MatiIsNotOnFire & AmazingAeryn (Dan & Phil FanFic)

When Mati and Aeryn move into a new flat, they least expect to be next door to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It all kicks off when the girls start playing My Chemical Romance at full volume, drawing the guy's attention. Dan wants to join the party, but Phil isn't so pleased - until he sees Aeryn. The guys are shocked at first, when the girls don't recognise them from YouTube, but then they see it as a way to make genuine friends (or more?;). That is, until Aeryn figures it out, but promises to keep their fame a secret from Mati.
Mati and Dan end up being in the same law class, whereas Phil likes to stalk Aeryn to her job, at the bakery. Mati still doesn't know the boys are famous, even when they participate in some videos, thinking it's 'just a vlog'. But what will happen if she ever finds out they're famous?

Aeryn's P.O.V written by Teri (Terrance)
Mati's P.O.V written by Molly (Molsy)


22. The Bitch Did What?!

Mati's P.O.V

I kind of felt bad for leaving Aeryn, out of the three of them, she didn't anything that bad. But Dan I am seriously pissed at, he's my boyfriend and in a relationship secrets shouldn't exist. Unless he was going to be a puppy or something, I don't know. 

I've been living with Ciaran for about a month, it's not been that bad. The sex is pretty could as well, not going to lie, Ciaran is good in bed. But in the 'after sex' phase, I feel really guilty. I never properly ended it with Dan, so I am kind of cheating on him. It just doesn't feel right. Ciaran has been really sweet to me, trying to make me forget about everything. But I just think he wants me to forget Dan, so I'll date him or something. I could be completely wrong, and if so, I'm just using Ciaran and that makes me feel worse. 

It's a late Friday afternoon, Ciaran has gone shopping and I have nothing better to do than sit on Tumblr all day. But I have to do something, so I text Zoe. 

To Zoe:
From Mati:

Hey Zoe, do you wanna go Bizuo later?

Bizuo is a night club by Ciaran's flat, I went there with Aeryn the first week we came to London. It's kind out shitty and the bouncers and terrifying, but it's a great place to get wasted. Zoe isn't much of a drinker, but she'll quite happily watch me embarrass myself in front of potential penis.
She replies about five minutes late.

To Mati:
From Zoe:

Sure, I'll be at yours around 7 o'clock?

I reply just after reading it:

To Zoe:
From Mati:

Okay, that's fine. 

I look at the clock, it's around five thirty, I've got about an hour and a half to get changed and everything. And since Ciaran isn't home, when being naked, he won't want to have sex. After calling a cabbie to pick Zoe and I up, I head into the bathroom having a quick shower. Rubbing the coconut shampoo into my hair, it releases my body of any stress/tension. After rising it our, I rub in the same scented conditioner, letting it fall out of my hair and slip down the drain. 

Jumping out of the shower and drying myself off, I look at the time again. Six o'clock, an hour. I can get ready in an hour, I think. I rush into my room, well technically it's Ciaran's, but we share a bed. Laying my choosen outfit out on the bed, I start blowdrying my hair. After that's done, I don't bother straightening it like I normally would, I want it to be curly tonight. Though I do straighten my fringe, because I'd look ridiculous if it wasn't. 

After applying my basic foundation, I put on a thick amount of eyeliner and mascara. Then just a nude lipstick Aeryn had given me a while back, still my favorite colour to wear. Since deciding my face looks okay, I get up and get dressed. The dress I've chosen to wear is one my mum and dad bought for my 18th, the bottom half id completely black, but a loose fabric and layered. Then the top half has a black background with small daisies covering the whole surface, and honestly, my bobs look great in this dress. And considering I hate wearing heel, I'm just going to wear a pair of black converse. 

Once I'm finished with everything, the doorbell rings. I know i's Zoe, since Ciaran wouldn't need to knock. And Dan and Phil doesn't know where Ciaran lives. I walk to the front door, opening it and seeing Zoe's cheerful grin. She's wearing an above the knee creme, off the shoulder, dress. Simple but she looks beautiful, her make-up matching the colour of the dress. Her heels just a peach colour, but those fuckers are really high, I'd break my neck.

"You look great," I complement her. 

"As do you, Mati. Is the taxi here yet?" She asks. 

I run over to the window overlooking the street outside, a car horn goes as I look outside. "Yup," I tell her. We both leave, I've written a note for Ciaran so he knows where to find me. After looking the door, we head down the stairs and jump into the cab. Zoe tells the cabbie where to take us, he's an older guy, I'd say around 40-45. Most of his hair gone, an a German accent, I think at least. 

We're dropped outside Bizuo and I offer to pay for the cab, when Zoe suggests we split the charge. It was only £10, so £5 isn't bad. I bought £30 with me, just enough to get wasted off my ass. We walk inside, the classic club scene really; well dressed girls and overly dressed guys, grinding and ass grabbing, music way too loud and bouncers looking way too scary for what they're being paid. The smell of fresh gin fills my nostrils, inviting me over to the bar lite up in ultra violet lights. 

"2 shots please," I say, placing a £10 note on the counter. The, very attractive, man behind the bar nods. 

"I don't want one, Mati," Zoe tells me. 

Biting my bottom lip, I say, "actually they are both for me."

She just laughs, then goes off to dance leaving me to get drunk. Great friend really. 


An hour has pasted, Zoe is still jamming out. The song playing is vague to me, but over the screaming and moaning of the people dry-humping beside me, I can tell it's a Green Day song. Oh Love to be exact. I'm completely hammered, not going to lie, I was smashed after my 6th shot. Zoe hasn't drank a thing, but she looks pretty smashed from where I'm sitting. 

All of a sudden, a guy, I reckon about twenty-five, has just grabbed my ass. I jump in surprise, he's clearly new to the whole flirting thing. He then squints his eyes, trying to look seductive, A+ for effort sweetheart. 

"Hey there gorgeous," he says. I recognise the southern accent, my guess is he's from Bristol of somewhere near there. 

"Hi," I reply, trying to sound as annoyed as I am.

He doesn't pick up on the hint I want him to fuck off, and keeps talking, "did you fall from heaven, because you're an angel."

Class A pick up line, "yeah I did actually," I tell him. "did you as well baby? You seemed to have hit your face on the way down." 

"Ouch, I love a feisty girl," he states.

I roll my eyes, "cool, I also love guys who know when I want them to piss off."

He kisses his teeth, "damn baby, you're all kinds of sexy."

"Yes, I know. And you're all kinds of a dickhead. Will you fuck off already?"

This complete stranger then decides to pull me from the stool I am sitting on, ramming his lips onto mine. Forcefully, I try and push him away from me, but he's much stronger than I am. The disgusting taste of nicotine and alcohol made it's way onto my taste buds, as gross as that sounds, it's 10x worse. He finally stops and I wipe the taste and slobber from my lips, wanting to puke. Not just from the alcohol. 

"You asshole, what are you doing?!" I scream over the loud music. 

"Come on baby girl, I'm just playing around," he says.

"There's a difference between 'playing around' and rape! Children play around in a sandbox or whatever, they don't rape people!" Possibly the worst thing I could have said, but I tried.

After her tried molesting me again, he was knocked to the side by someone I really didn't except. A medium height, brown haired boy with perfect teeth and brown eyes that could make me melt, punched the creep in the face making his nose bleed. He continues to beat him, kicking him in the balls and watching him fall to the ground. 

"Dan?" I say.

"Mati, I seriously do not care what you're going to say, but you're coming home with me now," he demands. 

I stand away from him, "No! You lied to me, our whole relationship was a lie! I'm not coming with you!" 

He looks pissed off, but breathes in to calm down, "Mati I know I lied to you, but I didn't want you to like me for my fame. At least I thought you would, but I honestly love you and you're not safe here. Please Mati, I'll grovel on this disgusting club floor, if you'll just come back with me." 


"Mati please- wait, what?" He asks. 

"Okay, I'll come back with you, but I expect fresh cookies every morning until I've completely forgiven you." 

Dan laughs, "Sure thing."

"Dan did you get her?" Phil pops out of the blue and asks, holding Zoe's arm as she begs to be let go. 

"Yeah, we've seriously got to go," Dan tells me.

"Why?" I ask.

"Well," Phil begins. "Aeryn went back to Liverpool, and she's dating Dylan again." 

"The bitch did what?!"   


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