Don't Cry

This probably will be a one chapter Movella. Only if it's liked maybe I will write other chapters but not so likely, so, enjoy!


1. To Whom I Belong To



Please read with this:



My Dear,

I didn't mention your name because angels don't have names. And you have been my angel since the day we met.

I need someone to save me from myself.

Right now I need you more than a cup of coffee.

I wanna wake up wherever you are.

I wanna know how you sleep and how you wake.

I try not to say a word, but I should say it. I should tell you about something you don't know; about me. Yes, about me who you thought you had known all this time.

Every minute we don't talk, I'm afraid of loosing you.

Why do I ever try to seem happy? Like who cares if I'm bad.

I got used to waiting you. Even if you were here I wouldn't believe that it's real and I'd still keep waiting.

I just wanna copy you next to me.

I'm only strong with you. If I don't have you I have no meaning. Love me.

This story needed an end.

I guess I will always stay as who watches their dreams than living them.

Life is so fucking hard without you, my love.

Yours forever,
A Lover.

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