My Big Brother

Stephanie Scott horan, is 14 years old. She is nialls step sister, although they are step brother and sister they care for each other so much.Her best friend is Olivia holt!! What happens when there mom says to Niall to take stephanie to their tour?? Would he say yes or no?? Will one boy fall in love with her?? What if the boy asks her out and she says no and he rapes her??
Find out what happens in MY BIG BROTHER!!!


2. Chapter 2:

Stephanie POV:

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I quickly get up, trying to not wake up bee. But it was no use she woke up. Niall knocks on the door and says hurry our parents are down stairs with the twins. " ok ", I told him. I went to take a quick shower, and bee at quick shower too with me. I get out with a towel around me and another in my hair. Then I open my door, to scram to Niall I'm almost ready. " ok " he said. The for a bit a knock was on the door. He said close youre door before you undress my mates are here and I don't want them to see you naked. " yeah yeah yeah over protective brother over here. I took out my clothes for me to get dressed in. These are the clothes.

After that I picked out some clothes for bee. These are bee's clothes...

I chose a bee costume because my yorkie name is bee.  (A/N yeah I changed it. The dogs is going to be a yorkie now!!!) I did my hair, and did bees hair into a ponytail. After that I checked the clock it was 2:57, almost time to go. I go downstairs and get bees food and water to her. Then I poured some cearel into a bowl. It took me long enough that Niall was looking straight at me. I just shrugged until I noticed, the boys sitting there and talking. I get off my chair and wash the dishes. I get bees food bowl and put it bees suitcase also With the water bowl. Then I walk up to the living room and say hi. They say hi back. I look at all of them but one catched my eye, zayn malik. He was biting his lower lip and looking up and down on me. I kinda liked him, but he is way too older than me. Than Niall says ready. " yeah I'm ready " I told him. He stood up and grabbed my bags and bees bag. That's when bee comes running down from the stairs and the boys said aww what a cute yorkie. I said yeah she is mine. Oh ok they said at the same time. We went outside and sat at the limousine and drives away. I was sitting in between zayn and Harry. Zayn was just staring at me. There was an awkward silence, in the limousine until Harry said so stefanie how old are you. " 15 about to be 16 next month" I told him. We got off the limousine when we got to the airport, the limo driver helped us bet our suitcase. Niall told me to grab zayn's hand because some people don't know I'm his little sister. Zayn handed me his hand for me to take. So I had to take it!! I then told him, I forgot my puppy she is in her puppy bag that you keep dogs in. He said hurry the limo driver is about to leave. I went up to the limousine and told the limo driver. " yeah sure " the limo driver said to me. I opened the door and got out bee. I whispered I'm sorry I forgot you. She just wagged her tail in happiness that I went back for her. I went up to my suitcases that were with zayn. I grabbed my suitcases. I pretend that I forgot to hold zayn's hand. We went straight in and Niall says hold zayn's hand. I did what I was told it was kinda hard because I have suitcases in each hand, and also bee. "Want me to help you" zayn said . " no I'm fine, thank you" I told zayn. I took his hand and we went in. Screaming fans were in there. I asked zayn a question. " so a tons of screaming fans, come all the way to the airport. To see you guys. Yeah pretty much zayn told me. Then we arrived with security guards. They took us to our plane. Some not all. Just like a little of fans had tickets to board this airplane so they went on it. We all sat in our private section, I got comftarable in my seat and took out my apple laptop and went on Facebook.

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