was around 10 pm until I got a call from my best mate reminding me of our plans.


“Hello?” I say, my voice coming out hoarse and dry from the lack of water and speaking. I hear a deep chuckle on the other end.


“Hey Lou, its Harry. I was just calling to check on you and remind you of our plans for tomorrow. I will be over to pick you up at 12, so please be awake so I don’t have to wake you up again.” Harry said, I didn’t really catch everything since I was trying to type at the same time. It’s harder than you think typing and talking at the same time.


“Mmhm, okay. Yep. See you then.” I say quickly hanging up my phone not even waiting for a response from Harry.


It’s getting late and I need to go shopping with my friend tomorrow. Will you be on tomorrow or should I go out on a limb here and ask you for your number?


I was shocked at Liam, I didn’t think he would want to continue talking to me after today. I thought he would just say goodbye and we would both be on our ways. I smiled, I liked the thought of being able to have Liam text me rather than having to be home and on a computer to communicate.


Um, yeah sure. Here’s my number


I gave him my number and he didn’t respond for a few minutes. Then I felt my phone vibrate, and it was from an unknown number.


Hey ;) goodnight Lou –xx Liam


I quickly saved his number and shut off my computer, I fell asleep to the blissful thoughts of today’s conversation. Little did I know how close this strange boy from Wolverhampton would soon weasel his way into my heart and make a permanent residence there?




I woke up to pounding again. I groaned, what does this kid want?  I sighed and got up realizing what I had promised Harry. I cursed under my breath and grabbed some jeans off my floor crossing my fingers they were clean.


“Come on Louis I called you last night to remind you!” Harry yelled from the other side of my door. I jumped around squeezing into my jeans and grabbing a shirt hanging over a chair in my room. I ran to the bathroom and quickly threw water into my hair and sprayed on some axe. I rushed back out to the front room and tried my best to look awake.


“Sorry, I was showering. I’m almost ready I just need shoes.” I lie smoothly. Harry rolls his eyes, I think he knows but he is to kind to say anything. I walk quickly back into my room and grab some black TOMs to wear. Once I have shoes on I grab my phone and walk back out to where I left Harry. He was looking at some CD’s I had left out from my rave I throw on Sundays all by myself. (A/N I stole that from Jenna Marbles. If you don’t know who that is you need to look her up on YouTube before a horse mask eats your fruit.)


“Ready to go?” Harry asks looking up from the small stack of CD’s and placing them back on the fireplace mantle. I nod and pull out my phone seeing I have one unread text from Liam. I smile at my phone but suddenly feel eyes on me.


“Who are you texting?” Harry asks with a smug grin. I flush and shake my head pushing my phone back in my pocket. I really want to read it and see what it says but if I do then I’ll have Harry breathing down my neck the rest of the day. I’ll check it next time he’s not looking. Harry sighed but allowed the subject to be dropped. We walked out of my house and to his black range rover parked in my driveway. We both got in and Harry drove off to the mall.


“So have you talked to El? Do you know what the theme is?” Harry asked me. I just turned to him and gave him a look like ‘does it look like I know?’ he laughed and shook his head before popping in a CD and singing along to the fray.


We got to the mall pretty quickly and we both got out. Harry walked ahead of me giving me time to finally check the message that I had received from Liam. I found myself getting excited to read what he had to say. I don’t even know why either. I just met Liam, plus he lived hours away.


Good morning Louis, I have to shop :( save me?-xx Liam


I smiled at how adorable he was and quickly typed out my response before Harry noticed I was texting anyone.


Aww, I’m sorry LiLi. If it makes you feel any better I’m shopping today too. I have to find a tux for a wedding I am to attend too.


I hit send and scurried off to where Harry was walking into the only tux shop in this entire mall. I was shocked at all the different styles they had just hanging on the manikins, I couldn’t imagine what they had in the back of the store. Harry was scrounging through rack and racks filled with his favorite style of tux. I wandered over to the more casual looking ones. I found one that was black with a hint of blue on the cuffs. I think it looked nice. I grabbed it and walked to Harry who seemed to have found what he was looking for.


“Okay I’m ready to get fitted are you?” I ask. He nods and smiles at me before wandering off to the back of the store to get us both fitting rooms. I am slightly happy that the fittings will be separate so then I can text Liam instead of having to ignore the constant buzz going off in my pockets. Harry walks back with his suit still in hand.


“You’re room 17 I’m 18.” He says walking to where the fitting rooms are. I followed him and stopped at my room walking inside. A small slightly plump lady with a big set of wavy red curls was standing there with a large pin cushion on her wrist. She smiled at me and reached out for the suit.


“Hello sir, could you please stand up here?” The woman asked, I looked down at her name tag and noticed her name was April. I stood on the pedestal in the middle of the changing room and pulled out my phone. I saw I had 2 new texts. Both from Liam.


Can I see you in the tux? ;)-xx Liam


Oh my god that was too much wasn’t it? I’m so sorry, please don’t hate me!-x Liam


I found myself smiling and laughing at how flustered he got from me not responding, I even found myself torn between answering him, and letting him think I was creeped out just for a little bit longer. I decided not to take the latter and just answer him.


Sorry Liam, no that wasn’t too much. I just can’t answer right away right now, otherwise my friends going to be breathing down my neck about whose texting me. And I don’t want that.


I hit send and place my phone down so I can step into my suit. It is pretty big on me so April has to take it in a few sizes. She sticks pins pretty much everywhere and when she’s done I can’t wait to take it off. She hands me a receipt telling me to take off my suit and bring the paper to the front desk. I do so and find Harry sitting there waiting for me. He smiles at me and stands up and put both our suits on hold together. We don’t have to buy them quite yet, we still have a month or so until the wedding. Harry and I make our way back out into the mall.


“I’m hungry, let’s go get some lunch from the food court.” Harry suggests. I nod and follow him to the food court. The smell of fried and fatty foods hits my nose and makes me realize how hungry I actually am. We wander over to McDonalds and stand in line to order our food. (A/N if anyone doesn’t know what McDonalds is it’s a fast food burger place)


“So are you going to tell me who you’ve been texting?” Harry asks trying to seem nonchalant but failing miserably. I sigh and shake my head, why does he care so much?


“Why should I tell you?” I ask stepping forward a little as the line moved. Harry shrugged and started to read the menu, but I know he already knows what he wants. He gets the same thing every time we come here. A mcdouble no onions and a large sweet tea.


“Lou, I’m your best friend. I only want to make sure whoever this guy is, is right for you. So please?” He asks again putting on his puppy dog face and staring right into my eyes. I sigh, I hate when he does that face. I can never say no to it, and he knows that.


“Fine, his names Liam and I met him on that website you FORCED me to go on.” I said, saying the word force a little bit louder for emphasis. Harry started laughing, but his dimples were showing through so I know he was happy. I rolled my eyes and pushed him forward since it was his turn to order. We both ordered our lunch and went to sit at a table.


“So how long did you guys talk?” Harry asks before taking a large bite of his burger. I sipped at my sweet tea trying to think of a good way to say ‘we’ve been nonstop talking since yesterday’


“Uh, pretty much since you left my house yesterday…” I say quietly. Harry grins at me and sips his tea. At least he isn’t making fun of me, which I’m happy about.


“I can’t wait to meet this special lad of yours.” Harry smiles. I blush and look down at my fries. I hadn’t really thought about anyone meeting him. I didn’t even know he wanted to talk to me more until this morning when I saw he had texted me.


Then rest of the day was spent wandering the mall just talking about our plans for the wedding. El had told all of us we could bring a guest and Harry couldn’t decide who he wanted to bring. He has too many friends, and girls he likes. He keeps naming off guys he wants to bring and girls, I hate to admit it but I wasn’t really paying attention. He ended up saying he would choose later and he brought me back home. Liam and I had been texting all day back and forth, my phone was almost dead when I got home from texting so much. Harry dropped me off and didn’t want to come in, so I went inside and plugged my phone in. I texted Liam the rest of the night.


That’s how the next month goes, I stay home like I usually do. But instead of sleeping until noon and playing video games I texted Liam and cleaned around the house. I don’t even know why I did that, I think when Liam had told me how clean he was it just made me realize how much of a slob I really am.


 Liam and I have been texting and calling each other for over a month, I remember the first time we talked on the phone it was really awkward.


-Flash back-


I think we should talk on the phone-xx Liam


I froze, was he serious? He wanted to talk to me on the phone, not just texting? I felt myself growing self-conscious of myself. I usually am so confident, I’m not used to feeling like this. I gulp, I don’t want to tell him no though.


Um, are you sure?-xx Lou


Yes, I want to know what you sound like, put a voice to the amazing person I’ve been texting all these weeks.-xx Liam


I bit my lip, questions whirl around in my mind.


What if he doesn’t like my voice?


What if he thinks I sound stupid?


What if I say something stupid?


These questions and more whirl around in my head making me feel dizzy. I need to answer him or he is going to start to freak out. If I don’t answer him within five minutes he gets nervous and worried about me. It’s kind of sweet, but can get annoying when I actually need to do something that takes longer than five minutes.


Okay, but don’t laugh at my voice…-xx Lou


I hit send and in a matter of minutes my phone was vibrating telling me I had an incoming call from Liam. I didn’t want it to seem like I was anxious to speak with him so I let it ring three times before picking it up. I gulped and pressed the answer button. I slowly brought the phone up to my cheek and spoke.


“Hello?” I said, I silently thanked god my voice didn’t crack or squeak. That would have been terrible. I think I would have died of embarrassment had that happened to me.


“Hi, Lou.” Liam’s creamy, seductive voice spoke through the phone. I found myself at a loss of words. I have to admit I have wondered what s voice sounded like, and his voice is much, much better than I had ever imagined. I heard myself make a squeak noise and then I went red. Did I seriously just make that noise? God dammit Louis pull yourself together! I heard a deep chuckle come from the other end.


“Uh, hi! Sorry I… um… I had a moment.” I blush, thank god he can’t see me that would be very embarrassing. He would have seen my ‘moment’


“That’s cute, I love your voice Lou.” He pretty much purrs into the phone. How can someone’s voice be perfect? I never even thought of people and their voices. It’s always how they look, but Liam has a perfect voice.


“Uh, thanks. Your voice is exactly how I imagined. WAIT! No, I didn’t say that. Shit! That sounded creepy. Fuck, shit.” I cursed. Liam was laughing his head off.


“Lou… Louis! It’s fine! I thought that’s sweet.” Liam soothed. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. God, Louis stop making such a fool of yourself over the phone. I bet he thinks I’m a total idiot and is going to stop talking to me. I sighed and tried to continue the conversation. We ended up talking almost all night. He had to end the call when he noticed it was past midnight and he had work the next morning. I felt a little bad since I made him stay up so late and talk with me.


-End of Flash back-


Since that very awkward phone call Liam calls me each night to say goodnight and to tell me of his events of the day, even though we text nonstop all day. It still amazes me how his voice makes me feel weak at the knees. Tonight was a little different though. We have been talking, and well… flirting. Flirting a lot actually, I find it fun and can imagine the color of Liam’s cheeks when he reads my flirtatious texts. I didn’t think much about the flirting until I realized how much I loved when he was cheeky and flirted back to me. It made me feel special, like I was something he spent time to flirt with, and it made me feel tingly all over, a feeling I haven’t had in a long time. I didn’t know I could feel like this since El, like I said before we were in love but we just didn’t work out. We are better friends. When one day Liam didn’t text me I was so sad.


-Flash back-


I had woken up early for some weird reason. It was about 9 and that’s way early for me to wake up on my own without someone pounding on my door. That job is usually Harry’s. I yawned and reached for my phone on its charger and turned it on. I noticed I had no texts. I thought that was weird. Liam talked to me last night and never said anything about him being busy today. I shrugged it off and assumed he had to work harder than usual and couldn’t text like he normally did throughout the day. I wandered into the kitchen and made myself some eggs on toast before plopping down on the couch to watch some TV.


Hours dragged on and still no texts from Liam. I didn’t want to worry, but I haven’t had to go this long without talking to him so it made me a little on edge to know what is wrong. I did busy work to keep my thoughts away from the scenarios it wanted to create. I had to think positive, he was probably out with friends and just didn’t want the distraction of his phone.


“Or he has a boyfriend…” my subconscious thought. I growled, why would I even think that? He wouldn’t play me like that. Liam isn’t like that. I decided to call El and see if she needed any last minute things for the wedding. It was in two weeks and I needed to get my tux tomorrow evening. I scrolled through my phone until I came to Eleanor. I clicked call and put the phone up to my ear. The phone rang 5 times and I was about to hang up and think she was busy with some wedding issues when she finally picked up the phone.


“Hello?” She said, she sounded slightly out of breath like she had been running. That’s odd.


“Hey El, its Louis. I was just calling to see if you needed any last minute help for the wedding!” I asked politely. I heard whispering and rustling on the other end of the call.


“Um, no. Thank you though! I got my dress last night so I’m just having some of the other girls help me pick out the last accessories nothing you would be interested in boo.” She said. I could tell she was smiling. I laughed, she knows me so well.


“Alright. Well have fun! I’ll see you in two weeks then.” I said. We both said our goodbyes before hanging up. I sat back down on the couch and then I realized I still have nothing to do. My mind instantly went to why Liam hasn’t called me or texted me. I tried to push back all the bad thoughts but it was starting to get to me. My phone vibrated and I nearly jumped. I didn’t even check the caller I.D.


“Hello? Liam?” I spoke into the phone.


“Uh, Lou I think you should check your caller I.D. before asking someone who it is.” Harry laughed. I groaned, wow make a fool out of yourself Louis. I sighed and waited for Harry to stop laughing uncontrollably.


“Yeah, yeah laugh all you want.” I sighed into the receiver, Harry finally caught his breath and stopped laughing enough to speak.


“OK, I called to tell you I’m picking up the suits tonight because the store called and said they were going to be closed the next 2 weeks. Perfect timing right?” Harry laughed sarcastically. I laughed with him.


“Yeah! Okay, so do you want me to come or no?” I asked, id dint want him to think that I really wanted to go, but I did. I wanted to go so I didn’t have think about how Liam isn’t talking to me at all today.


“Nah, I’ll come over after I get the suits though. So I should be over in an hour or less.” He speaks. I can hear a car start in the background so I know he is just leaving.


“Okay, see you then.” I say before hanging up. Well I only need to kill an hour before Harry gets here. Maybe I’ll send Liam another text and see if he was just busy. I have been texting him all day randomly. The first were simple ‘heys’ and the others were ‘what are you up to’ that kind of thing. Now I was beyond worried, and I didn’t want to come off as desperate so I kept up with the ‘hey’ and ‘how are you texts’.


Still no response after 45 minutes. I was trying to pay attention to the TV and not think about Liam. Lucky for me there was a knock at the door. I jumped up and ran to the door yanking it open and smiling up at Harry who was carrying to giant dress bags, btu they didn’t hold dresses of course.


“Someone’s happy to see me.” Harry joked. I rolled my eyes and reached out to help him carry the suits in. I unzipped mine and smiled. It looked perfect, just how it looked the last time I saw it except now it would actually fit me.


“Keep it somewhere where you won’t lose it please.” Harry smirked. I sighed and gave him the middle finger before walking into my room and putting it in my closed. I walked back out to Harry who was looking around my house with his jaw dropped.


“What?” I asked sitting in the recliner chair. Harry jumped not knowing I was in the room now. He turned to me with a shocked look.


“You cleaned?!” He have shouted at me. I burst out laughing, that’s what he is so shocked about? Wow!


“Yea. I got bored.” I say nonchalantly. Glancing at my phone, trying to make it unobvious I wanted it so desperately to vibrate and say it was from Liam.


“Oh by the way your phone vibrated while you were in the other room. I think I was from Liam.” Harry said, answering my prayers. I jumped up so quickly I nearly had whiplash. Harry was laughing as I grabbed my phone. I almost thought he was just lying to me to see me squirm but when I clicked my phone I actually did have a text from Liam.


Hey Lou! I’m so sorry I haven’t talked to you all day. My best mate Trevor is getting married in a few weeks and I had to travel to London to go and help him. I’m his best man. So my other mate Niall and I are here in London now. Sorry again! –xxx Liam


I smiled at his text. He answered!


-End of flashback-


So here I am three days later trying to convince both El and Harry that I didn’t need a date to the wedding. Harry was going alone, he couldn’t decide, so why couldn’t I? I sighed and glared at the both of them. Harry had brought El over and she wasn’t too happy to hear I didn’t have a date for her wedding.


“But I don’t want to bring anyone!” I argued. Harry was looking at me funny, I don’t know what he is thinking but I don’t like the look he is giving me. El crossed her arms over her chest and gave me a hard glare.


“Fine, you don’t have to. But don’t come crying to me when you don’t have anyone to dance with.” She said sternly. I just nodded not wanting to fight with her anymore. Both her and Harry left. I was finally alone. I pulled out my phone and like usual. I had a text from Liam.


I had fun last night, we should totally hangout again-xo Liam


Oh, did I forget to tell you? Liam and I hung out last night. Liam is in London to go to a wedding in a few weeks so I asked him over. He came over and we made cookies. He is really good at cooking too. He and I just hung out it was fun. It was really awkward first meeting him but you know, we got past it.


-Flash Back-


I had woken up late as usual, I wasn’t planning on doing much today. El told me she wouldn’t need me for the wedding until tomorrow or the next day. So I planned on playing fifa all day and snacking on fatty junk food. What? I haven’t done that in a long time, a guy’s got to live a little right?


I sat on the couch with a giant bowl filled with sweet popcorn and a 2 liter of dr. pepper sat next to it. I grabbed my controller and started kicking ass at fifa. I had only been playing for about 15 minutes when I heard my phone ding. I reached over the popcorn and snatched up my phone. It was a text from Liam. My heart fluttered a little when I read the name on my phone. I opened the text and my heart stopped.


Since I’m staying in London lets meet up?-xx Liam


Does he seriously want to meet up? He can’t be serious. Why would he want to meet up with me, I’m just some guy he met over the internet. I gulped and started typing my response to him.


Are you sure? I wasn’t really expecting company so the house is a mess…-xx Lou


I hit send and jumped up. I need to clean the house and fast before he gets here. I ran around my house like someone had chopped my head off. I heard my phone Ding again so I ran to it and opened up the new text from Liam.


Yes, I want to meet you Lou. What’s your address? I’ll be over soon-xx Liam


I felt panic set in. I texted him my address and continued running around. I decided I didn’t have time to take a much needed shower so I settled on changing out of my pajamas and into some blue skinny jeans and a plain brown V-neck top. I grabbed some cologne off the dresser and sprayed some lightly over me. I grabbed deodorant and used some, I don’t want to smell. That would be a terrible first impression. Once I thought I smelled nice enough I walked back out to the living room. I gasped when I noticed all the spilled popcorn on the floor.


“Shit!” I cursed I grabbed a broom and a dust pan and quickly scooped it all up and threw it into the trash can. I sighed and fell onto the couch. I don’t think I’ve done that much exercise in a long time. I tried to catch my breath for a second. Liam never texted back so I’m assuming he’s on his way. I don’t know where he is staying so I have no idea how long it will take him to get here. As soon as that thought left my mind there was a light knock at the door. My heart started to thud in my chest. I got up slowly and smoothed out my shirt even though there weren’t any wrinkles on it. I took a deep breath and made my way to the door. I slowly opened the door and my jaw nearly dropped. Sure I have seen pictures of Liam, but seeing him in person is so different, and in a good way.


Liam was like a Greek god, he had perfect brown hair that was styled in a short quiff on the top of his head. He also had round puppy dog brown eyes that made you go weak at the knees every time be bat his long eyelashes at you. He was wearing a simple blue t-shirt that clung to his body and left little to the imagination. He combined that with dark denim blue jeans. He looked like pure and utter sex.


“Hey Lou” Liam’s creamy and seductive voice pulled me out of my gawking at his Greek god like body. I shook my head trying to clear it. I smiled at him and opened the door further


“Uh, hey!” I said trying to come off as cool, but I think I sounded like an idiot. He smiled and walked into my house. I watched as he looked around at everything. I hate to admit it, but I was worried he wouldn’t like my house. I know how stupid that sounds but its true, I wanted him to like everything about me. Including my house.


“Uh, so make yourself at home. Like I said over text I wasn’t expecting company so I’m sorry about the mess.” I say sitting down on the couch and watching Liam stand looking through my CD’s. I blushed when he picked up my favorite CD, the fray.


“You have a good taste in music.” Liam smiled. He placed the CD’s back and came to sit by me on the couch.


“Thanks. So what do you want to do?” I asked, I don’t really know what to say or do. This is really an awkward way to meet someone. Liam scrunched his face up adorably, is that is thinking face? How cute!


“Let’s bake cookies!” Liam cheered. I laughed and nodded, I don’t know if I have everything to make cookies. But I can’t seem to bring myself to say no to Liam. His face is just so innocent and sweet. We both got up and wandered into my kitchen. I took out some bowls and ingredients. Luckily I had all the right ones for chocolate chip cookies. Liam started mixing things so I went and turned on some music. My favorite song by the Fray started to play ‘Never Say Never’ it’s kind of a slow song so I didn’t know if Liam would like it. I glanced over and Liam was bobbing his head and the he started singing.


“You can never say never, while we don’t when. But time, time again. Younger now than we were before.” He sang I smiled and started singing with him.


“Don’t let me go. Don’t let me go. Don’t let me go. Don’t let me go.” I sang, Liam turned to me and smiled.


“You have a really good voice Louis.” He complimented. I blushed and looked down at my shoes. He reached out and took my chin between his thumb and pointer finger, forcing me to look up into his eyes.


“Don’t be embarrassed. I really like that.” He smirked. Butterflies erupted all over my stomach. Does this boy know what he does to me? He must, or else he wouldn’t do that. I smiled and tried to focus everything back to the cookies. I got an idea, I reached for the cookie batter and stuck my finger into it. I quickly brought my finger up to Liam’s nose and swiped it across it. His eyes widened and he looked at me in shock. I smiled and went back to stirring the batter as if nothing had happened.


“Oh it’s on Tomlinson.” Liam laughed. We spent the next 20 minutes putting the batter on each other, anywhere we could find. That’s how the day went, Liam and I hung out and talked. We both had a lot of fun. Once it was 9 Liam said he had to go I didn’t want him to leave. But I reluctantly said goodnight and he promised we would see each other at least once more before he had to head back to Wolverhampton.


-End of Flash Back-


The next few days went by in a blur, I had El on my ass all week about picking up the cake and other things the day of the wedding. I don’t get why she is so uptight right now but I think it’s just stress.


The day of the wedding got here quicker than I would have liked. I mean I love El to death but I just wasn’t feeling up to a wedding today. But I promised her I would go so that’s what I’m going to do. I rolled out of bed and sent Liam a quick good morning text. Then I wandered into the bathroom. I took a quick shower, making sure I smelled nice for the wedding. I had a good 3 hours before I needed to get to the church. I slept until 11 and the reception didn’t start until 4. But my lovely best friend Eleanor wanted me to be there early. When I had successfully dressed in my tux and even tied my own tie. I walked out to the living room to find it was already 1. I decided to see what Liam was up too.


What are you up to Liam?-xx Lou


Nothing much getting dressed. I really wish we could hang out again soon-xx Liam


I smiled at his sweet text. I want to hang out again with him too. I just couldn’t today, I had to be there for El. I could invite him to come with me but I thought that wouldn’t work out well. I don’t want to make things awkward between us. I don’t even know if he likes me in that way.


Me too, I have to head out now so I’ll text you later-xx Lou


I hit send and grabbed the small wedding gift I had bought El and her soon-to-be husband. I then walked outside to where I knew Harry was just about to pull into my drive. He pulled in just as I walked out the door. I smirked at his shocked expression on his face. I walked over to Harry’s range rover and climbed in.


“Wow, I thought I was going to have to wake you up as usual.” Harry chuckled. I rolled my eyes and placed the gift on my lap as I buckled up. We pulled out of my driveway and Harry started off to the church,


“Stop staring Harry I can see you.” I smirked. Harry cleared his throat but continued driving. I could see he was taking small sideways glances at me. I know I look amazing in my tux but come on Harry we are just friends.


“Um, we’re here.” Harry said after a few minutes of silence. I looked around at the small church. It looked like the perfect place to get married. Both Harry and I wandered into the church, there were girls and boys standing around chatting. I smiled at a few people I recognized like Zayn. He was a good friend of both Harry and I but we didn’t talk very often. Harry wandered over to Zayn and I was about to do the same when a girl with bleached blonde hair and perfect make up walked up to me. I recognized her immediately as Zayn’s girlfriend, Perrie.


“El wants you in her room now.” She said calmly, giving me a small smile before tugging me along with her. I followed her up the stairs of the church and to a small room. There were three girls, I only recognized El and Perrie, the other girl I had no idea who she was.


“Louis! Oh my god I’m so happy you’re here!” El gushed. I smiled and walked to her she was standing on a small pedestal as the girls helped put all the finishing touches on her large ball gown wedding dress. She looked beautiful as always.


“Yea I thought I should show up eventually.” I joked. El laughed and rolled her eyes. I watched the girls go back to work on her makeup and hair. Once she was all dressed and ready they sent me down to tell the orchestra and have everyone take their seats. The ever famous wedding march began and everyone stood up and all eyes were on the double doors I knew El would be coming out of. I looked at the priest and a tall man with short black hair and brown eyes was standing there with a smile. That’s what her fiancé looks like? I probably should have met him first, but I’ve been busy. El walked down to the head of the church with grace. The wedding was beautiful El and Trevor were married and they both said their vows. It was amazing people were crying tears of joy. After the wedding everyone got in their cars and drove to the after party.


“Wow I think there are more people at the party then were at the wedding” Harry laughed walking inside and to the bar. I followed him and we both ordered drinks. I turned around and scanned the people who were dancing.


“Hey isn’t that Liam?” Harry asked. I froze. What? I followed his gaze and noticed him and a short blonde boy laughing with Trevor and El. My mouth dropped. I hadn’t even connected two and two together. I knew Liam was going to a wedding but I didn’t even know it was this one. I probably would have known if I had known the name of El’s husband. Wow good going Louis. Harry pushed my shoulder forward and gave me a ‘go to him’ look. I sighed and nodded I fixed my hair a little before walked forward. I grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him along with me. Once I got to Liam I tapped his shoulder lightly. He spun around and his face was a mixture of shock and happiness when he saw me.


“Lou!?” He shouted over the music. I smiled and nodded.


“Oh my god this is the wedding you were going to!?” He asked again smiling and pulling me into a hug. Would I be weird if I told you I sniffed him slightly? Well to bad I did.


“Yeah I didn’t know this was the wedding you were going to!” I said with a chuckle he nodded and looked at Harry.


“Oh this is Harry my best mate.” I introduced them. The shook hands and exchanged hellos. I looked at the blonde who was eyeing Harry up and down. I smirked, looks like someone has a crush.


“This is Niall, my best mate.” Liam smiles gesturing to Niall. Both Harry and I shook his hand. I could see Harry smiling and blushing looking at Niall. I so have to hook them up. I think Liam was thinking the same thing.


“Let’s go dance!” Liam suggested grabbing my hand. I watched as Harry hesitantly took Niall’s. We all started dancing to the fast and upbeat music.  We had danced for about 3 songs when the Dj turned the music down to make an announcement.


“Alright ladies and gentlemen it’s time for the father daughter dance!” The Dj announced. El and her father walked out to the center of the dance floor and started dancing. Soon everyone joined in. Liam and I were dancing to the slow song, if I said it wasn’t slightly awkward I would be lying. Liam started looking at me funny. I smiled and tried to make this as un-weird as possible. I didn’t want him to think anything weird. But before I knew it Liam was inching forward and his lips were on mine. I was a little shocked at his actions but I didn’t hesitate to kiss back. I thought I was going to taste the sour taste of alcohol oh his lips but I soon found out he didn’t have that taste. I don’t think he has drunk any alcohol all night. He pulled back and eyed be carefully.


“Lou I know we haven’t really met the usual way. And I know this is soon but I feel like I know you better then I know myself. So Louis will you be my boyfriend?” Liam asked still looking into my eyes. I was shocked at his question. It was like he knew I liked him back.


“Yes!” I smiled and pulled him back down for another kiss. He smiled against my lips.


“Aww look Niall, two love birds!” Harry laughed from beside us. I pulled back and looked at Harry who had his arm wrapped protectively around Niall’s waste. I smirked and gave Harry a death glare.


“Look who’s talking Styles.” I smirked. Harry paled but walked away slowly. Liam and I both started laughing before the music was cut off. We all turned to see El standing beside the Dj with a large bouquet of flowers. She held a microphone in the other hand.


“Alright since we didn’t get to do this at the church, since all of you were so excited to get to the after party. I think now is a good time to do this!” El laughed. She handed the microphone back to the Dj and turned around. She threw the bouquet behind her and it flew through the air. I reached out and it fell right into my hands like it was meant to be. I blushed and everyone was smiling at me. El laughed and eyed Liam beside me. I bit my lip and looked up to him. He leaned down and pecked my lips softly before everyone went back to dancing. Before we knew it the party was over. Liam ended up going home with me and Niall went home with Harry. Oh and before you get any ideas, no we didn’t do it Liam has more class than that. We just sat up talking the rest of the night. One single question loomed in the back of my mind though.


“How are we going to make this work? You live so far away I’ll hardly get to see you.” I said sadly looking at my hand. Liam chuckled softly entwining our fingers.


“I was wondering when you were going to ask that. Trevor works at this big company and he got me a job there. They are paying for me to move out here and get a flat. I’m moving to London!” Liam cheered. I smiled so large I thought my face was going to snap in half.


“No way!” I pulled Liam into a tight hug and kissed his cheek. I was so happy.


Liam and I have been dating for about 8 months now. Liam lives down the street from my flat so we see each other every day. To say I wasn’t the happiest person alive would be a lie. I love Liam to death and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I hate to admit it to myself but without Harry I would have never met Liam and I would never have been this happy. Somehow Liam talked me into a secretary job at his office. I am now his secretary and it is actually a pretty cool job. I get paid well too, Liam has asked me to move into his flat. It took me a while to decide if I was ready for it but in the end I told him yes. Harry and Niall are still strong, they have a long distance relationship though so it’s hard. But Niall comes down every few weeks to see each other. I am happy for Harry he seems so in love. So yea, my life is now blissful. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Maybe one day Liam and I can share what El and Trevor did all those month ago when Liam asked me to be his boyfriend. But until then, I’m happy with Liam and I’s relationship. It’s just perfect. Even if it did start with just a click of the mouse.


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