Maddie Wright has lived her whole life in a childrens home. She never got adopted as her mum told the people it was a temporary fixture and she would come pick her back up in a few years. She never did but the home had signed a contract with Maddies mum making sure that as long as her mum was alive Maddie couldn't be adopted. When Maddie was 10 they find out her mum had died. By then it was too late. Everyone wanted to adopt a baby. 2 weeks before her 14th birthday someone comes to the home and decides to adopt Maddie. That person is Louis Tomlinson. After his recent breakup with long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder Louis decides he feels lonely and wants a kid. For her 14th birthday Maddie asks if Louis can find out who her real dad is. He's upset about this and agrees. He finds out her dad and Maddies life will never be the same again!


2. so....

Maddies P.O.V


"So......" He said breaking the awkwardness in the car "It's your birthday in 2 weeks"

"Yup" I replied. I was really excited. My first proper birthday not in the kids home.

"Anything you particularly want?" He asked and I nodded

"It might sound stupid, but can you help me find my dad. My mum died 3 years ago and I know my dad's still alive. Can you find out?" I asked and he nodded.

"Tell ya what. A mate of mine, you might have heard of, Niall Horan has the day off today. He has twins your age, Keela and James. How bout I drop you off there and go find out. Then on your birthday, along with your other presents I will give you the results" He suggested and I couldn't hide my smile

"OH MY GOD YES! Thank you so much Louis!" She cried and I laughed.

"No problem." I said. Gosh! If I have to find her real dad then what if she wants to be with him more than she does me. Oh well. I guess I have to! I hope she like Niall's kids. But like not too much! Wouldn't want her to fall in love yet right?

"Louis? Or dad? What do I need to call you?" She asked curiously. Of course I wanted her to call me dad, but is it too soon?

"Whatever you want" I replied, trying to make it sound like I didn't care too much

"Maybe Louis for now, then when I find my real dad, if he's a doosh then you'll be my dad" She replied happily. There was only one thing right now that could make me extremely happy. If Maddies dad was a doosh, that could work out extremely well for me.

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