MatiIsNotOnFire & AmazingAeryn (Dan & Phil FanFic)

When Mati and Aeryn move into a new flat, they least expect to be next door to Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It all kicks off when the girls start playing My Chemical Romance at full volume, drawing the guy's attention. Dan wants to join the party, but Phil isn't so pleased - until he sees Aeryn. The guys are shocked at first, when the girls don't recognise them from YouTube, but then they see it as a way to make genuine friends (or more?;). That is, until Aeryn figures it out, but promises to keep their fame a secret from Mati.
Mati and Dan end up being in the same law class, whereas Phil likes to stalk Aeryn to her job, at the bakery. Mati still doesn't know the boys are famous, even when they participate in some videos, thinking it's 'just a vlog'. But what will happen if she ever finds out they're famous?

Aeryn's P.O.V written by Teri (Terrance)
Mati's P.O.V written by Molly (Molsy)


13. Getting... Uh... Hammered

Aeryn's POV


So, with Dan's recommendation to drink the night away, we do just that. Like a bunch of film set rejects, we walk back to the flats, earning many dirty looks. Phil's hand rests on the small of my back, slipping down slightly... If you know what I mean *wink* *wink*. Dan's going full out shameless, his hand groping Mati. I don't blame him, I mean, that bunny outfit is rather revealing. 

Phil traces the dragon tattoo crawling down my spine, as the back of my outfit doesn't exactly... exist. I don't mind though, it feels good, especially since his hands are always warm. We reach our flats, and go into theirs, as they seem to have purchased more alcohol over the months. I'm not complaining. 

"Are we going to regret this?" Phil asks no one in particular, as Dan drags out a crate of bottles.

"Most likely," Mati shrugs her shoulders, helping Dan with the crate.

"Are you a nice drunk?" Phil jokes, nudging me slightly.

"Ask Mati. She's the one who deals with me when I get drunk," I joke back, and Mati stands up.

"You don't know the half of it..." she mumbles, subconsciously shivering.

Phil laughs it off, organising the drinks with Dan. They have a variety of general beers and wines, but there's also vodka, whiskey, spirits, and stuff used specifically for cocktails. These guys are very organised when it comes to drinking, by the looks of it. Personally, I like whiskey, Mati's more of a vodka girl.

"So, do you guys want to play Never Have I Ever?" Mati suggests, making a space on the lounge floor.

 "Sure," Dan immediately agrees, but Phil looks a little wary.

"Guys, are you sure we should do this?" Phil asks, sitting on the floor with us.

"Nope," Mati pops the 'p', grabbing four shot glasses.

She places one in front of each of us, on the floor, and pours an equal amount of Jack Daniels into each one. We're sat in a square, with Phil next to me, Mati on my other side, then Dan making the other corner. This is going to be interesting, to say the least. C'mon, no one can imagine a drunk Phil. He's just so... Phil.

"I'll started, then Mati, then Aeryn, then Phil," Dan instructs, and we all nod in sync, "Okay... Never have I ever... Been in a gang," he decides.

For those of you who don't know how to play 'Never have I ever', I'll explain. Someone states something they've never done. If someone else has done that, they take a shot. It's pretty simple.

Phil downs his shot, trying to stop himself from laughing, "Yeah, the Kool Katz were pretty hardcore."

We all burst out laughing, as Mati fills his glass again, ready for the next round. It's Mati's go, and she thinks about it for a while. Knowing her, it'll most likely be something sexual. But she looks at me, giving me a small, devious wink, a little smirk on her face. Oh God, what is she up to?

"Never have I ever been in love," she bites her bottom lip to stop herself from laughing at my expression.

God dammit she knows I love Phil, she did that on purpose! I am so going to get her back for that. Anyway, I take my shot, enjoying the burning sensation running down my throat. It then simmers in my stomach, leaving a satisfying flavour in my mouth. Filling my glass up again, I notice that Phil's shot glass is empty. He's been in love?

"Who with?" we ask each other at the same time.

Oh, way to be awkward. Do I lie? What do I do?

At the same time, again, we both say, "You."

Fangirl mode: activate. Both Mati and Dan are mixed up in a fit of laughter, aw's, and I-told-you-so's. I tackle Phil into a lion hug (see what I did there?), kind of pushing him onto his back. He chuckles slightly, hugging me back just as tightly, if not more. 

"Yeah, I love you," he whispers, just so I can hear.

"Yeah, I love you, too, boo," I giggle, sitting back up to continue the game, with a huge smile on my face.

The glasses are all filled back up, so I say mine, "Never have I ever cheated."

Mati takes a shot, and Dan looks like he's going to have a mental break down, "You've cheated?"

"I was five, I was totally unaware that it's inappropriate to kiss another guy when you have a boyfriend," she giggles, and if relief had a face, it would be Dan's at this very moment.

It's Phil's go, and he says his, "Never have I ever had a dog."

Really, Phil? So, we've had gangs, love, and cheating, but you want to know if we've ever had a pet dog? Trying my best not to roll my eyes, I drink my second shot, and fill it back up again. At this rate, I'm going to be drunk before it gets round to me again. Phil, too, by the looks of it. As for Dan, he's still pretty happy, being all sober. Mati's halfway there.

Dan clears his throat, "Never have I ever used a fake ID."

Mati and I both swallow our Jack, trying so hard not to choke on it with laughter. My brother really wanted to go to a club, but we were only sixteen, so he got us fake ID's. We managed to get in, past security, but the man behind the bar figured it out, because he happened to be Mati's uncle. Oh, good times.

"Never have I ever had unprotected sex," yep, there's Mati's sexualness, if that's a word.

Shamefully, I drink, again. All three of them give me a stern, dead panned look, as if scolding me for doing it. I'm sorry, I was drunk! I had no clue what I was doing! So, how many shots have I had? Three? Four? This is going accordingly well for me.

I quickly come up with one, "Never have I ever been in a fight."

All three of them drink, and I snort, remembering the time Mati got into a fight. Mortified, I slap my hand over my nose and mouth, disgusted that I laughed-snorted in front of Phil. Laughing slightly, he rubs my bare back, saying he thinks it's cute. No. No it's not cute. It's horrific. Anyway, Mati got into a fight with a man way taller than her, because he apparently took her purse. She then found out that she left her purse at home. Anyway, she won the fight, and kicked that guy's ass.

"Never have I ever done anything illegal, other than watch a film online, but that doesn't really count," Phil says, so of course, Mati and I drink.

"What did you even do?" Dan laughs, not even surprised.

"Well, there's the fake ID's for starters," Mati begins, "Then there's the time Aeryn tried a cigarette at fourteen, I tried one when I was fifteen, I lost my virginity when I was fifteen, too-"

"And we'll stop there," I interrupt her, gesturing for Dan to say his.

"Um... Never have I ever been arrested," he decides, and Mati drinks.

Quickly explaining, to stop Dan from having a heart attack, she says, "I was falsely framed for robbery, no big deal," Dan makes an 'oh' face, "Never have I ever been to the US."

The three of us drink, not needing to explain that one. Going to the USA doesn't need to be explained. Anyway, my mind is starting to blur, and I feel quite giddy. Phil seems to be managing his alcohol a lot better than me, but then again, I'm 5'3, I get drunk easily.

"Never have I ever had a one night stand," I say, quite proudly.

Dan and Mati both drink, blushing slightly. (A/N I have no idea if Dan and Phil have ever had one night stands, this is fiction, sorry.) Phil laughs randomly, so maybe he is a bit more tipsy than I thought. Not thinking much, I sit on Phil's lap, one arm dangling around his neck. He moves slightly, to make it more comfortable, and holds my waist, so I don't move.

"Never have I ever..." Phil trails off, thinking about it, "... Been sick from drinking too much."

Of course, Mati, Dan, and I drink. Wow, aren't we responsible? Ah, who cares? We're young, we can recover easily. Well, Mati likes to wallow in misery for twenty four hours, before emerging from her room, resembling Chewbacca. No offense to Mati, I love her really.

"Never have I ever dealt with a girl on her period," okay, Dan, that was slightly random.

Mati and I drink, having dealt with each other, many, many times. As for Phil, his glass remains full, and I'm struggling to focus my vision on anything. Ah, this is fun, it's like being really dizzy, but the good kind of dizzy, knowing you're going to get a headache later, but it's so worth it. Anyway, I have Phil's support, so I can sit up properly.

"Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex," Mati falsely claims.

"Girl, that's bullshit, we've kissed like a million times," I slur, pointing lazily at her.

"Really?" Dan says, grinning at the idea of his girlfriend kissing a girl. Jeez Dan, tone it down a little.

"Very, very true, my dear Aaron," it's Aeryn, Mati, "Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex, besides my best friend."

I try to drink, but I literally just can't. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've reached the hammered stage. The three of them cheer, pleased that they aren't the first ones to be drowning in alcohol. Carefully, Phil helps me to stand up, and I subconsciously put most of my weight on him. I'm tiny anyway, I'm like a chihuahua. Haha, imagine a chihuahua with black fur, dip dyed purple. Hahahaha. Okay, I'm definitely drunk.

"I think you need to either drink some water, or go to bed," Phil suggests, tapping my nose.

"What?!" I gasp, dragging the 'a' out, "The party's only just begun," I pout, resting my chin on his shoulder, pulling the puppy dog face.

"Well, what do you want to do?" he asks, trying not to laugh at me.

I shrug my shoulders, making a mumbling sound, that resembles 'I don't know', that we all do when we're too lazy to just say it. I glance at the clock, managing to make out that the time's just gone past 11.

"I'll go bed at midnight," I compromise, making the cutest pouty face I can conjure up.

"Okay, okay," he agrees, helping me to the kitchen to drink some water.

I manage to gracefully spill half of it, but it sobers me enough to be decent. Some things are still blurry, and my mind procession isn't at it's highest, but I'm good enough. We're all equally drunk, except for Dan, who's drank hardly anything, and is probably up for a game of Halo. However, Mati's dragging him down, her lack of soberness entertaining him.

"So what do you want to do?" Dan asks, putting the Jack away.

"Um, there's beer pong, flip, sip, or strip, or-"

"Flip, sip, or strip!" I cheer, not giving anyone else a choice.

Only Mati and I know what it is, so I explain to them what it actually is.

"You have a coin, you flip it. Call either heads or tails. If you're right, pass it the right, if you're wrong, pass it to the left. If you're wrong, you either have to remove an item of clothing, a pair counts as one item, or take a shot. If you puke, or run out of clothing, you lose."

"That sounds... Awesome," Dan nods, grabbing a few bottles of beer for the shots.

"Guys, are you sure-"

"Sh, Phil, you know you want to see Aeryn strip," Mati waves him off, helping Dan to set it up.

Dan flips first, and he gets it right, so passes is to Phil. He gets it wrong, and smartly takes a shot, downing it easily. It goes back to Dan, who gets it right again, passing the coin onto Mati, who also gets it right. Surprise, I got it wrong. Anyway, I remove my boots, placing them behind me, and pass the coin back to Mati.

She gets it wrong too, so downs a shot quite easily, and passes the coin to Dan, who god damn gets it right again, going back to Phil. He gets it wrong, so decides to take his onesie off, leaving him in a plain t-shirt, and a pair of knee length plaid shorts. Of course, there's his Converse, and socks too.

This time, Dan get's it wrong, so takes the bunny ears off. Smooth move, Dan, smooth move. Anyway, it's back on Phil, who gets it wrong, again. Shrugging his shoulder, he unlaces his Converse, and dumps them behind him. This is going to be so fun. I take it, and get it wrong, so I take my shoulder bits off.

Mati gets it right, going back to me, and I manage to get it right too. So far, it seems boring, but we're getting there, to the interesting parts.

Half an hour later, well, I'm not even sure what to say. Phil is just in his shorts, and boxers, a little bit more drunk than earlier. Dan's in his shorts and a t-shirt, coping rather well with his beer. Mati's still got her main outfit out, but the accessories are gone, and her alcohol levels are rising. As for me, I'm currently sat in my underwear. Yeah, I know. It's black, with white lace trim, but that's not what matters. I'm sat in front of my boyfriend, his best friend, and my best friend, practically naked. Wow.

I guess incorrectly, and go for a shot, as I do not want to remove my underwear. Unfortunately, the beer doesn't seem to agree with me, so I run to the bathroom. Leaning over the toilet, I throw up everything I've consumed in the past few hours, feeling kind of relieved. Someone pulls my hair back, and I pray to god it's Mati. Nah, it's Phil. Wonderful.

"Sorry," I groan, slumping back against the cool, tiled wall.

"It's okay," he smiles sweetly, sitting beside me, "You were coping pretty well."

"Gee, thanks," I mumble, smirking slightly.

"Yeah, let's get you to bed," he brushes my fringe out of my eyes, standing up.

Exhausted, I get up too, with Phil's help. He ends up just carrying me, bridal style, so I nestle my head into his shoulder. He quickly tells Mati and Dan that he's taking to me to bed, before taking the key from the kitchen counter. Tiredly, I go to brush my teeth, getting the awful taste of vomit out of my mouth. In fact, I brush them three times, just to make sure.

Phil's sat on my bed, flicking through my sketchbook, smiling to himself. Heavily sitting down beside him, I peer over his shoulder to see which sketchbook it is. It's the one I use especially for reality, and imagination contrasts.

"Whatcha' smiling about?" I ask, resting my chin on his shoulder.

"You're so talented," he says quietly, pausing on the one of the cartoon lion, on a realistic, African plain.

"Thank you," I reply, a massive grin on my face, "You can keep it if you want."

"What? The lion one?" he asks, going back to it.

"The whole book," I say, knowing that it's filled up.

"Aeryn, I can't do that-"

"God dammit Phil, I live next door to you, if I want it back, I'll come get it," I joke, shoving him softly.

"Okay, okay, I'll keep it," he laughs, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I reply, lying back on my bed, on top of the covers.

Phil stands up, his blue eyes gazing at my softly. Involuntarily I smile, and he leans forward to kiss my forehead. I pull him down onto the bed with me, making him laugh a lot. 

"Stay with me, tonight," I tell him, pouting again.

"Okay, I will," he immediately agrees, kicking his shorts off, so he's in his tee, and his boxers.

Happily, I cuddle into his embrace, not needing the warmth of the covers, if I'm with him. Quietly, he whispers 'I love you' in my ear, and I manage to mumble it back, before falling into a really, deep sleep.

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