MatiIsNotOnFire & AmazingAeryn (Dan & Phil FanFic)

When Mati and Aeryn move into a new flat, they least expect to be next door to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It all kicks off when the girls start playing My Chemical Romance at full volume, drawing the guy's attention. Dan wants to join the party, but Phil isn't so pleased - until he sees Aeryn. The guys are shocked at first, when the girls don't recognise them from YouTube, but then they see it as a way to make genuine friends (or more?;). That is, until Aeryn figures it out, but promises to keep their fame a secret from Mati.
Mati and Dan end up being in the same law class, whereas Phil likes to stalk Aeryn to her job, at the bakery. Mati still doesn't know the boys are famous, even when they participate in some videos, thinking it's 'just a vlog'. But what will happen if she ever finds out they're famous?

Aeryn's P.O.V written by Teri (Terrance)
Mati's P.O.V written by Molly (Molsy)


24. Laugh It Up Dick Whistle

Mati's P.O.V

It's all fairy tales and princes now, I have my best friend back and Dan and I are together again. He has even kept up with the fresh cookies deal, though the first time he put in salt instead of sugar. At least he tried, Phil ate them, weird child. 

"Mati, get up!" Aeryn yells at me from outside my bedroom. 

"No, fuck off," I reply, letting my lady-like language indicating I'm not wanting to wake up. 

"Dan and Phil are here and they have news for us," she says to me, ignoring my previous reply.

"Ugh, fine," I grumble. I don't bother putting a shirt on, I have a bra and lacy red underwear on, I'm pretty sure they've all seen me naked before so it shouldn't matter. 

Opening my door, Aeryn gives me a 'good morning' smile and walks ahead of me into the living room, where Dan and Phil are sitting on the sofas. Phil on the one nearest the window, a seat next to him for Aeryn, Dan in the one closest to the telly a seat next to him for me. As soon as I walk in, Phil averts his eyes, not wanting to see his girlfriend's basically naked best friend. Dan just stares right at me, eyes bulging directed to my boobs I'm guessing. Falling back onto the sofa beside him, he still hasn't made eye contact. But he does kiss my forehead and greets me. 

"Okay boys, what's the news?" I ask, sitting up. Dan puts his arm around my naked lower back. His warm skin sends a shiver up my spine, forcing me to smile at his touch. "Phil, you can look at me you know, I'm not completely naked." 

"I wish you were," Dan whispers in my ear, his breath giving me a chill of excitement. His deep voice filled with joy but mixed with lust, it was the perfect combination. 

"Someone's happy to see me this morning," I laugh. 

"Oh, you bet I am." 

"Guys!" Aeryn yells.

"Yeah?" I reply.

"Anyway, Dan and I wanted to tell you that tonight is the Radio One Awards and we've been invited. And of course we'd love it if you would come with us," Phil explains.

"Phil and I have even bought you guys dresses, they're in Aeryn's room," Dan says. 

Aeryn's face lights up and she kisses Phil, he blushes and deepens the kiss. Throwing my arms around Dan I whisper in his ear, "I bet you bought me something short." 

He chuckles, "of course, I love your legs." 

"We're leaving her at six o'clock," Phil says, breaking apart from Aeryn. 

"We only have three hours to get ready?" Aeryn replies in disappointment. 

Phil laughs, "you're already beautiful, it won't take you long to get ready." 

She makes a kind of 'awe' sound and replies, "thank you, sweetie." 

"All right lover boy," I say, jumping up from the sofa, "I'm taking your darling here to help me get ready," forcefully taking Aeryn's hand, I pull her up and drag her along behind me. "We'll meet you over at yours at six." 

"Bye!" Aeryn yelps, as I drag her around the corner to get to her room.

Sitting on Aeryn's bed were too big boxes, sivler shiny card board with red ribbons around them. One with my name written on the top, the other with her's. Overloaded with excitement, I rip mine open, revealing the most gorgeous dress I have end seen in my life. The look of shock on Aeryn's face only describes how perfect her's is as well. 

Mine is midnight blue, my favorite colour, a blue band wrapped around the centre with silver jewels covering the whole upper section. The bottom layered and fluffing out at the end, a really loose material layered over about five times. Also in the box was a pair black Mary Jane laced heels, at least that's what they say on the label at the side. 

Aeryn's is just as perfect, it's a cute strapless dress. the bra part a black lace, going all way around the back and ties up with ribbon at the back. It flows out much like mine, but in a sea green colour, that will look perfect on her. Layered about six times, in the same loose material as mine. Then a plain black pair of really high heels, hopefully she won't break her neck.

I look at her with a smirk on my face, "those boys are definitely getting some tonight," she nods in agreement. Suddenly, we hear high fives and cheering outside the bedroom door. 

Opening it, Dan and Phil try to look as innocent as possible. "Keep looking that adorable, and you'll get some right now," I say in Dan's ear, kissing his cheek and slamming the door again. Spinning on my heel, I join Aeryn again, who's already undressing. 

"If you said it in that voice to me, I'd bang you too," she jokes.

"Sorry, I don't swing that way sweetie," I laugh.

"You have before," she winks.

The bitch wins this round.   


5:30pm, Aeryn and I are dressed. She looks so beautiful, Phil is so lucky to have her. Her hair is in a loose fishtail plait, falling down the right side of her upper body. The dress shows off her figure perfectly, never have I seen her so confident. The little 'accident' the asshole Dylan caused hasn't healed, so we applied extra foundation to cover the best of it. We thought it was best for the press not to thing Phil had abused her, though the idea is completely stupid as he's just too sweet for it to ever be considered. 

My dress felt so comfortable, the heels even easy to walk it, to my surprise. And since I'd been introducing myself as 'Dan Howell's girlfriend' all night, I've already down several vodka shots. Not that I mind being known as that, but I do have a name, not that the people of tumblr and twitter know that. To them I'm Mati Kyle, one half of Danti, not the most creative name I know but our names aren't easy to combine. But to be honest, it sounds adorable. 

"Ready to go?" Aeryn asks me, looking at herself in the mirror. Aeryn is my best friend, I know her, I know everything about her. And right now, she's extremely insecure about wearing that dress, which by the way, has set off my lady boner already tonight. Yes people,I have the mind of a guy. 

Walking or to Aeryn, I give her a little gay kiss on the cheek and tell her she's beautiful, she'll her it many times tonight, but to her it only counts from Phil and I. She mouths a 'thank you', not needing to say the actual words. Right now bitches, I ship Mariyn. 

Leaving our flat, I lock up. Neither of us trusting Aeryn to not lose the keys, so I take them and put them in the clutch bag I'm carrying at my side. She knocks on the guys' flat door, trying to perk up a bit. Phil opens the door, saying this one sentence that just defines how well they know each other as a couple: 

"What's wrong, Aeryn?" 

"Fucking hell Phil," I curse louder than I expected. 

He looks at me really confused, "I'm so sorry, what have I done? Oh God, I'm so sorry Mati." 

Oh shit, I didn't see that coming, "no, Phil, please don't. I just mean, Aeryn's insecure about how she looks. And I didn't want it being mentioned incase she felt even more down an-" 

I'm talking so fast, I only noticed that I've stopped when Dan's lips cover mine, stopping them from moving entirely. Since, being the whore I am, I really don't mind. 

"Best way to get her to shut up," Phil laughs, Aeryn joining him. 

"You know, Aeryn maybe you should try it sometime," Dan winks. 

"Sorry, baby, but you don't get to see what happens behind closed doors," I smirk. 

"Our sexuality is about as closed as your legs," Aeryn burst out laughing. 

"Oh ha ha ha, laugh it up dick whistle," I coo sarcastically. 

"Dick whistle?" She questions, "that's a new one." 

"I sure it on tumblr when looking for Jalex porn," I explain. 

"Perfect reason to use it," Phil chimes in. 

Since I'm literally biting back my laughter, I let it go (quoting Disney, bitches). 

"Right, right, enough laughing. Let's get serious. Phil and I are hosting the Radio One Teen Awards and God dammit we're going to it in style. I'm got my smoking hot girlfriend at my hip, her best friend who I'd bang second," Dan's interrupted.

"Watch it," Phil warns.

He ignores him, the same stern look on his face, "and my best friend that I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you buddy," he clears his throat and continues, "right bitches, let's crash the Award Show!" 

"Here, here!" I shout.   

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