A Diary from Egypt

This is a journal of an Egyptian teenage girl recounting the ongoing violence in her country, the drama behind all the news on TV, and what it really feels to live your adolescence in the spark of revolution, striving for true democracy.


2. Thursday 15/8/2013 - Infamy

When you find yourself starting the day at 3 pm,  be cautioned that you might be suffering from severe boredom. When a nation's worth of citizens, most notably kids, suffer from this symptom, expect to find wonders. Since nothing's been happening out of the ordinary, only more murder and more vandalism, I thought I'd start out today's entry with an account of these wonders. 
Egyptians have long been known to be an inventive people limited by lack of resources, and this global truth has been manifested in the current ordeal.   On platforms as Facebook and WhatsApp, kids have improvised  everything from Bingo to Truth or Dare, without the aid of any gaming system, and only with the handy tools of chatting and webcams. My little sister is in Girl Scouts and they're having daily meetings on Skype, with contests and prizes and all. She gets so excited. Pondering on that, I can't help comparing ourselves to kids who were also trapped in their homes back in the First World War or so, and think,"Wow, humanity went this far since then. We actually have progressed." Maybe after this uprise is all over, I'll go back to grumbling on about how humanity's wreaking the ozone layer and endangering the whale, but right now, all I can think of is thanking Thomas Edison for electricity and Tim Berners-Lee for the Internet. I'll quit babbling right now because there are news. We've just become infamous.
France, Britain and Australia called for a private UN Security Council meeting , and they've gone out of their way in telling the military that it's naughty. Don't get me wrong, I respect the UN's efforts and all, but that's all they can do, isn't it? In the meanwhile, Obama gave a speech from his holiday house, condemning the military's violence, and scarcely mentioning the twenty burnt down churches. He was completely biased through it all, he's just guaranteed a nation's worth of haters, minus the MB. I can't stand the fact that he's still supporting them in public, and for what cause? Conditions in the Arab world and Israel are getting worse and worse, and it's partially thanks to him. Oh well, the MB is planning a "Day of Rage" tomorrow. I'll sure be telling you how that goes. Bye!

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