MatiIsNotOnFire & AmazingAeryn (Dan & Phil FanFic)

When Mati and Aeryn move into a new flat, they least expect to be next door to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It all kicks off when the girls start playing My Chemical Romance at full volume, drawing the guy's attention. Dan wants to join the party, but Phil isn't so pleased - until he sees Aeryn. The guys are shocked at first, when the girls don't recognise them from YouTube, but then they see it as a way to make genuine friends (or more?;). That is, until Aeryn figures it out, but promises to keep their fame a secret from Mati.
Mati and Dan end up being in the same law class, whereas Phil likes to stalk Aeryn to her job, at the bakery. Mati still doesn't know the boys are famous, even when they participate in some videos, thinking it's 'just a vlog'. But what will happen if she ever finds out they're famous?

Aeryn's P.O.V written by Teri (Terrance)
Mati's P.O.V written by Molly (Molsy)


4. Lights

Mati's P.O.V 

Dan and I are walking down the street, the fresh summer air whistle through the brightly coloured green trees. The conversation is subtle to begin with, both of us probably not knowing what to say. The sky is a beautiful blue colour, then fluffy clouds swimming along through like a fish in water. I'd never really seen something like this, it was like I was an alien coming down to earth, it was probably more to the fact that I was just feeling really happy. 

I take in more of him as I face him probably. For starters his dark brown hair is parted to the left and seems to be straightened, or he used gel or something. He sparkling brown eyes are shining brightly at me, the iris stands out well against the dark colour. As for his outfit, he's wearing a black T-Shirt with 3 semi-circles coming out from the bottom right corner. And a pair of well fitted denim skinny jeans, then finally some black converse. He looks amazing, it all really suits him. 

"So, are you still in school?" Dan says trying to make conversation. 

"Yeah, I'm going to the University Of London," I reply. He smiles sweetly at me, making my stomach churn from the on going butterflies. 

"Really, same here. What are you studying?" he asks. 


"That's brilliant so am I," he seems really happy that I'm study the same as him, hopefully we'll get to spend more time together. 

"Great, if I get stuck you can help me out," I say, the tone in my voice has turned all innocent. That's odd, I'm not innocent, far from it actually, but I want to make a good impression. 

"That's what she said," He laughs to himself. Okay, maybe I didn't have to seem sweet. I laugh along with him, although he seems surprised to my reaction.

We carry on walking for a little bit before we arrive to the restaurant, the outside of it is beautiful, I'm hoping the inside is even better. There are two green fern bushes in marble plant pot on either side of the entrance, The door frame is quite large and then twinkly lights are arranged over the frame. Through the windows I can see wooden leather chairs tucked in neatly into, what looks like, square oak tables. 

We walk through the first set of double doors, were already open, then two more which have dragons carved into the glass. A some what cheery smile is on all of the waiters faces, the man at the front desk tells us to walk forward and we do. 

"Good evening Sir and Madam, table for two?" he asks. 

"Yes, I have reservations actually, should be under Howell," Dan tells him, as he says it in a sort of posh way, probably not meaning to though. 

"Ah I see, Mr. Daniel Howell, your table is right this way at the back," the man takes us through and seats us down. Dan pulls out my chair for me and I thank him then sit down, after he's seated himself, another man comes over to us.

"Good evening, welcome to Chang Ying's restaurant. How are you this evening?" the man asks. 

"Very well, thank you," I reply. 

"Good thanks," Dan says. 

"Good, good. My name is Jared and I'll be your waiter this evening. Have you decided what you'd like for drinks?" he asks, flashing us a smile after speaking. Jared pulls out a flip book from the put on his apron, grabs a pen which is hidden behind his ear and waits for us to reply. Dan gestures his hand out for me to order first, I glance at the menu briefly and then decide. 

"I'll have a lemonade please," I say as I close the menu and place it back down on the table. 

"I'll have a diet coke thanks," Dan closes then menu and looks up at Jared. 

He scribbles down what we said, smiles then walks away. Only to return minutes later, with our drinks. The lemonade is in a coke glass actually, a lemon floating around in it like a dead fly. Ew, not something I should be thinking about well drinking it. Dan's sitting opposite slurping his coke through a pink straw, I laugh at the thought 'Oh how manly'. 

"Do your family live in London?" he asks me, I nod. 

"No, I was born in Cardiff but moved to Liverpool a few years ago. Then Aeryn and I moved here," I tell him. 

"I'm from Berkshire," he replies. I've noticed this all evening, but he's got a rather posh voice. I didn't think it mattered, but I might as well compliment him on it. 

"You know, you sound really posh when you speak," I say. I thought he'd just laugh, but quite different, I think I hit a nerve. 

"Oh no, not again. Loads of people say how 'posh' I sound. It's so annoying, I am not posh. I am articulate. When I was younger I watch freaking loads of Whinny the Pooh, and he used to say things like 'oh bother' and I picked up on that! I'm not bloody posh." Dan just had a mini rant, wow. I didn't mean to offend him. After he was done, I guess he's noticed I'm sulking a bit as I thought I've offended him. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it annoyed you," I say, my voice sounding convincingly upset. 

"Oh God, I'm really sorry Mati. I didn't mean to upset you, shit, shit ,shit. It's just I don't like being called posh, and I'm really nervous. I've never gone out with a girl as beautiful as you before, and, and..." I place my hand on top of his, he stops speaking as soon as I do. He's calmed down now, I am glad about it too. 

"Dan please calm down, I thought I offended you, that's all. Everyone's got pet peeves, like I don't like it when people mock my accent.," I tell him. He smiles at me, clearly he's been reassured that I'm fine that he had a mini rant.   

"What do you mean like, Ello my names Dan from Swansea," He laughs, trying to pull off a Welsh accent, failing miserably might I add. 

"Yes I mean like that, although you sounded quite cute," I say. A blush creeps up on his cheeks, making it very noticeable at the fact he's gone quiet. "Are you blushing Daniel?" 

"What man would I be if I denied it?" He chuckles. I just giggle and shake my head at him. 

Jared comes back over and takes our order for our starters, Dan chose the chicken rice soup and I chose the chicken noddle soup. We chat for a little bit until our starters arrive, I want for mine to cool down as Dan digs in. 

"That tattoo is nice," he says, pointing at the one on my forearm. "What does it say?" 

"Aeryn. She's got my name on the left side on her collarbone," I tell him. 

"That's sweet of you guys," he says. 

"Yeah. Have you got any tattoos?" I ask.

"Oh God no, I couldn't stand the pain. You're brave enough having that one."

"I've got more," he looked at me in a 'bitch you serious' sort of way. "I've got a heart on my wrist, flowers going up my ankle and stars across my right boob." 

I know that sounds odd, telling somebody you just met you've got a tattoo on your boob. Dan's face said it all 'You're crazy', although he also gave me the impression he needed proof, not that I was going to show him, yet. 

We finish the last few spoon fills of soup, then Jared comes over and takes our order for the main. I ordered chicken balls and chips, doesn't sound very normal for a Chinese restaurant, but I hate rice and everything else had rice with it. As for Dan he's got the chicken friend rice, my mum always has that when we order it. When our meals come, Jared flashes us another smile and then walks off again. Dan and I have spoken about how we think Jared might be gay, or just really camp. 

"Rice good?" I try and make small talk with Dan. 

"Yeah, it tastes ricy," he laughs. I giggle him as I take another bites of one of the chicken balls. 

A few more minutes of silence carries on, but it's interrupting by my phone going off. My text tone 'If you're Audrey Heapburn then I'm James Dean' by Sleeping With Sirens rings away in my bag, I've got no clue what's so important it's got to be going on now. 

"I'm really sorry about this," I say to Dan. 

"No, it's fine." 

I press the home button on my IPhone, in the lock screen it says 'One new message'. 'No shit, my text tone gave it away.'' I think.

To Mati:

From Aeryn: 

Hey Mati, how's the date going? I'm back at the flat, can't wait to talk about it when you get home. Cya later Matts xx

To Aeryn:

From Mati:

I'm sort of in the middle of it, don't text me back, I'll be home later. Xx

"Sorry about that," I apologise to Dan, who's just happily eating away. 

"No it's fine, who was it?" he asks. 

"Aeryn, saying she's home and wants to talk about the date when I get back," I explain. 

"Hope you'll say good things." 

"Oh of course, it's been the best date I've ever had," I say. 

"So far," he says smiling. There it is again, the breath taking smile, the butterflies are fluttering around my stomach. It feels like they've got guns and shooting bullets around the place, or maybe I'm just stupidly nervous. The super sweet moment was ruined when Jared came back over, with dessert menus. 

"All finished?" he asks, that smile of his not leaving his face. I swear to God he's being paid just for smiling. 

"Yes, thank you," I say. He hands Dan and I a dessert menu each, I glance down at it. Everything seems so tasty, but finally I decide on the chocolate cheesecake. 

"The chocolate cheesecake please," I say to Jared. 

"Oh a lovely choice, and you Sir?" Jared turns to Dan. 

"Same as her."

"Make it just one," I say, Dan looks confused. "We'll share." 

"Okay, it'll be about a ten minute wait," Jared says. He picks up the dessert menus and oh dirty plates then leaves. 

Dan and I talk some more. About our childhood and families. He had a dog and a little brother. He also said that he was apparently the happiest child ever, or in his words 'I was like the sun from the freaking Tellitubbies'. Though he changed in preschool because people started being mean to him, but the person who bullied him started crying when the girl he fancied kissed Dan instead. That's when I start laughing my head of, then snorting, smooth moves Mati... But his life seems so cool. 

Our dessert came, so Jared puts down the plate and gives us each a fork. It looks amazing. The sponge looks so fluffy and yummy, OMG foodgasm! Chocolate icing is over the top with sprinkles of sugar on that, then there's chocolate sauce in the middle. OMG, another foodgasm. Dan offers me the first bite, I refuse saying he should go first. So he picks up his fork, stabs the cake (cake killer) and force feeds me. I am not joking, I thought it was really cute though. 

"How does it taste?" he asks.

"Why don't you see for yourself," I say, it's more of a statement than a question. I take my fork stab the cake (now I'm the cake killer), and force feed Dan. I get it mostly all over his mouth instead of in his mouth, so I hand him a napkin. He dabs it around his mouth, getting rid of the chocolate bites then lays it down on the table again. 

After we finish, Jared comes back over to us, that stupid smile still on his face. I swear to God it's going to kill me if I see that smile again. He takes our plates on an empty tray, puts down the bill then leaves. Dan gets out his wallet, saying he's paying uh huh sister!

"Dan lets spilt it," I say. 

"No, Mati I'm going to pay," he objects. 


"Maaaatttttiiiiii," he says in the same whining tone. I look at him sarcastically, but he still won't let me help him pay. I look at the bill, £24.96, and he won't let me pay. Jesus, guys sure do have their pride. He takes out a £20 note and 5 pound coins and folds them in the cheque. We both stand up and walk out of the restaurant, our hands locked within each others.

Dark blues and purple colours have taken over the sky now, and shining stars are twinkling up there like the lights in the restaurant. This has been the best date ever, I'm so grateful I've met Dan. But there seems so much more to him than I thought originally, I hope he likes me enough to stick around so I can find out. 

We climb up the steps to our flats, and stand outside the doors leading into mine for a little bit as we say goodnight. 

"Dan, this was amazing. Thank you so much for this, it was perfect," I say, swinging our arms side to side, smiling like a loved up school girl. Although technically, now I am.   

"I love it too, maybe we should do this again," he hints. 

"We really should. I'm really tired, so I'm going to go sleep before I pass out," I laugh. 

"All right, I'll see you in the morning," he says. He leans in and pecks my cheek sweetly, lets go of my hands and opens his flat's door. "Night bubbah." 

I giggle "Night snowflake." 

I watch as he closes the door behind him, I open the door to my flat and walk to. I shut it quietly behind me in case Aeryn is asleep. I take off my heels in case the sound of them on the wooden floor boards disrupts her as well, so I creep through the hall way and make a run for my bedroom. I open the door, only to fine Aeryn sat on my bed. 

"You've been so long! How did it go," she asks. I'm more in shock as to why she's in my room. 

"Aeryn, were you waiting for me to come home?" I reply with a question myself. 

"No, maybe, yes. Just tell me about it," she demands. 

"It was perfect. The restaurant was fantastic, I just really loved being with Dan," I tell her as I wonder into the living room. I can hear Aeryn following swiftly behind, I take a seat on the sofa and she sits next to me. "How about you?"

"Phil was amazing," she sighs happily. 

"That makes it sound like you've had sex with him," I laugh, she looks at me in disappointment. "Sorry." 

"Anyway, it was great," she says. I can see it in her eyes, she wants to fan girl. 

"Aeryn," she turns to me. "I know you want to fan girl, so do I, shall we fan girl.?" 

"Hells yeah!" she says her voice getting slightly louder. 

"Oh my God, he was sweet and kind and oh my God" I squeal. 

"I know Phil is just, oh God the feels!" she squeaks. We're now jumping up and down on the sofas. "Did you get Dan's number?" 

"Oh yes I did," I tell her. At which point my phone goes off, I've gotten a text. 

To Mati: 

From Snowflake: *Don't judge I saved him as snowflake*  

We can hear you from in our rooms, glad you had fun. See you in the morning bubbah :* xx

Well, this is only slightly awkward. I show Aeryn the message, and we both burst out into a fit of laugher. I don''t just mean a slight laugh, like the one you do if somebody says something over Facebook and you reply back with 'LOL'. No I mean rolling on the floor, crying with laughter. In awkward situations that's what we do, laugh it off. 

If that was day one, I can't wait for day two. 

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