MatiIsNotOnFire & AmazingAeryn (Dan & Phil FanFic)

When Mati and Aeryn move into a new flat, they least expect to be next door to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It all kicks off when the girls start playing My Chemical Romance at full volume, drawing the guy's attention. Dan wants to join the party, but Phil isn't so pleased - until he sees Aeryn. The guys are shocked at first, when the girls don't recognise them from YouTube, but then they see it as a way to make genuine friends (or more?;). That is, until Aeryn figures it out, but promises to keep their fame a secret from Mati.
Mati and Dan end up being in the same law class, whereas Phil likes to stalk Aeryn to her job, at the bakery. Mati still doesn't know the boys are famous, even when they participate in some videos, thinking it's 'just a vlog'. But what will happen if she ever finds out they're famous?

Aeryn's P.O.V written by Teri (Terrance)
Mati's P.O.V written by Molly (Molsy)


11. Hate

Aeryn's POV


On popular demand of Phil's fans, I've started up my own YouTube channel. Already, I have a few thousand subscribers, only from Dan and Phil though. My videos get quite a lot of views, especially if Phil happens to appear in one of them, or something. It's quite cool, actually. Also, my boss is off of his meriod (man period), and seems to like me more.

Stepping out of the shower, I dry myself off, and pull my hair up, into a towel. Wrapping another towel around my body, I go back to my room. Normally, I'd just go naked, but it's mainly in case Phil or Dan is over, and I'm not aware. Yeah, we've had many situations like that... Anyway, I get dressed into the matching black, purple lacy underwear Mati made me buy, a black pencil skirt, reaching about four inches above my knees. I don't really know why I chose a skirt... Meh... Also, I pull on a cream, kind of see through, shirt, with no sleeves, and a collar, gold buttons going down it. Over my navel, the shirt ties into a knot, and I think the outfit looks really cute.

I slip on a pair of plain, black ballet pumps, and sit down at the dresser I bought a few weeks ago. Taking my hair out of the towel, I dry it with a hair dryer, so it goes curly. My natural hair is ringlet-curly, but I don't like it, so I always straighten it. Today, however, I seriously cannot be bothered to straightened it, so I leave it curly. I do straighten my bangs though, because bangs do not look cool when they're curly.

As for my make-up, I apply a pale foundation, to cover any flaws on my skin. Then, I apply a darker one to stop me from looking like a ghost, but it's still quite pale. I layer mascara onto my eyelashes, so that they look thick, and full, curving out nicely. Then I outline my eyes in black eye liner, pulling out into a cute flick. I leave it at that, as I'm too lazy to do anything else to my face.

I send a short text to Phil, telling him that I'm coming over. I don't bother to take anything with me, other than my phone, so I just walk straight into their flat, and into the lounge to look for him. Mati and Dan are both at school, so it's just me and him. He's sat on the sofa, his feet propped up on the coffee table, as he concentrates on something on his laptop. He's wearing a pair of knee length, plaid shorts, and no shirt. It's not his normal concentration face though... He looks really... Upset.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I casually ask, sitting beside him on the sofa.

"Nothing," he mumbles, trying to indiscreetly hold the laptop out of my view.

But nope, I saw it. On his new video, someone has commented 'Omg just slit your wrists already. Kill yourself.'

Today is the day bitches die.

"Phil, you cannot tell me you're upset by that," I deadpan him, taking his laptop from him, and putting it on the coffee table.

"Well, it's pretty hard to just ignore it," he murmurs, his lips forming a cute pout, as he gazes into the distance.

"If they give you hate, what's the point in believing them? They don't know, they have no right to judge you, but if they do, it's just another assumption; nothing important," I quote what he said from our first date.

"But Aeryn-"

"No buts," I tell him, raising an eyebrow.


Cutting him off, I tackle him, as my first resort. Good going, Aeryn... Anyway, I straddle his waist, and pin his wrists above his head. Bearing in mind I'm wearing a freaking pencil skirt, and Phil's shirtless, this is pretty awkward. Hell, we may as well be naked, there wouldn't be too much of a difference. Actually, I wouldn't mind... Back to point, Aeryn, back to the point.

"Philip Michael Lester - I swear to God if you take any notice of your hate, I will... I don't know what I'll do yet, but you'll regret it. If I find a single cut on your body, that's not an accident, I will enforce the thing I have not yet thought of. You understand?" I sternly lecture him, the whole time I'm straddling him.

"I think so..." he frowns slightly, trying to grasp onto whatever it is I've just said.

"Good," I say a lot more softly.

Honestly, I cannot bare the thought of Phil wanting to hurt himself, or just even being affected by hate. I'll admit, sometimes I read through the hate I get, and end up crying myself to sleep, but Phil doesn't know that. Anyway, he's a lot more important than me, and I'm here to support him.

"Is that how your hair looks naturally?" he randomly asks.

"Yeah, it is. I couldn't be bothered to straighten it," I let go of his wrists, but I stay sat on his hips, it's quite comfortable.

"You should leave your hair natural more often," he muses, softly running his fingers through my hair, which is seriously one of the best feelings in the world.

"Mmh... Maybe I should," I lean down to him, and kiss him.

Softly, he kisses me back, his hands intertwined with my hair. Both of my hands cup his face, holding him closer to me. Like everytime we kiss, I can feel the pure electricity between us, holding onto a spark ready to ignite. Yeah, seems cheesy and cliché, but I really do love him, so-

What did I just say?

But I really do love him.

Oh my God... I love him. I'm in love with Phil. FEELS. What do I do? I can't just tell him, in case he doesn't love me too. I'll just wait it out, to see if I really do love him, or was it a quote of the moment kind of thing. Or just wait a while longer, to see if Phil tells me that he loves me. 

"Whoa guys," Dan shouts, "Cover up! Not on the sofa!" he wails, and I quickly pull back from the kiss.

"It's not like I haven't seen you do anything," I retort, getting off of Phil.

It's about three, so they're home from Uni. Mati is behind Dan, biting her lip to hold her laughter back. I seriously need to talk to her, about Phil and I. That's what friends are for - good advice. The only problem is, she's my best friend, so she'll probably tell me to grow a pair, and tell Phil that I think I love him.

"Um, Mati, there's a shirt I found that I think will suit you," I tell her, standing up.

"Oh, really? Okay, I'll be back in a bit," she lightly pecks Dan on the lips, and I do the same to Phil.

Forcing a smile, I drag her into our flat, and into my room. She goes straight for my walk in wardrobe, but I stop her, earning a quizzical look from her. Calmly, I sit on my bed, and she copies, crossing her legs to make herself more comfortable.

"Aeryn, what's up?" she frowns in concern, looking at me.

"I think I love Phil," I blurt out, internally face palming.

She squeals, really, really loudly, "Eep! Really?!"

"Yes, really," I sarcastically say, nodding my head.

"Have you told him?" she asks, calming down a bit.

Ah there's the question I don't want to answer, "Um, no."

"Okay, I get it, you're waiting for him to make the first move," she nods in understanding.

Well, that was easier than I thought. We talk for a bit, about what I should do, and we agree that I'm going to wait for Phil to say it. I make her promise not to tell Dan, which she also agrees to. When Mati makes a promise, she never, ever breaks it. 

"I'm going back to see Dan, you coming?" she stands up, straightening her outfit out.

"Nah, I'll be over in an hour or so. Invite them over for dinner, we'll cook for them," I decide, coming up with a mini plan.

The dinner bit is just random, sometimes we cook for each other, so I thought why not? Anyway, I'm going to make a new video for my channel, just to release the anger I feel at that person who told Phil to kill himself. Yes, it's going to be rant video. Yes, it's going to be serious. 

Once Mati leaves, I set up my camera on it's tripod, putting it in the right place. You can see some of my posters in the background, along with the desk I bought. I sit on my bed, and take a snapshot to see if it's in the right place. It is, so I delete the snapshot, and press record, without even thinking about what I'm going to say.

"Hi guys," I lamely start, "So as you all know, Phil and I are together, and the majority of you support that, and you understand that we want you to support us. Some of you don't support us, which is fine, I guess, that's your opinion, and we would appreciate it if you could keep negative opinions to yourselves.

"Anyway, I want to make a video on receiving hate, and cyber bullying, that kind of thing. First of all, if you're being cyber bullied, you need to block whoever it is, or delete the network that it's happening on, and tell someone. That's a really good start, because if you don't have Facebook, or Twitter or whatever, they can't send you hate. I also understand that you want to keep in touch with other people, so blocking the person also works just as well.

"Moving onto the kind of hate well known people get, basically famous people. Earlier, I went over to see Phil, and guess what guys? He was reading through the hate the minority of you send him. I know the majority of you love him, and wouldn't think of sending him hate, but there are some really sad people who sit behind a computer, click on someone's video, and reply with negative things.

"Someone told Phil to slit his wrists, and to kill himself. No one, absolutely no one, deserves to be told, to end their life. It really affected him, which really hurts for me to see. It hurts to know that someone - someone he's probably never even met before - can say something, and it's actually affecting him. 

"Just imagine being a normal person, with a successful YouTube channel. You upload videos about your life, funny things, advice, positive opinions, for crying out loud, Phil doesn't even swear. But then, you're told to kill yourself. Not once have you said something negative, or ever said anything offensive to anyone, but it happens to you. How down right awful would you feel about that?"

I swallow deeply, trying to hold my tears back. Mati and I used to have a friend, she made us the three musketeers. She was being cyber bullied, but didn't tell us, or anyone, for that matter. They told her everyday to kill herself, to end her miserable, pathetic life. And she listened to them. She killed herself. I am not going to let that happen again. 

"Phil doesn't deserve any hate at all. He's doing what he loves, and he's making a living out of that. If you can't accept that he's doing what he wants to do, then why do you click on his videos? Why do you watch something, someone you hate made? I'm pretty sure if you knew Phil, and you didn't like what he was doing, you wouldn't tell him. You'd keep it to yourself, right? But somehow, the safety of a computer screen makes you feel superior."

I really can't help it, I start to cry. Phil honestly didn't deserve to be told something so horrible. No one deserves to be told something like that!

"I hope to God that if you hate on somebody, that you benefit from hating them. That you get some kind of kick, out of calling them ugly. Or feeling better about yourself, when you tell someone to kill themself. Of course, most of you would never do that, and we need to stand together to stop the people who feel like they have the right to.

"Please, just send me all of the hate you want to send to Phil. Hurt me all you like, but please, please, don't hurt Phil."

I end the recording, and cry for a few more minutes. I just let it all out, the anger I feel for people who feel the need to hate someone I really care about. Once I've released it all, I upload the video to my channel, not bothering to edit it. It's just a rant video, it doesn't need editing. 

Quickly, I return my make-up to normal, and try to ease the bloodshot in my eyes. Then, I go back onto my laptop, to see if there are any response to the video yet. I share it onto my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and whatever other accounts I have, to promote it. I want this video to be big, so people understand what they're doing.

I click on it, and begin reading the comments. All of them are positive, short answers. But then, the long paragraphs of agreement start to crop up. I read as many as I can, until too many appear, and I close the window, deciding to go and see Phil. Hopefully he has forgotten about the comment, but he'll probably watch the video anyway.

I walk into the flat, to hear silence, except for the buzzing of something. It sounds like my voice... Oh... Someone's watching my video. In the lounge, Phil and Dan are on the sofa, whereas Mati is leaning over the back, watching it with them. Silently, I stand in the doorway, leaning on the frame, as they watch it. Once it's done, they start talking, well, Phil doesn't say anything.

"Phil? Aren't you going to say anything?" Mati nudges him.

"I... I don't know what to say," he mumbles, staring down into his lap.

"How about you go talk to her about it?" Dan suggests.

Silently, he nods, and gets up. When he sees me leaning in the doorway, he freezes, not really sure what to do. I stand here awkwardly, not entirely sure if he thinks the video is a good thing, or a bad thing. Even I'm not sure whether it was worth it or not. I really damn hope so.

"You didn't have to," he lamely says, his eyes welling up slightly.

"But I did," I quietly reply, looking anywhere but him.

"Cough, hug her already, cough," Mati rolls her eyes, sitting on Dan's lap.

We both step forwards, and pull each other into a bone-crushing hug. I wrap my arms tightly around his waist, the side of my face pressed against his chest. Phil has one arm around my shoulders, one around my waist, his chin resting on top of my head. Softly, he whispers 'thank you' in my ear, so I just give him a small nod, enjoying the hug.

"So, what's for dinner?" Dan lightly asks.

Wow. Ruin the moment Dan. Nice going

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