Don't Cry

This probably will be a one chapter Movella. Only if it's liked maybe I will write other chapters but not so likely, so, enjoy!


2. To One Of My Little Reasons


Please read with this:


Dear Somebody,

If your name is as fragile as you, I'd rather not waste it.

I am a poor merchant that travels the desert. You're my water.

When I'm a rich noble, you're my lover.

If I am lost in the forests of Africa like I'm lost in your eyes, you're my pathfinder.

But you'd never show the right way. And we'd stay lost together.

I wish I could say that I got you. I'd have my dreams come true. But it must be something not everybody deserves. But you are sure we'll come together one day. And I will wait.

From the situation we're in, to the destination we'll be meeting. I won't forget you.

I am someone who walks alone. I don't seem like it do I?

But I can tell you for sure, I'd run there if I could.

Will you be waiting until I come save you? From the enemy inside your mind. Because that's the only barrier between us.

Since I don't have you, I lost my everything. Come save me now. From the tigers and the gorillas.

I'll know your everything once I reach you. If I can make it there.

Believe me and never lose your hope. I will save us.

All my heart is yours,

Your poor loner.

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