MatiIsNotOnFire & AmazingAeryn (Dan & Phil FanFic)

When Mati and Aeryn move into a new flat, they least expect to be next door to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It all kicks off when the girls start playing My Chemical Romance at full volume, drawing the guy's attention. Dan wants to join the party, but Phil isn't so pleased - until he sees Aeryn. The guys are shocked at first, when the girls don't recognise them from YouTube, but then they see it as a way to make genuine friends (or more?;). That is, until Aeryn figures it out, but promises to keep their fame a secret from Mati.
Mati and Dan end up being in the same law class, whereas Phil likes to stalk Aeryn to her job, at the bakery. Mati still doesn't know the boys are famous, even when they participate in some videos, thinking it's 'just a vlog'. But what will happen if she ever finds out they're famous?

Aeryn's P.O.V written by Teri (Terrance)
Mati's P.O.V written by Molly (Molsy)


19. New Years

Aeryn's POV

We're going back to Liverpool for New Years! I get to see my brother, Ciaran, my parents, all of my family, my old friends... And Phil gets to meet them too. I'm not worried about Phil messing anything up, he's so adorable, and sweet, that my parents would awe over him. However, Dan has a tendency to swear, drawl sarcastic comments, and announce any innunedos he can come up with. 

"You're so screwed," I laugh at Mati, as we get into my car.

"I know," she huffs, getting in too.

Dan and Phil are taking their car, planning to follow us all the way to Liverpool. This should be interesting. Anyway, Mati plugs her iPod into my stereo, and starts blasting music as loudly as possible. It may be December 31st, at 6am, but that doesn't stop anyone.

"Is it bad I miss Phil already?" I whine, wishing I could just hug him.

"Gurl, you got the love, and you got it bad," Mati shook her head, mocking me with an American accent.

"Don't rub it in," I mumble, pulling onto the motor way.

A few hours later, after terrible singing, a few rounds of getting lost, and many profanities, we arrive at our old homes. Our parents still live next door, which I find cute. A few minutes later, Dan and Phil pull up, looking like they'd had many, many arguments on where they were supposed to be going.

"I will kill you," Dan seethes, and Phil tries not to laugh.

Dan's angry persona vaporises, as he skips over to Mati, legit skips, and pulls her into his arms. I roll my eyes, but walk over to Phil, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"My mum can't wait to meet you," I tell him, holding his hand, and pulling him over to my front door.

Quickly, he runs his fingers through his hair, straightens his outfit out, and lets out a deep breath. I open the door without knocking, smiling as I look into my old home. All of the family photos are still hung neatly on the walls, plus a new one of Phil and I that I sent them a few weeks ago.

"Mum! Dad! Ciaran!" I shout, making Phil flinch.

"Aeryn, sweetie!" my mum cries, popping out from the kitchen.

"Hey, mum," I laugh, accepting her hug.

"Phil, honey, so good to see you!" my mum squeaks, abrasively hugging Phil too.

"Uh, it's nice to see you, too, Mrs McCoy," he politely replies, awkwardly hugging her back.

I snort, seeing my mum's blonde, curly hair all over the place. She smothers him in kisses, and I can hear my dad coming down the stairs, sighing at the sight of his crazy wife. His hair has gone grey, his glasses sitting over bright blue eyes, just like mine.

"Hey, sweetie," my dad says, kissing my forehead, "Linda, don't suffocate the poor lad."

"Sorry, sorry, I'm just so excited. Aeryn hasn't had a boyfriend, since that good for nothing, piece of shi-"

"Language, Linda, and I'm sure Aeryn would prefer to keep Dylan out of mind," my dad is the sensible one, as you can see.

"Aeryn!" someone screams, skidding down the stairs at maximum speed.

"Ciaran!" I scream back, hugging him to the point of suffocation. 

I can hear the exact same thing happening next door, Mati's mum praising Dan like he's the Buddha or something. Once we're all familied up, we grab our bags from the car, and I take Phil up to my room.

"You're room is so cute," Phil chuckles, observing the bright pink walls, with a bright purple carpet.

"Shut up," I roll my eyes, dumping my bags in the corner.

I fall onto my mattress, sighing as if I'm in heaven, "Memory foam mattress," I mumble.

Phil falls onto it beside me, sighing in content too. I kiss him, just softly, but he deepens the kiss. Soon enough, I'm straddling his waist, his shirt riding up to reveal his happy trail, that I really want to lick, not going to lie. I haven't slept with Phil, he seems too innocent... I'm kidding, he's nowhere near innocent, but still.

"Do you think... Uh..." Phil trails off, laughing awkwardly.

"What?" I frown in confusion, looking into his soft, blue eyes.

"Would ever let me... Are you ready to..." each time, he gives up on his sentence, and I understand perfectly well what he's trying to say, I'm just gonna let him struggle, "Do you want me to make love to you?" he finally gets it out, and I hold back my giggles.

"Not right now... Maybe when my parents aren't downstairs," I tell him, kissing him again.

Mati and Dan went all the way ages ago. Dan's a lot less patient than Phil, and Mati isn't much better. I'm surprised it didn't happen after their first date to be honest. 


How much have I drank? I don't know, but my favourite colour is triangle. Phil said his favourite colour is giraffe. That doesn't even make any sense. Jeez.

In the corner, Dan and Mati are kissing rather intensely, as Ciaran watches on angrily. He seriously needs to let her go, like seriously. She's with Dan, he stands like no chance. I'm such a supportive sister.

Phil and I are sat on the sofa of Mati's home, as many people dance, laugh, and wish everyone a happy new year. It's only 9:30, but the party was in full swing two hours ago. I've seen so many of my old friends, a few tears have been shed, and Phil got incredibly jealous when I bumped into one of my ex boyfriends. I thought I'd milk it a little, by saying how good it was to see him again. Oops.

"Drink some water," Phil says, trying to hand me a glass.

"But..." I slur, trying to shove it away.

"Do you want to pass out before twelve?" he raises an eyebrow, and even though I'm in no right mind to think logically, I agree.

So, by eleven, I'm fully sobered up, and I'm not going to touch any more alcohol until midnight. That way, I can kiss Phil, and not be disgusting. Then, I can drink until four in the morning, and pass out next to the fridge. Or maybe the microwave. Hm...

"I'm going to go see Dan, he looks lost with Mati, I'll be back in a few," Phil says, right next to my ear, so that I can hear him over the music.

"Okay," before he goes, he kisses me.

Over the past few hours, he's been kissing me a lot, partly due to inebriation, partly due to having so many of my exes around. It was kinda sweet, I guess, that he gets jealous rather easily. Also, he's been keeping one of his hands on my ass, so I think we all know he's drank a little too much.

Happily, I make my way through the many tables of food, knowing that one night won't hurt. I'd spent ages trying to look good, so I'm probably ruining it. I decided on a purple (same colour as my bangs) dress, which is most definitely skin tight, only just covering my bum. The neck dips rather low, showing off plenty of cleavage, but hey, I can be a slut every once in a while. Then, I have black high heel pumps on, my hair left to cascade down my back naturally, and a decent coating of make-up.

"Girl, you look fine!" Mati slurs, clearly having drank a lot.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself," I reply, noticing we had the exact same dress on. BFFs or what?

"Damn, you got a nice ass! Wanna go upstairs?" she winks, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

"Mati..." I chuckle, pretending not to notice her groping my behind.

"Even though I love a bit of girl on girl action, I'd like to talk to Aeryn," a voice says from behind us, making the hairs on the back of my neck rise in fear.

Mati managed to sober herself up, standing in front of me protectively, "Who let the dog in?" she spits, looking him up and down with disgust.

"The doors wide open," he replies, not interested in the slightest, "Look, I'm not going to hurt her-"

"Dylan, you could've killed her. You have one minute to remove yourself from my premises, or I'm calling the police," Mati retorts, not letting him get a sight of me.

During their small, heated argument, my entire body trembles, seeing everyone walk past, completely oblivious to the evil person invading the party. He still looked as good as always, with his black, cropped hair, sharp, green eyes, dark stubble, and deep cheek curves. He was the definition of manly. That's what I thought, up until he started to hurt me.

At first it was just verbal. He'd call me names, and I thought he was just teasing me. Then, the names got harsher, given in a harsh tone towards me. Then, it got physical; he hit me. But it wasn't just a slap, it soon became petrifying beatings, filled with screaming and crying. And finally, it got psychological. He abused me, mentally. Everytime he drew blood from me, or left a mark, he'd start crying, begging me for my forgiveness. And I gave it to him everytime.

How'd you get that black eye? My brother and I were just play fighting, but it went wrong.

Why's your lip swollen? Dylan and I were just kissing, he accidentally bit my lip, no big deal.

Are you okay? I'm fine.

However, everything stopped, when he raped me. He'd done it before, many, many times, but for once, someone caught him. Ciaran walked in, on arriving home to hear me screaming. I was too proud to take Dylan to the police, so we let him get away, with the promise to never touch me, ever again.

"I just want to talk to her, okay?" Dylan puts on a façade of remorse, and both of us fall for it.

"You have five minutes," I mutter, grabbing his wrist to pull him upstairs.

I drag him into the spare room, and he sits on the end of the bed, gesturing for me to sit beside him. I obey, but I leave a plentiful gap, and make sure I'm closer to the door, than what he is.

"Well?" I say quietly, not daring to look him in the eye, just in case I fall for him again.

"I love you, baby," he tells me, in that soft, tender tone, that makes you beg for him.

"Okay," I reply, looking into my lap.

"I want you back, I want you to be mine," he says, gently placing his hand on my upper thigh, making me visibly cringe.

"No," I say calmly.

"No?" Dylan repeats, in a questioning tone, and I take it as my cue to leave.

"Dylan, I don't want to-" I say, getting up, but he grabs my waist, pulling me back down.

I begin to panic as he lies me out on the bed, hovering over me. He has every part of me pinned down, so I can't push him off.

"Dylan, get off," I say sternly.

"Hmm... No?" he pouts, pretending to feel sorry for me.

I open my mouth to let out a scream, but he takes it as his cue to shove his tongue in my mouth. He tastes like smoke; he probably still does marijuana. It's disgusting, but I think that's one of the smaller problems. I writhe underneath him, trying to put him off balance, but nothing works. He slaps me across the face, as a warning for trying to get away.

So instead, I bite his tongue, making him yelp in surprise. However, it's just met with another, even harder slap across my other cheek. My vision begins to blur as hot tears stream down my face. I've done it again... Why did I agree to this? Why did I take him upstairs?

"Dylan," I plead, giving one last push.

He completely ignores me, pulling my dress off of my shoulders, to reveal my black, lacy bra. Then, he lifts it up, above my bum, to gaze at my matching, black, lacy panties.

"Planning on getting some tonight, were we?" he smirks, hooking his thumbs into the fabric at my hips.

"Dylan, please," I sob, crushing my thighs together.

Again, he ignores me, opening my legs with force. Softly, he kisses my inner thighs, making me squirm, my sobs coming out louder than before. I squeeze my eyes shut, and just will for everything to be over as quickly as possible. 

"Get the fuck off of my girlfriend," a deep, angry voice warns, from the doorway.

"Girlfriend, huh?" Dylan smirks, but slaps me again.

"Get off of her, right now," Phil says again, his eyes welling up as he sees me clutching my burning cheek.

"Or what?" Dylan grins, grinding against me.

Without hesitating, Phil punches Dylan across the face, catching him completely off guard. While he's got his guard down, I shove him off of me, scrambling to get my dress back in place. Dan soon follows Phil, punching Dylan in the gut. Phil repeatedly punches Dylan, letting every last drop of his anger out, until Dylan could barely keep his eyes open.

"If I ever see you anywhere near my girlfriend, ever again, I won't hesitate to kill you," Phil spits, slamming Dylan's head onto the bedside table.

And before I could blink, Dylan was scrambling away like the coward he always has been. Weakly, I sit on the carpet, hugging myself with post-trauma. He... He almost did it again... I'm so weak... I'm nothing... If he can hurt me so easily, so can Phil. In fact, Phil could hurt me even more easily. 

Phil sits beside me, pulling into my arms, but I subconsciously pull myself away from him. What if he wants to do the same things to me? He just beat Dylan, and Dylan beat me, so imagine what Phil could do to me. He could kill me. Or maybe he'd just torture me, but keep my alive.

"Aeryn, I'd never hurt you," Phil softly tells me, touching my back lightly.

Shaking my head at nothing in particular, I rest my forehead on my knees, crying loudly.

"Aeryn, sweetheart, no one's ever going to touch you like that ever again, okay?" Dan adds on, sitting on my other side.

"I just can't... I know... I know Phil wouldn't hurt me... I know that... But it feels like he will, even if I know he won't," I say, to no one in particular, and I can see the hurt in Phil's eyes.

"I love you; I'm nothing like him," Phil whispers, caressing my back. 

"Aeryn, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have left you alone with him," Mati gushes, pulling me into a tight hug.

"It's okay, he's gone," I mumble, leaning towards Phil for comfort, despite what I'd just said.



People are shouting from all over the house, and I look down at my phone, to see that it is indeed nine seconds until midnight. 





"Well damn, I don't have a drink," Dan mutters.



"Shut up," Mati replies.



I grab Phil's neck, pulling him towards me, and I kiss him. Everything that just happened seems to vanish for good, like I'd hoped. I drape my legs over Phil's lap as I kiss him, sat on Mati's spare bedroom floor like idiots.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

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